The Display of Women in Shakespeare's Sonnet 130 and Griffin's Article

The Presentation of Women in Shakespeare's Sonnet 145 and Griffin's

Sonnet 39

What attitude do all their presentations of girls reflect? Talk about in

details how the poets' choice & use of terminology influences the reading

of poems.

It can be evident in both Griffin's poem and Shakespeare's composition that their particular

love because of their beloved is definitely matchless; though the presentations and the

personal understanding of the two poets give a totally different

message to its readers. It is sometimes in Shakespeare's sonnet 140 that

all of us realize he ridicules his mistress and praises her in a way that

misleads its readers to believe that Shakespeare doesn't love her.

Whereas, in Griffin's Sonnet 39, this individual puts his lady since the central

motive in the poem and this is evident as almost every line in the

poem commences with the phrase "her. " Without a doubt, the first collection in

both poems portrays a direct compare from the other person. In Griffin's

poem, this individual compares his lady's hair to "threads of defeated golds" (line

1), which suggests the substantial status and attractiveness of his woman. On

the contrary, Shakespeare begins his sonnet by depreciating the status

of his mistress as she actually is "nothing just like the sun" (line 1). This can be

also seen in the latter lines of the sonnet; her lips are not as red

because coral, her breasts are dun-colored as well as the black wiring growing in

her head. (lines 2-4). In Griffin's sonnet, you observe how this individual praises

beauty of his female and her perfection with the use of figurative

'languages'. Although the two sonnets appears to be similar, both equally

admiring the beauty of their addicts, it is still apparent which the two

women in the two sonnets will be presented in different ways plus the fact

that there is a contrast between the a pair of them.

The poem, Kid...

... the way how Griffin presents his lady may well sound the

world's best woman. non-etheless, because of his hyperbolical

claims and exaggerations, it may audio perfect to its viewers, but

on the other hand, the lady becomes an idealize character and her magnificence is

just artificial. By using a detail research within the two poems, it is

obvious which the two females presented in both poems are not identical.

The poets' viewpoints change as they include personal thoughts with

respect to the qualities possess by way of a mistress or perhaps lady, whether

they're goddess-like or legitimate in nature. As readers, we're significantly

influenced by the words written by the poets; we are dependent upon

their terminology and phrases to reveal the implications as well as the underlying


[1] David P. Wolf. Pimbley's Dictionary of Heraldry – G [Online]


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