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The British Colonies Of Chesapeake And Massachusetts Bay

Europe through the seventeenth hundred years was a period of many problems, pain, death and turmoil. The Thirty Year War raged through out most of the land created by religious beliefs which were paid by many lost lives. The Protestants and Catholics fought because of their way to worship and yet by all the death and blood shed only appeared to have lost their mankind. Though no-one can really pen point the true reason the warfare began, the Thirty Year War became one of the very most disastrous in Europe's recent. While this religious discord raged throughout almost all of Europe, England possessed several problems of their own to cope with. Money was really small due to funds being delivered for the warfare and English Parliament was fighting with Ruler Charles I. Great britain pulled from the affairs of the other Western european nations to attempt to deal using their own messes. Then civil conflict broke out and many English men wished to flee the conflict and loss of life. The sound of the "New World" was special music to so many ears. A new world, a new life, a fresh beginning, various men thought we would leave their home in England for a fresh start in North America. Some of the reasons leave their homeland for a new one was for spiritual beliefs, for freedoms not given on English soil as well as for the dream of prosperity. Two such colonies which were very well known ever sold were the Chesapeake Bay and New England's Massachusetts Bay Colony. Both colonies had similar plans for something new, but because of their ideas, religion, opinion, location and design; Chesapeake Bay and Massachusetts Bay settlements became two very different settlements.

Chesapeake Bay was located in the middle region of the Atlantic Seacoast and was the start of what we realize today as Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland. The location had great promises for ports that would establish the founders correct by creating an excellent shipping lane and docks. The land experienced natural resources that made the region great for farming and in cases like this tobacco plants were cultivated that made many men wealthy. Even though the first settlers of the area chose a low environmental surfaces plagued with mosquitoes that lead to malaria, typhus, dysentery, and eventually death the persisted presentence of the colonist eventually became profitable. King James I established the Virginia Charter and then your English joint stock company called the London Company or later the Virginia Company had the goal to start out the settlements in Virginia, so they funded voyages to the new world. There also were rumors of great treasures and wealth that drew in a lot of men searching for riches and glory. But in the wake of several disappointed adventurers and the loss of life of these who tried to make it close to the fishing areas a new idea arose. With the people almost dying out the thought of farming came to people left as well as for those still in Britain. With most of the settlers being from money and aristocracy they did not need to get their hands dirty. Many of the indentured servants who had come over first got passed on so importation of African slaves became big to help start large plantations. Tobacco was the herb of choice and large areas were sectioned off for folks to start out these large farms. The land acquired over two thousand mls of waterways that allowed the inhabitants to transport the goods back again to England and truly become an urgent treasure. The settlers here were in it your money can buy and it was all about them self. Greed was number one here not family, not God, not neighbor, and certainly not England. Most were men who came for the imagine becoming prosperous or wealthier than they already were, so there were no family principles. They had a local federal government with an Anglican church to carry some civil culture but faith and being neighborly were completely out of the question in the minds of the settlers of the Chesapeake Bay.

The Massachusetts Bay colony was one of the brand new England colonies. The settlers of this area originated from England to get away from what they thought to be a corrupt and bad chapel and to evade a civil war. They fled the country, floated across the Atlantic and resolved the area of the " NEW WORLD " that will later be known as Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Began by the owners of the Massachusetts Bay Company this arrangement was lead and settled by largely Puritans. These were a spiritual group, who acquired strong values in purifying themselves and had the hope to start new family life in a new land. They brought their families and came with many domesticated trades that helped make strong growing towns. The Puritans presumed in unity and togetherness, they were a close nit group that possessed useful ideas and wanted to be indie from England. Business lead by a guy by the name of John Winthrop, individuals had the theory from the New Testament to be known as a "city after a hill". This supposed that when you are a group of folks who stood alongside one another in religious, political and business ideas that they might harvested as a light for all the world to see. They farmed small plants to share amidst themselves and encompassing settlements and most via poor situations in Great britain were happy to live in peace alongside one another. Along with faith, business too was important so some trade with Britain did happen; the colony grew and became successful. The settlers of the Massachusetts Bay colony had a common goal and purpose, which was their durability, that God acquired made a covenant with them and they where going to reside in by His expression. All was to are in peace and prosperity working together as one and living under God's laws.

So both groups of settlers came for a fresh life in the "New World". The Chesapeake individuals were there for wealth and prosper, a fresh life for home gratification and progress. Via England's aristocracy and spoiled modern culture, these men required away from the government to make themselves stand out and not to talk about their riches with anyone. . . As the Puritans who resolved the Massachusetts Bay area where there for a new life to commence together in another they believed regarded by God. They came from poor backgrounds fleeing a tyranny of what they experienced was religious authorities persecution. Two very different communities getting started with the same dream of newness yet completing different goals by two completely different means of exactly what it means to be considered a "" NEW WORLD "".

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