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The Effects of Against the law Immigration in america Essay

Twenty-eight percent from the immigrant populace are living in the United States illegally (NYTimes). Each year, about 11. two million migrants cross over the border to escape from lower income, in order to be employed by jobs to get a low income and providing their family a promising long term. However , 800, 000 foreign nationals have been ordered to be deported but have not yet left the nation. (Washington Times). Although illegal immigrants tend to be debated to have a few benefits for the economy, recent studies show negative effect on the economy as a result of rising auto insurance rates plus the receiving vast amounts of dollars in free benefits from the government.

The rise of auto insurance rates are caused mostly by simply illegal foreign nationals. In an document, from ABC news, "... illegal migrants who get across the line often rob cars that they use to approach further in the country" (Dalia Fahmy). Therefore undocumented foreign nationals, whom have no idea of about the driving laws and regulations in the US, could drive over the speed limit and not be aware of their natural environment because they are scared of being deported back if they are caught. This could cause a perilous accidents. An additional article from the Fox 3, a Sapulpa mother, Paige Harp, was driving two children in the backseat in her three week old car, when another crashed in her car. The various other driver was an illegal immigrant. He was drunk, would not have insurance, and done this type of incident before. The content stated, "Paige is stuck with a bill for more than $1500 that she doesn't have" (Uninsured Illegal Immigrant Driver). Meaning that Harp has to purchase him because he does not have insurance mainly because her insurance company did not cover the uninsured motorist. Entirely, illegal foreign nationals cause car insurance to...

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