The Personal Exploration Paper On Clinical Psychology Psychology Essay

I am very interested professional medical psychology. My pursuits, skills, principles, and personality predicated on my Focus2 results show that this will be a good course for me personally to work towards. I am interested and skilled in dealing with people. I value supporting others with the problems. I've a very sociable personality. My results also reveal i am contentious with might work, which would assist in research opportunities in graduate university. There are lots of opportunities available to help me with this undertaking, including classes available through the School of Akron, faculty to check with, and professional organizations I possibly could join that would provide opportunities to create a resume. I look forward to pursing towards a Master's degree and an eventual Ph. D. in specialized medical psychology.


In this program, I have learned about the field of mindset and areas within it that interest me. This course has made me more aware of the different concentrations within the field of mindset and what types of professions are involved in each. I needed three Focus 2 lab tests, "Career and Educational Goals, " "Work Interest Assessment, " and "Leisure Interest Diagnosis. " My profession goal is to truly have a master's degree in Psychology, also to eventually have a PhD. I would like to work in the field of mental health to detect and treat mental disorders. My educational goal as I attend the University of Akron is to have training that interest me in the field of mindset, such as child development, family issues, and unusual psychology. I am hoping this will create a knowledge base to prepare me for even more advanced coursework in scientific psychology.

My Work Interest Account Brief summary provides average ratings in using six different personality types. These personality types reflect Holland's theory of occupational choice. Regarding to Johns Hopkins University of Medication Office of Faculty Development (n. d. ), John Holland believed that folks choose a profession that reflects qualities like the ones they exhibit. These six qualities are genuine (R), investigative (I), creative (A), communal (S), enterprising (E), and regular (C) (p. 1). Genuine people enjoy hands-on activities such as building and gardening. Investigators are intellectual in conducting research, or taking part in mathematical or scientific activities. Artists are imaginative and creative, enjoying activities such as writing, pulling, painting, and more. Friendly people enjoy group activities, handling interpersonal problems, and promoting the well-being of others. Enterprisers do well in management or persuasion functions, and work public sound system. Finally, normal people are detail-oriented, preferring efficiency and systematic organization.

According to Job Dimensions (2011), my Work Interest profile reveals that my highest ratings are Community (91. 67), Investigative (45. 83), and Conventional (37. 50). Therefore, in line with the explanation above, I am humanistic. I prefer to work in organizations, and I enjoy solving interpersonal problems. I enjoy dealing with others. On a smaller scale, I may enjoy executing research or resolving in-depth problems. I really do not necessarily enjoy mathematics or science, but I may enjoy experimentation with emotional issues related to scientific mindset. Finally, I am also a little conventional. I enjoy working on problems systematically. I like to work in a specific order, and am useful with might work. However, predicated on these results, my highest rating is in the public personality type. The field of medical psychology will be a good fit for me because I enjoy caring for others and getting together with new people. I love to help people who have their problems. My reduced investigative personality type will help me in this area because seeking a Master's level or a PhD requires intensive research in terms of a thesis and dissertation. The minor typical work interest can help me in doing this research in an organized and systematic way. It will help me concentrate on the details involved with this research. The job of guidance psychologist is included in my record, indicating that my work interest profile scores match my occupational need to be a clinical psychologist. Mental health counselor is also on this list. Both these occupations are in neuro-scientific clinical mindset.

My Leisure Interest Profile Summary unveils that my highest results are in arranging (83. 33), artistic (83. 33), and social (79. 17). Because I am an organizer, this might indicate that I love working with collection routines. I love being detail-oriented. The creative score signifies that I love being creative and participating in activities such as writing, painting, sketching, an others. I would also be idealistic. My social score indicates that I enjoy working with others to solve problems. I love working out romantic relationships with others. I am warm and patient with others, and I try to empathize with them to comprehend their problems. I would have expected my public report in this report to be higher because I enjoy working with people. However, as an organizer would again benefit sophisticated research. Being artistic gives me an excellent to shoot for in clinical psychology to help those around me be free from mental health problems that affects them in their daily lives. I wish to help others defeat the mental disorders they face. My communal score matches with clinical psychology because this indicates my preference in helping others, and being patient and understanding.

Based on my Focus2 results, I also have strong ideals and skills in assisting others package with the issues they face. I wish to help people live the most positive and fruitful life possible, and I am skilled in working with visitors to solve dilemmas associated with their personal life. I value incorporating knowledge gained from classes in order to effectively help people in living a fulfilling life.

