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The Influences Cinderella Has On Young Children British Literature Essay

For as long as I can keep in mind, it has always been my goal to get wedded, become a mom, and live gladly ever after just like the best Disney figure, Cinderella. My mom would read me this story every evening at bedtime, and even as a little female, I paid close focus on her words. I viewed my mother nurture and sacrifice for my brother and myself, and I usually said that if given the chance, I would one day offer this kind of selfless, unconditional wish to a child of my own. I often found myself imitating my mother's tendencies and actions while I was using my dolls. I would dress them up, sing to them while combing their mane, and make their meals in my little kitchenette. I guess you can say that I always thought of a mother as the principal specialist and caregiver of children. Then as I got older, I set aside my fairytales and found newer and more exciting what to fill up my time as a teenager.

Now that we am a grown-up with three children of my very own, I realize just how hard the role of a mother is actually and exactly how fairytales can be much like real life. More and more, I am learning that not only are there similarities, but parental assignments can also be reversed. In fact, a lot of fathers are actually playing the role of both parents, as well. For instance, my older brother and one of my cousins have guardianship of these two oldest children, which was an initial hand experience of fathers dealing with a mother's role for me personally.

Regardless of the problem, playing the role of both parents can be considered a difficult task, however in many cases, a lot of men and women (both male and feminine) end up doing that. I give much compliment to the women and men willing to step up to the dish and face their tasks head on. I can relate with this not only because of witnessing it with family members, but I know this first palm because I am living it every day of my life. I am an individual mother doing it alone.

In 2007, Lions Gate Movies released the movie titled Daddy's GIRLS, and it quickly became one of my favorites. The movie was the one that I could relate to culturally as well as psychologically. It was exciting to visit a movie actually supplying a young, DARK-COLORED man credit for wanting to be a daddy at all necessary because this isn't something that we typically are presented with in American culture. Most stories focus on sole mothers, which is always the absent dad who's being criticized. To me, the premiere of this movie would present (and maybe cause) a positive change in today's society in the eyes of teenagers, fathers, and fathers to be.

The movie Daddy's Little Girls was written, aimed, and made by Tyler Perry. Although Mr. Perry is known for stage takes on and the well-known personality of Madea (enjoyed by Tyler Perry himself), he chose that it was time for him to broaden his abilities into film. In such a movie, Mr. Perry left out his wig putting on, gun carrying alter ego Madea (that superstars in majority of his stage plays) and gone in another path. However, just because his direction modified did not mean that the underlying designs that he loves to present had to go away. This movie centered on the overwhelming ability of family. Not just that, but it addittionally focused on how much can be completed when a little community comes together for the overall higher good of individuals who live there. The final product showed just how talented Tyler Perry is; he brought forth a movie that was genuine and handled on problems that many face at one point or another in their lives or the lives of their own families and/or friends.

The title by itself give you information in regards to what this movie is about. It targets a father named Monty (Idris Elba) and his three daughters. Monty is a single mechanic who discovers himself in a combat to gain guardianship of his children after the death of the caretaker who happened to be their grandmother. Monty and his ex-mother-in-law both want Monty to look after the children, but his ex-wife and her medicine selling sweetheart have other strategies for them once they are in their custody. This alone provides you with majority of the essential human relationships, as well as conflicts of the movie: daddy and daughters, man vs. ex-wife, and the community (which has been torn apart by medication sales) vs. bad guys and drug retailers.

Although the movie starts with several connections and conflicts, there is certainly one important relationship still left to unfold: a love interest for Monty. That's where Julia (Gabrielle Union) enters the picture, and the story becomes a little too convenient for its own good. In order to earn extra money, Monty accumulates work (by using a pal) as a chauffeur. It just so happens that his first (and only) client is Julia, a nice-looking, single attorney, which is where in fact the convenience begins. Monty needs a good lawyer to aid him in the legal fight against the drug coping couple who has plenty of against the law funds. It really is quite obvious off their first come across that their working romance will blossom into something a lot more. As predictable as it might be, it continues to be entertaining to view Monty and Julia's romance unfold. Both Elba and Union execute a wonderful job of accomplishing their character types. Elba brings extreme, mental depth to his role as the daddy who only has his daughter's best interest in mind while Union has a great sense of comical timing - something that is definitely necessary for the part she plays.

Once again the capability of Julia and Monty's romance is helped bring forth and used as an advantage. It allows the storyplot to branch out and focus on another idealistic circumstance in a single more discord: course. Julia's friends are not the types who be happy with or and only a romantic relationship between a successful attorney and a struggling auto-mechanic. Their conceitedness allows the movie to defend myself against some of the all-too-frequent stereotypes that are generally applied to black men, especially ideas about being some woman's 'baby daddy" or forty years-old in oversized jerseys and baggy skinny jeans sporting dreads or braids. Monty breaks all those stereotypes as an affectionate, sensitive, and adult man who continues to have difficulty as he plays the hands that he was dealt despite those personality qualities. It's extremely nice to see this kind of positive male role model portrayed on display screen instead of one reinforcing negative ideas, especially with an DARK-COLORED.

