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The Effects Of Using Animation Videos

Using multimedia system is more and more useful in teaching and it's been applied as coaching materials for dialect teacher. Audiovisual method helps language learners not only understand what they listen to but also enhance their vocabulary, pronunciation. To encourage the development students' being attentive understanding, audiovisual materials with subtitles were expected a powerful pedagogical tool which can help enhance the vocabulary learning of second-language learners by Fazilatfar, Ghorbani & L. Samavarchi (2011). The main purpose this paper investigates teaching method of using audiovisual materials as animation videos with subtitles which paper is a study to get results of the result of using cartoon videos with Vietnamese subtitles to develop English hearing skill of first years students at Quang Trung specialized college in Vietnam, who are fifty students of low-level of English.


In recent years, the variety of educational technology offers dialect professors more opportunities when they choose materials as multi-media or electronic to teach students the mark vocabulary in the class (Shiao-Ling Tsai, 2011). Cartoon videos with subtitles are kind of useful and important audiovisual materials in coaching/ learning the next dialect. Also, cartoons have intended a probably valuable contribution in coaching by Truck Wyk (2011) plus they have aesthetically impacted all students immediately without discrimination old or background, have the ability to respond in some way to the educational point being made. Indeed, Cartoon videos with subtitles are kind of useful and important audiovisual materials in coaching/ learning the second language.

Using educational toon videos with subtitles can get students' attention, so develop the students' motivation on listening skill and aftereffect of vocabulary acquisition on listening skill. The purpose of listening understanding, the university student must understand what good listening understanding entails and understand meaning of the dialogue, so vocabulary learning was often consider to be of paramount importance (Taiwei Wu, 2008). To comprehend the importance of subtitle towards vocabulary acquisition and improve tuning in skill through enjoying animation videos/ audiovisual materials, many educators help students the way to get that. In a research of several writers as Abdolmajid Hayati and Firooz Mohmedi (2011) expressed that acquisition of various types of language properties may be attained by viewing subtitled tv programs, which might use to be improvement in the capability to discern distinct words in the circulation of spoken terminology, expression pronunciation, and effectiveness in constructing correct sentences. However, in the other brand this group of researches has also supposed increasingly more English a foreign language (EFL) educator have begun to utilize videos in their classes at different levels. However the teachers of British Were sometimes in a dilemma whether they should show a lm with or without subtitles and in what terminology and, most importantly, which way will benet their students most with regards to listening comprehension. This means that the vocabulary takes on role as terminology subtitles are extremely important in development of listening skill.

Many research workers have ever carried out on audiovisual materials/ cartoon videos with subtitles on hearing comprehension/ being attentive skill of terminology learners and many important finding have determined. However, with the latest studies that can connect much with this research paper, plus they were found strong items to inherit and weak points to study to discover the best understanding of this paper for contexts of language students in Vietnam. Also, the researcher of this paper occupies the issues and conducts study in order to look for the role of Vietnamese subtitles in terminology learning and teaching for low-level of first students at Quang Trung specialized college. Quite simply, the aim of study want to learn what of method is likely to be more effective in developing British listening skill for low-level students. With relevant articles, which researcher of this paper discovered to answer the next sub-research questions?

What will be the effects of animation videos with Vietnamese subtitles on vocabulary acquisition?

How can the words teachers use toon videos with subtitles effectually in instructing English listening comprehension?


Many experts have ever analyzed about many aspects of audiovisual materials on listening understanding/ listening skill. However, among these, the researcher of this newspaper find out some studies that highly relevant to the effect of subtitling on vocabulary acquisition and the support of subtitle on hearing skill through seeing toon videos.

The subtitles influence on vocabulary acquisition.

