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The diversification and customization of existing products

When companies opt to sell their products far away, they must make a decision whether to use a standard product or even to customise it to this country. Some products such as cars can be sold in a similar format; however, some restaurants, such as McDonald's might adjust their product to meet different needs. Companies must decide whether they will standardize their marketing ideas, such as promotional initiatives in various countries. Go surfing and find one product that is produced by a company from each of the following categories that does business internationally and clarify how the company has customized the merchandise for market internationally. Be sure to cite your resources. Provide an examination and rationale why the business has used this course.

Choose your companies from the following list:

A petroleum company:

Product: Royal Dutch Shell: Shell Oil

Over the years Shell has sometimes looked for to diversify from its core oil, gas and chemicals businesses for their globalization. These diversifications have included nuclear ability (a short-lived and costly joint venture with Gulf Engine oil in the USA); coal (Shell Coal was for a while a substantial player in mining and marketing); metals (Shell bought the Dutch metals-mining company Billiton in 1970) and electricity technology (a jv with Bechtel called Intergen). Royal Dutch Shell's Petrol is their key source of revenue, but since they globalized their company they have access to resources that could be loaded in that specific countries like Dutch minerals that can be refined to make coal as a source of energy. Another reason to why they have personalized their product in another market is the countries guidelines and legislation for Essential oil, some countries are extremely strict about the environmental damage Shell's Petrol can have, so Royal Dutch Shell must customize the petrol into a less environmentally dangerous product.

A software company:

Product: Microsoft Corporation's Microsoft Windows

Microsoft has dominated the marketplace for computer systems and technology and one of the reason why to their success is their particular product for nearly every country they market to. A typical exemplory case of this is their language feature on all the newer versions with their operations system intended to automatically design their computer based on where they live in the entire world. It chooses the preferred terminology, all the posts are with the geographic area, and time, location services and even programs like Windows messenger are improved to match the geographic area. Microsoft did this to totally specify what folks like in their technology in different parts of the earth to gain a much better product. They didn't want to make one product like an operating system general to all the users across the world because they recognized that cultures will vary throughout the world and they based mostly it on that. In addition they wanted a distinctive experience for every user to obtain to their inclination and changing the merchandise dependent on the market is a good way to do that.

A soft drink company:

Product: Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola's Coke product comes in more than 200 countries worldwide and nearly every product they sell to these individual countries will vary. Several times a decade Coca-Cola released a specific kind of drink they've created that's exclusive to certain countries on earth like Coca-Cola C2 which was only available to Japan, Canada and america of America or its most recent technology Coca-Cola Orange which is merely available in the United Kingdom and Gibraltar. Coca-Cola definitely modified its product depending on market it's selling to because Coca-Cola desires to charm to different people's likes and in THE UNITED STATES our diet is different from someone in Europe.

A food chain:

Product: McDonald's Hamburgers

McDonald's predominantly markets hamburgers, various types of hen sandwiches and products, French fries, soft drinks, breakfast time items, and desserts. In most markets, McDonald's offers salads and vegetarian items, wraps and other localized fare. Portugal is the sole country with McDonald's restaurants serving soup. This local deviation from the standard menu is a characteristic for which the chain is specially known, and the one that is utilized either to abide by local food taboos (like the spiritual prohibition of beef intake in India) or even to make available foods with that your local market is more familiar (like the sales of McRice in Indonesia). McDonalds likes to appeal to people's preferences and diets will vary in countries like European countries, Asia and North America, so to have more people buying their food they change the products. Also in countries like India and Indonesia a majority of the people have certain religious beliefs which prevent them from eating meats, so to get around this McDonalds created McVeggie burgers in India and McRice in Indonesia.

A car company:

Product: Toyota's automobiles

Toyota initiated the "Innovative International Multi-purpose vehicle" project (IMV) to enhance global manufacturing and offer systems for pickup trucks and multipurpose vehicles, and to gratify market demand in more than 140 countries worldwide. IMV called for diesel engines to be produced in Thailand, gasoline engines in Indonesia and manual transmissions in India and the Philippines, for source to the countries recharged with vehicle creation. Also Toyota has begun to create multiple products for countries needs like Electric technology, Plug-in hybrids and all electric vehicles. Toyota develops their cars predicated on research and what's available in the country. Toyota is not going to market plug-in hybrid automobiles in a third world country like Africa because Africa does not have the charge channels had a need to use the autos. Toyota markets with regards to the geographical location of the country so if there are definitely more uses for a pickup in THE UNITED STATES; they develop better lines of pickup trucks as well as the demand. If people in China desire a family car to get around, Toyota produces more family autos like sedans or pickup trucks.

Herbal treatments industry:

Product: General Diet Centres' Plant based Plus

GNC has over 6, 000 stores in the U. S. (including 1, 100 store-within-a-store locations within Rite Aid) as well as locations in 49 other countries. GNC LiveWell in Australia currently has 41 Stores located in Brisbane (Queensland), Sydney (New South Wales) and Melbourne (Victoria). GNC's Organic Plus is an internationally brand that markets many products like Standardized Echinacea Extract and since their company has globalized there very little they have to customize to sell to different marketplaces. There approaches for marketing might be attractive to the interest of individuals that country more than people in a different country but the product stays virtually the same.

Environmental Management Company:

Product: Environmental Resources Management's Contaminated Site Management

ERM helps clients safely deliver on the business objectives for polluted land management while safeguarding human health insurance and ecology, satisfying regulatory obligations, handling costs and handling local community targets. ERM's global services include decommissioning, demolition and redevelopment ways of help record value from discontinued businesses across the globe. ERM's skill pieces combine remediation technology, risk evaluation, financial and job management, regulatory negotiations and field services. ERM has to change its product for each country it markets to but for nearly every job it can in that country. ERM helps with disposing, soil managing efficiency and redevelopment which is different in every environment. ERM developed tactical and proper approaches to take care of the complex complex, regulatory, and business demands of the property throughout the product and this in turn means ERM has to constantly change their product to match what consumers want.

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