However, a movie cannot give attention to nothing but the nice in its main identity (Monty). It also brought focus on his earlier transgressions. Monty have been arrested in his mature year of high school on charges of rape, and he withheld these details from his legal professional and now sweetheart. This insufficient communication not only triggered problems for him officially but in my opinion as well. Naturally, Julia responds as the normal woman would upon learning about Monty's recent and she assumes that the newfound information holds true. Their relationship begins to deterieorate until she discovers of the reality. Once Julia learns that the charges against Monty were fake and she involves his rescue. This part of the movie centered on the actual fact that true love can overcome anything.

The Pack Office stated that Daddy's GIRLS was a little like Kramer vs. Kramer with even more problems (?????). This can be true in the facet of the fact that the story has to do with a selfish soon to be ex-wife and adoring father struggling with for custody of the youngster, but for me the movie brought back memories of the best, age old story book, Cinderella, only backwards. Think about it. Compare the mean, unappealing stepsisters and the mistreated, beautiful stepdaughter to the jealous, wedded snobbish friends and the depressed, single friend in the film. While the Prince falls in love with the straggly stepsister, and in the film the successful feminine lawyer falls deeply in love with the struggling man mechanic. You can also compare the wealthy Prince and the indegent family that Cinderella originated from to the top category, white collar female and the economically challenged lower category, blue collar man from the poor area. The reversal of the storyplot line shows how you can take something old and feed off of it to make it completely new. It's amazing that as times change, we can change our child years favorites into newer stories that can still be relished by all.

In this article titled "Daddy's GIRLS", it was stated, "Just like the black man's Frank Capra, Perry explains to stories where every discord is a test of beliefs and every success a testament to the American underdog (Debruge ?????). I also acknowledge. Each victory in the movie spoke quantities as to the simple fact that the underdog can still rise to the top. The victories in the movie, Daddy's Little Girls, whether it is big or small were victories well deserved. It remains true that for each action there's a reaction, and for every choice there's a consequence. Monty thought we would protect his daughters after his oldest princess brings it to his attention that her mother informed her "it's time that you should start your own hustle" (Debruge). His action of assault (which was wrong) resulted in him being jailed. The community's chose to support Monty and come to his defense and the outcome was that the gained the satisfaction they deserved from knowing that their terrorizers would face jail time. The courts chose to award custody of girls to their daddy and the effect was that they well put with the better father or mother. He also thought we would be a hard working man and this gained him the right to become the pleased owner of the auto technician shop where he was an employed. Lastly, Monty deserved to find love. Those are only a several conflicts which were overcame in this movie, and those alone are enough to make anyone assume that they too can beat the tests and tribulations of these personal lives. I am a firm believer that you have to feel the test to be able to have a testimony.

If you compare everyday activities situations to this movie, you will realize that there are numerous similarities. In the article, "Creating the Myth", it suggests, "We live the same experiences, whether they involve the search for a perfect mate, coming home, the search for fulfillment, going after an ideal, attaining the desire, or trying to find a important treasure (Seger 356). It has proven to be true in Daddy's GIRLS. In this film, Monty is trying to achieve his imagine caring for his children and providing them with the best life possible. He's also looking for fulfillment by spending so much time in order to become who owns an auto auto mechanic shop. He might have even been looking for love and simply didn't realize it, but whatever account he was trying to notify, it was successful. These kinds of comparisons bring another type of perspective to movies. Most movie goers don't visit a film thinking that they can associate every single aspect of it with their lives but merely because the marketers performed a good job finding and catching their attention with snipets of what things to expect. This article also states that we refer to tales as misconceptions, and a myth is simply a story that is "more than true" because somewhere at some time someone resided it (357). This can help to better describe why we as people are so psychologically and culturally drawn to movies and literature. We live our lives and experience situation or issues that we think no one would understand. It really is a relief to know that another person can relate with what we proceed through. No one loves to feel alone, then, we jump at the chance to see or find out about someone else that has endured the same issues and observe how they handled them. Some may even try to use this information as perception as to that they should resolve their own problems.

I assume that Tyler Perry completed precisely what he intended to accomplish. In the long run, it remains that having a child(ren) only enables you to a momma or daddy, but caring for them makes you a real father or mother. Moreover, as my very own experience attests, it takes a village to improve a kid(ren), and the movie certainly makes this clear. This movie centered on these exact things while providing us with the hardships and problems of being an individual parent. This truth alone makes the movie prize winning in my own book.

Although elements of Daddy's GIRLS may be predictable in some respects, there's not necessarily anything incorrect with that. The film is one particular foreseeable "feel great movies" and as such it can its job well. It touches you because the stars' shows are obviously motivated by feeling and durability which lead to a heartwarming film. When the movie has ended and the final credits commence to roll, you will feel good and perhaps, through the film's endeavors to struggle a few negative stereotypes, you'll even have a change of heart and soul or at least rethink some of those stereotypes. You'll even feel better in some ways about the human race and its capability to come together in moments of affliction and striving times. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll feel great, and you'll even want to produce a difference. Sometimes that is all we are in need of. Besides, isn't that just what a movie is meant to do?

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