My hobbies, skills, beliefs, and personality all relate to clinical psychology because this indicates I enjoy working with people. I value interpersonal interaction and working with people on a regular basis. I am skilled with assisting people overcome the issues they face psychologically and emotionally. I've interests in working with other individuals in a specialist occupation to help lessen mental health problems. I've a communal personality, indicating my love for helping others. I believe I would be suitable to pursue psychology as an occupation, and eventually specialize in clinical mindset.

In order to help expand my career and educational goal of becoming a specialized medical psychologist, I have to have a tentative plan to pursue. The road I have decided on is long, and requires previous planning before I attempt it. My educational plan includes courses I will take to complete my psychology major, faculty I'll address as advisors and mentors on this route, and activities to help me get a job when i graduate school.

The School of Akron provides many undergraduate programs that could help me in my pursuit of concluding my mindset major and preparing for graduate coursework in scientific psychology. The College or university of Akron (2013) details these programs in "Psychology Undergraduate Course Descriptions. " Two lessons would be especially helpful in pursing graduate coursework in psychology because of the research engaged. Quantitative methods in psychology (3750:110) would provide the statistical background had a need to execute research in medical psychology. Advantages to experimental mindset (3750:220) would provide research experience for those enthusiastic about pursuing graduate coursework.

Psychology majors must take four classes, which form the center psychology training. Developmental psychology (3750:230) would help me understand the changes people face as they get older and what disorders can affect them at different levels in development. Dynamic of personality (3750:335) would help me understand the personality variations with people I may encounter in counseling, and this would help me better provide my patients because I possibly could tailor treatment to the average person. Biopsychology (3750:320) helps the student understand how people's tendencies is rooted in their biology and physiology. This could help explain different ways a mental disorder could originate (biologically). Finally, psychological checks and measurements (3750:410) would give an considerable background in the measurements found in clinical psychology to determine the disorders a person may have.

There are also electives tailored to clinical psychology. Abnormal mindset (3750:420) provides an summary of the mental health disorders experienced by individuals in contemporary society. Cross-cultural mindset (3750:435) identifies how culture and culture influences mental health process, including the possible development of a mental disorder. Clinical and counseling mindset I and II (3750:441 and 445) orients individuals to the field of clinical psychology. Because the field of psychology I wish to pursue involves comprehensive relationships with patients, I'd probably take Field experience in psychology (3750:495) to practice some elements in medical psychology under the supervision of a qualified professional.

Before I start this route, I will consult an advisor that can help me make effective decisions regarding which lessons for taking and activities related to mindset. This consultant could prove to be a valuable advantage to me when i follow my goal of becoming a professional medical psychologist. Two undergraduate advisors that I possibly could talk to are Sarah Benuska and Derek McKay. Both individuals are counseling mindset graduate students. They offer information about the current psychology programs available, as well as profession and educational planning. Dr. Kevin Kaut, Section Seat of the Mindset Office at the College or university of Akron supervises these advisors.

In addition to these undergraduate advisors, I could check with Dr. Charles A. Waehler, Associate Professor of Psychology. He's a exercising psychologist, and it is coauthor of the booklet What Do I Say?: The Therapist's Guide to Answering Customer Questions. Dr. Waehler has a history of research in psychodiagnostics and the counselling process, both of which would have an impact on me as a clinical psychologist. Dr. Dawn M. Johnson would also be considered a good teacher to seek advice from as a few of her research includes post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and treatment outreach. PTSD is a problem that I might face in the field of clinical psychology; consequentially, she may be a good teacher to talk to as well. Both could provide perception into the world of medical psychology and the realities of working in the field.

In order to enhance my opportunities after graduation, I would want to become listed on psychology college student organizations. Some of these organizations at the University or college of Akron include Psi Chi, the North american Psychological Group, and the Relationship for Psychological Technology.

Psi Chi is the International Honor Population in psychology. Based on the "Benefits & Benefits of Membership, " there are many benefits to regular membership, including obtaining valuable experience in the field of psychology and growing skillfully through recognition. Members of Psi Chi get "a membership qualification and card which give tangible proof membership. " Psi Chi offers awards and grants or loans for students.

The North american Psychological Association (APA) is the world's most significant corporation for psychologists. Based on the APA (2013), students who join get many membership benefits, including journal subscriptions; savings on catalogs, videos, journals, and online databases; scholarships; and much more ("Student Affiliate").

Finally, the Association for Psychological Knowledge (APS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the campaign of mindset. The APS Pupil Caucus (APSSC) offers grants and honors, as well as access to magazines and opportunities to get involved ("APSSC Regular membership).

There are numerous opportunities and lessons for me to follow in the area of clinical mindset. I've many people open to check with for information relating to this field of research. I am devoted to this area of psychology, and my personality, values, skills, and passions correspond to clinical psychology. I look forward to continuing on my education in this area and eventually pursuing advanced coursework in graduate school.

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