The Effects of Connection on There's a Syringe within my Pepsi Can

The Effects of Communication in There's a Syringe in My Pepsi Can


In most cases a crises occurs at the most unexpected times. The crisis seems to take the corporation by surprise and is also usually reached due to too little of a control and response system. This is certainly apparent in case study "There's a syringe in my Pepsi can! inch Effective connection is the key to successful communication to the Soft drink crises. (Center, 2003)

Case Background

In this instance the consumer stated to have discovered a hypodermic syringe within a can of diet Soft drink. This was quickly followed by a large number of similar information from throughout the country. Pepsi immediately developed and distributed information displaying that it was not possible for a foreign substance to make the way in the canning process. The chief executive and other top rated managers built themselves open to the media where that they explained you can actually safety measures in the canning process. Public concerns were dealt with and the problems was diffused. (Center, 2003)

Targeted Public

In this case the most important publics targeted were the consumers, the press and the employees of Pepsi. People that Pepsi was concentrating on was both internal and external. The internal public might consist of most Pepsi's employees. It is important that employees of Soft drink be comfortable in the item they their employer is intending to sell. In the event that degree of confidence is definitely not set up then it would be difficult intended for an employee to stand behind all their company's merchandise. The exterior public targeted would contain any individual or perhaps organization who have drinks or perhaps purchases soda and the press. Individuals or organizations that purchase or drink soft drinks need to be targeted in order to keep the organization of these persons. The press needs to be targeted in order for Soft drink to maintain a good outlook throughout the media. A crisis of this characteristics could result in persons choosing to buy different styles of soda more than Pepsi to get the fear of actually finding a syringe in their Soft drink can as well as the press promoting Pepsi within a negative characteristics.

Impact of Communication

This situatio shows that Soft drink has an powerful crisis administration team who have did all their job. This was displayed throughout the fact that that they earned the respect of there clientele and employees through powerful communication. Great crisis management was used by company currently taking action to get back on course as early as possible without having losing a tremendous amount of shoppers or sales due to the incident.

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