In the research of Shiao-Ling Tsai (2011), He recruited members as 65 children of Taiwanese fifth graders from 2 classes at primary college in Tai Chung. Most of them have learned English for just two years at least and also have been trained by the same English teacher at university during research. The participants were split into 2 teams with one English-subtitle watching the English toon videos with British subtitle and one non-subtitle observing the English toon videos without British subtitles for 20 minutes each lesson. After three-month course ended up, the post-test was conducted to check the students' English listening understanding with pursuing interview results :" While looking at the video tutorial, 50% of students of the English-subtitle group and 90% of the students of the non-subtitle group worried that they may not understand what the heroes said. 80% of the students of English-subtitle group and 90% the students of the non-subtitle group said they paid attention when they looked at the video. 70% of the students of the English-subtitle group and also 70% of the students of the non-subtitle group thought that they may well not understand this content of the video without Chinese language subtitle. 70% of students of the English-subtitle group and 100% of the students of non-subtitle group responded they guessed the meanings when they did not know very well what the personas said". Besides, Shiao-Ling Tsai remarked that almost all of the English-subtitle group students were excited while they viewed the videos and learning frame of mind seemed better than that of the non-subtitle group.

In synopsis, from the research of Shiao-Ling Tsai, there was the result of vocabulary acquisition in watching toon videos through using subtitles or not subtitles. Understanding the content of toon videos or not which is criticized by cartoon videos with subtitles. Those mean that vocabulary acquisition to be provided through animation videos.

In addition, yet another data which persuaded that the subtitles effected on vocabulary acquisition. In the research of Fazilatfar, Ghorbani and Samivarchi (2010), "The effect of standard and reversed subtitling versus no subtitling mode on L2 vocabulary learning", the analysts of this study writing acquired found vocabulary ratings of members who observed the movie in subtitling condition were higher than without subtitles. The researchers of this analysis carried out studying with 100 Iranian EFL learners, who acquired studied British as a compulsory course during their junior senior high school and senior high school. Moreover, these were enrolled at an exclusive English middle called Oxford institute currently and also acquired finish off the Intro degree of Interchange Third Model series and possessed started the Interchange 1 level. Then, the5-minute-long bout of an animated cartoon was decided on for the experiment with following three organizations: "Group A (non-subtitling) included those participants who watched the movie with original sound record and without the subtitles, Group B (standard subtitling) watched the movie in a foreign language (English) in sound track and local terms (Persian) in subtitles, and Group C (reversed subtitling) observed the movie with foreign language (English) in subtitles and native language (Persian) in audio track". After watching, the test outcomes of the lab tests administered were analyzed by three form testing namely 1. form recognition, 2. meaning translation, and 3. multiple-choice. With the proper execution identification test, "scores in the reversed subtitled (C) condition were greater than in the typical subtitled condition (B), and results those in the typical subtitled condition (B) were relatively greater than in the non-subtitled condition (A)"; with so this means translation test, the results were advised that "the participants in the reversed subtitled condition (C) outperformed those in the typical subtitled condition (B), and the individuals in the typical subtitled condition (B) outperformed those in the non-subtitled condition (A)". Finally, with multiple-choice test indicated that: "lexical increases in the reversed subtitled condition (C) were higher than those in the standard subtitled condition (B), and lexical profits in the typical subtitled condition (B) were greater than those in the non-subtitled condition (A)"

One review by Abdolmajid and Firooz (2011) focused on 90 students with the average age 22, who were chosen from several 200 juniors and seniors majoring in Coaching British as a Foreign Language on the basis of their ratings on the British terminology prociency test at Islamic Azad College or university of Masjed Soleyman in the west of Iran. These were divided into three groups randomly to watch film with British Subtitle Group (ESG), Persian Subtitle Group (PSG) and Without Subtitle Group (WSG). After 6 weeks researchers of this writing conducted experimental research, results hade collected from a multiple-choice comprehension test in each portion of day, that was administered in order to evaluate their listening comprehension and offer grounds for assessment. Besides, results have been also collected by the final test of viewpoints about the effect of subtitled and/or non-subtitled lms. By credit score results, researchers of this writing supposed that students experienced discovered not only vocabulary through the British videos with British subtitles but also getting more benefit through British videos subtitled in Persian.

