The Distribution Channels Of Movies Multimedia Essay

The distribution of your movie is the process by which a movie is manufactured available to watch out for an audience by a film distributor. The existing entertainment market is plagued by the plethora of product, system and technology. To be able to gain a footing in the " new world " of cinema, it is necessary with an understanding of each one of these elements. World styles indicate that more radiant generations are eating digital content at an unprecedented rate. New technology is changing just how people consume marketing. With on demand systems offering an unprecedented level of consumer control over content and taking a look at platform, traditional advertising advertising and marketing campaigns can no longer reach the people. Movies have to be distributed through a "scattershot methodology" to reach the consumers through different medium.

The motive behind repeating this project was to comprehend the end to end circulation system of movies. There are a great number of channel partners as well as stakeholders involved in the distribution of videos from the producers to the finish viewers. We've discussed the various distribution methods such as On Demand, Internet Circulation, ENTERTAINMENT and Theatres.

Secondary Research has been done how there has been a growth in overseas syndication as well as internet distribution of movies. We have discussed the professionals and downsides of different kinds of circulation methods and also how physical circulation is getting rid of out to others due to certain factors. Piracy in videos is a major deterrent lately and lots of preventive steps have been considered by the theatre owners as well as the government to avoid them as it decreases the overall earnings a movie produces.

With the advancement of digital distribution, a whole lot of new programs have come across such as home training video, internet and mobile thereby opening new sources of earnings for the film industry. We have reviewed how these new programs can be leveraged upon by the films industry.


The distribution of any movie is the procedure through which a movie is manufactured available to watch for an audience by a film distributor. Although distribution is one of the finish points in the worthiness chain of the film business, it is very important because "goofing" up at this time means that the film, however well made, will be a flop at the "Box Office".

A number of different circulation methods have come up such as the next:

On Demand: Here in the consumer is able to access this media they are simply interested in and purchase it or rent it at the time and device of their own choice. On demand platforms include Television set and Setup Boxes.

Internet Circulation of Feature Movies: The primary types of distribution are downloading, getting rental and loading. In Downloading and Downloading Renting, consumers can store the movie in their hard drive once and for all or temporarily respectively. Streaming will involve viewing of the movie so long as the device is switched on.

Home Entertainment: DVDs and Blu - ray drive are major way to obtain income for film manufacturers to recoup creation, promotion and advertising cost for his or her feature movies. Consumers can benefit from the experience of seeing the movie in their house theatres.

Theatres: This is the traditional method of making the movie designed for the masses. Typically a distributor purchases the right for a particular territory and recovers his cost through the exhibition of the movie in theatres. A new development is happening in this space with the invention of digital copies of the films replacing the traditional reels. It brings in a whole lot of overall flexibility and convenience for transporting and reproducing videos and also maintaining the same movie quality throughout various territories. In addition, it even results in considerable financial and time savings.




Gaining distribution is believed to be problems for marketers of products sold in shops. But this problem influences many businesses including companies selling goods in the business-to-business market and the ones providing services. Marketers also face problems when seeking syndication channels because of their products. Yes, the products here are videos, which in some ways are actually categorized as services (i. e. , entertainment) when shown in movie theatres and then become goods when offered for sale (e. g. , Dvd videos, digital download), but the problems experienced here are normal to numerous types of marketers.

Our main target in the task is

To understand the many stake holders in the process of distributing movies

To understand the various channels in the end to end process of distribution

To understand the role of digital medium in movie distribution


Research methodology requires gathering relevant data from the many documents, websites, film publications from whichever resources possible and compiling them to be able to analyse the materials and arrive at a far more complete knowledge of movie circulation and answer following Isssues:

How Digital medium changing movie distribution.

How Tv set is impacting movie distribution

How online streaming eg. Youtube etc. are changing face of movie distribution

How above points can be leveraged by movie marketers to improve their distribution

http://static. ddmcdn. com/gif/movie-distribution-flow. gif


India has about 15, 000 theatres enjoying a each week admission around 100 million people or 5000+ million per time. Distributors will be the last hyperlink in the movie chain which takes videos to the people. With post production accounting for 20% of the film budget and taking 20% of the total time, any savings in this might go to the bottom line. Digitalization has the potential to bring in the desired savings and drive up earnings substantially.

Current Movie Syndication Model

Piracy in Movie Industry

A new article `Economic Contribution of Indian Film and Television Industry' by PricewaterhouseCoopers said the film industry was in fact significantly impacted by online piracy. In 2008, piracy cost the Indian film industry $959 million and about 571, 000 jobs. KPMG in addition has located the film piracy rate at 60%.

Report 1

Analyses the digital distribution of films & movies

Digitization is assisting film makers get in touch with a wider audience; distribution of content across many platforms like home training video, internet and mobile apart from conventional theatrical websites leading to higher earnings generation

Digitization over the distribution value string has allowed content repurposing across platforms, making circulation of niche market content feasible

Distribution of income over the value chain has become more transparent

Availability of digital prints has significantly reduced the discharge window for each and every delivery platform; Helped in reduced amount of the time taken to reach tier 2 and tier 3 cities through theatrical release

Report 2

Report talks about Cooperation with International Studios. For e. g. In 2011, Viacom18 joined into a deal with global movie company Paramount Pictures to market and spread Paramount's videos in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

International Collaboration helps local film production by growing their international reach and contains enhanced task planning and cost controls

For e. g. I am Khan was distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures in unexplored market segments like USA, with innovations such as taking the lead actors to band the starting bell of NASDAQ stock exchange


Digital distribution is enabling distribution across various programs such as home video tutorial, internet and mobile combined with the traditional theatrical program. It can help up in opening new income models for the film industry. In addition to the economic benefits brought about by the digitization of videos, there are logistics issues which can be being simplified with the arrival of the technology.


Through this task research, not only the various channels for syndication of movies in India have been examined however the impact of technology on the syndication methods adopted has also been gauged. It can be perfectly inferred that the expense of distribution has truly gone down and the penetration of the merchandise (videos) has increased; the circulation has become cost-effective and convenient with no damage to the product quality. With the arrival of technology, movies are actually available even on the TV through programs like Video tutorial on Demand. However, piracy still looms large and the current distribution channel is yet not robust enough to curb the evil practice completely.

Future range of the task range from a quantitative analysis of the costs & earnings that existed in the distribution route before digitization and assessing the same with the costs & earnings after digitization had become. Also, the route of film celebrations, where in fact the potential blockbusters are released, has remained unexplored in this analysis.

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