The Dual Motive Theory

Dual Purpose Theory (hereinafter refer to as "DMT") can be described as scientifically-grounded theory based on major neuroscience and brain physiology which provides strong new evidences that human exchange, as well as human perception, emerged through the interplay of archetypal nerve organs circuitries governing early vertebrate self-preserving circuitry overlaid and integrated with later evolved mammalian other-preserving circuitry.

DMT engraves the fundamental taxonomic fact that we all humans are mammals. Mammals have developed brain circuitry for the two self-interest and then for other-interest or perhaps Empathy. In opposition to the cold-blooded, self-preserving, self-interested, asocial mind circuitry of ancestral stem vertebrates, mammals have evolved warm-blooded, patient neural circuitry. The fun dynamic of the two archetypal circuitries allows parental-child treatment, family-living, and social existence. The active interaction in the archetypal other brain circuitries also underlies all varieties of social exchange.

By understanding these kinds of new studies, which are the key to understanding man perception, manifestation, motivation and creation of human-made sociable structures, a new paradigm pertaining to understanding human behavior can cause new means of business and even political governance, consistent with the mechanics of human brain function based on human brain buildings.

3. 1 . 1 MacLean's Triune Human brain

According to Paul MacLean, the human mental faculties are the interconnected, three-level mind. He proposed two archetypal neural circuitries emerging by different periods of man evolution. The most basic is self-preserving circuitry from our early originate vertebrate ancestry involved during the Permian and Triassic durations between 250–300 million years back which provides fundamental life-support capabilities and actions to include food-getting, self-defense, and reproduction. It can be cold-blooded and provides for minimum social lifestyle. From the mainly survival-centered promptings of these primitive circuits happen the mindset source pertaining to egoistic, surviving, self-interested subjective experience and behaviors.

The second archetypal set of neural circuitries appeared during the transition via ancestral vertebrates to mammals, known as the limbic system (including elaboration of such physical structures since the hypothalamus, the amygdala, the insula, the hippocampus, the thalamus, and the limbic cingulate cortex). This circuitry brought with it the emergence of such mammalian features because nursing, parental care/infant binding, play, and social bonding and discussion. The mindset source intended for empathetic, other-interested experiences and behaviors arises from such circuitry.

These kinds of dual motive circuitries, overlaid by after evolved newer brain centers- neocortex - allow for the higher capacities of primates and humans. That overgrew and encased the sooner mammalian and stem just like vertebrate interconnected neural tissues, but would not replace these people. Their energetic interaction may be the foundation of every human sociable exchange manners.

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