On the whole, the researchers were found above, which send because of this writing the cartoons videos with subtitles effect on vocabulary acquisition. The study paperwork forwarded videos with subtitles or without subtitles, and subtitles in the first dialect (L1) or the next words (English-L2). The researcher of the writings identified that the consequences of videos with subtitles are not only on tuning in comprehension but also on vocabulary acquisition by their subtitles. Such as in the study "The effects of observing subtitles of English toon videos on Taiwanese fifth graders' English listening comprehension" was compiled by Shiao-Ling Tsai (2011), Chinese language subtitles in English cartoon training video also help students in being attentive comprehension and reminiscence vocabulary. Besides, British videos with Persian subtitles (Fazilatfar, Ghorbani and Samivarchi, 2010) help students to comprehend interpretation vocabulary and improve listening understanding better, this is constant with the concern by Abdolmajid and Firooz (2011). From these sensible considerations, the researcher of the paper judges that cartoon videos with Vietnamese subtitles effect on vocabulary favorably with students of low-level British in Vietnam.

Cartoon videos with subtitles are being used effectually in teaching English listening comprehension.

The use of cartoon videos with subtitles correctly with framework/ circumstance and object of learners is much benefit in instructing listening understanding. Language educators are suggested to consider the benefit for using captions when educating listening skills through video tutorial browsing (Jing-mei Chung, 1999), which could not only make understanding of authentic video less complicated and encourage conscious terminology learning but also increase students' interest in preserving or increasing their knowledge of the target terms by promoting new lexicon in a appropriate context. Moreover, the video programmes with British subtitles would stimulate students to improve their listening understanding more than other programs but observing a film with L1 subtitles, which made them understand the film better was claimed to be well suited for beginners as a result of limited rang of vocabulary items Abdolmajid Hayati and Firooz Mohmedi (2011).

The suitability of framework with thing of learners as children was through research of Shiao-Ling Tsai (2011). With this review, Taiwanese fifth graders were chosen to analyze about the consequences of looking at subtitles of English animation videos on listening comprehension. And the kind of English toon videos weren't only appropriate and interesting videos for children as "The Ant Bully", "The Wild", "Valiant", "The Incredibles", and "Flushed" but also educational morals of items. Subtitles and vocabulary were simple because of ideal animation videos styles that made terminology learners, as children appear to be motivate and interesting in watching. However, the results experienced acquired on hearing comprehension through watching animation videos with subtitles and without that was difference. On the other hand, Paul Markham (1999), he chose participants who were advanced, uni- versity-level ESL students participated in the analysis. They were extensive English terms students who represented fifteen different first terminology backgrounds. With 2 two excerpts from educational television set programs as "whales" and "civil rights", but both of them were approximately of identical difficulty and the syntactic complexness of the captions. Thus, to use of animation videos in suitable subject of learners and framework on listening understanding, this is important for teaching terminology.

In addition, In a report of Jing-mei Chung (1999), the research was carried out to study on 183, 17 to 19 year-old, 4th 12 months non-English major students of technology school, in Taiwan. Along with the circumstances, these students were chosen in the arbitrary circumstance and in low-intermediate of British proficiency. Besides, working out of their British tuning in was neglected in long time, and the students' environment is bounded by mom tongue. The two shows were chosen to view which was one of college material videos caption, "Family Album, U. S. A. : Reserve I, " is Basic British and improvement of learners. Jing-mei Chung collected the results from "multiple-choice test" and "open-ended frame of mind questionnaire" and considered that a lot of students pointed out video captions in the mark dialect and in their mother terms. And he also judged caption in goal terminology making propitious condition for students' listening understanding. However, using video captions in the circumstance of packed students and unusual English listening aren't very effectively.

The approach to Studies and research findings

The latest researcher used many ways in their research methods to be able to determine the best conclusions in teaching Language listening comprehension through videos with caption/subtitles or animation videos with subtitles. The first, in the study about the result of applying two techniques to video browsing of Jing mei Chung (1999) who used "Multiple-choice test" and review "Open-Ended attitude questionnaire" in his researcher to analyze so that he brought out findings of using advance organizers and captions. And these conclusions were suggest to do gain more than using one method only in educating listening understanding for students. The next, by analysis of results with quantitative and interview method through the research "The consequences of captioning videos used for spanish being attentive activity" of Paula, Susan, & Tetyana (2010), which they researched on 150 foreign language learners from a huge Midwestern university in the USA with two times of observing videos (without captioning and with captioning). The finding, that they discovered to be listening twice to a video, could reduce listeners' anxiety, activate selective and global listening strategies, and promote automaticity in control of listening. The 3rd, Abdolmajid Hayati and Firooz Mohmedi (2011) used "Multiple-choice testing" and then evaluate the results by using a pilot review with 90 Iranian students who had been at average age group 22, studying Islamic Azad University of Masjed Soleyman. Based on results of rating of 3 categories (British Subtitle Group, Persian Subtitle Group, Without Subtitle Group) after observing a documentary film, that assist them to learn the finding for research title: "The result of lms with and without subtitles on tuning in understanding of EFL learners". The results showed that students' hearing understanding would improve through video recording programmes with English subtitles more than the other programmes. But because of students' limited range of vocabulary items, enjoying a film with the mother tongue language was said to be suitable for starting learners.

To summarize, in order that the English learners develop listening comprehension for terminology learners in Vietnam better, various strategies of instructing and learning through subtitled materials have to be chosen correctly, such as British animation videos with Vietnamese subtitles will create learners more easily understanding of content than without subtitles. Moreover, enjoying L1 subtitling videos/ L1 subtitling animation video may help university student acquire vocabulary or improve English words easily, this is suitable with English learners in Vietnam, specially, for elementary English level of learners.

Limitation of the latest studies and appropriateness for the framework of language learners in Vietnam

The purpose of this research paper is learning the effects of audiovisual materials such as cartoon videos with subtitles on development of being attentive comprehension for the next language learners (British vocabulary learners), and limitation of research contexts or research materials and research of relevant studies that suggest whether they will be appropriate program with this paper or not. In a single study of the utilization cartoons with subtitles so that teaching vocabulary (Fazilatfar, Ghorbani and Samivarchi, 2010), which researchers made a pilot analysis of watching animation videos in three conditions: without subtitles, British dialogues with Persian subtitles and Parisian dialogues with British subtitles. These analysts only taken notice of vocabulary acquisition through subtitling-video, without mention listening understanding, though achievements of listening comprehension. Also, learning through animation videos with subtitle to develop one field of British for specific such as British listening comprehension of economics of Vehicle Wyk (2011), he only mentioned that how the videos with subtitles helped major students of current economic climate had the simplest way of understanding about the context of nation's market. Perhaps this technique should use for educating specific British. Besides, using educational cartoon videos with subtitles about pets in development of listening understanding (Shiao-Ling Tsai, 2011; Paula, Susan, & Tetyana (2010), vocabulary acquisition and their articles were limited for just one subject matter as animals, thus listening understanding did not uphold to other subject matter, such as communicate English.

Circumstances of words students of Quang Trung specialized college or university are low-level of communicate English. English is not meant important in students' thought in their future, so they don't have much determination to review but that's not judicious understanding because English can be an international terminology that becomes indispensability for everyone. Moreover, their English, which they were educated in secondary schools and high universities before was Basic English with writing and reading comprehension better than tuning in and speaking understanding. So their being attentive comprehension is scored weakly. With the goal of development listening comprehension, the research of the paper wish to use English animation videos with Vietnamese subtitles to help them examine better. Therefore, the study methods are relevant above, which might help the writer of this paper in references of appropriate results for writing paper of technique.


In realization, many researchers researched about the consequences of videos with subtitles on tuning in comprehension of second dialect learners plus they have also appear important conclusions that help teaching methods of language educators better in the epoch, which English is international words. By the research of relevant researches, the researcher of the paper summarized some of findings of the latest research workers to be able to address those findings in delivering into play of research method. However, for thing students analyze communicate British, who are at age 16 to 22 year-old, selecting of kind of appropriate toon videos with Vietnamese subtitles and time length of browsing so that conduction is wonderful for findings in methodology of the research newspaper.

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