The Extension Of London Heathrow Airport


The Labour Party and many business market leaders have been arguing for broadening air-port capacity in the South East and the quickest option is to grow Heathrow with the addition of another runway. They are simply arguing the development would maintain Heathrow's competitiveness, create quality jobs, boost businesses and help the UK's shaky market. However, the inexperienced organizations and local residents are worried and arguing that widening Heathrow international airport is unnecessary and would increase noise and air pollution significantly. The conservative and Liberal Democrats were arguing against development. This year 2010 the Conservative Get together formed the federal government with Liberals and according to their manifesto pledge the plan was cancelled. The Conservative leadership now believes the enlargement is necessary and good for UK's overall economy, but there are concerns and opposition within the get together against extension (Pettinger, 2012). [4] Due to opposition to expansion in the Conservative Party and its manifesto pledge in 2010 2010 basic election, the Primary Minister has postponed Heathrow extension decision until 2015 (Out-Law. com, 2012). [6]


In 2003 the Department for Transport posted its White Newspaper 'The Future of Air Transportation' in britain. The White Paper stated for an urgent need of additional runway capacity and strategies to be completed within 12 years in order to deal with future flights demand.

Socio-economic consequences of building additional airport terminal capacity and the question of potential benefits and the need for Heathrow extension caused concern for Greater London Authority. Greater London Specialist undertook a short review regarding White paper preparations, especially the potential advantages of Heathrow airport growth (GLA, 2006, p. ii). [1]


Expanding Heathrow will cause destruction of an community to make way for another runway. If the plan goes ahead the whole village of Sipson could vanish of the map, in line with the consultation document only seven hundred houses would have to be demolished to make way for the 3rd runway. Campaigners say around four thousand homes could lose their residence and forcing ten thousand visitors to find new places to live on (Beattie, 2007). [2]

Environmental campaigners are worried that the additional flights will increase CO2 emissions thus it could donate to the global warming. They argue that the CO2 emissions will outweigh the monetary advantages of the expansion, so the expansion could very seriously weaken the UK's role to experience its part in tacking local climate change (Greenpeace, 2013). [3]

(Millward, 2012) [13]

Aims and Objectives

Due to Heathrow Airport's congestion issues (operating at 99% capacity) and the rise of international competition like Paris, Frankfurt and China, the 3rd runway is considered a solution to the capability issues and also enhances UK's economy by causing direct contacts to countries surrounding the world like Chile, Philippines and Peru (Valentine, 2012). [5]

At the moment Heathrow Air port faces a considerable number of airline flight delays which is known as one of the worst in Europe due to working at almost full capacity, meaning delayed flights influence other plane tickets, and that means that there is no space to avoid that unless a new runway is made.

Economically, the owners of Heathrow Air port claim that the lack of capacity is costing the current economic climate 14 billion pounds annually (Sky Reports, 2012). [14]


At the moment there are excellent numbers of entities that are interested in building the third runway and there are also entities that are concerned about any of it. These entities are the stakeholders of this project and mainly they are the following:




Environmental Associations


Local Community

Local Government

Airport suppliers

Organizations in the Region

Parking Operators

Since there is a lot on the line with the development job, these stakeholders are divided in way that some are incredibly considering the project like the BAA and the Airlines that are looking to generate income with this and against this project we have acquired stakeholders like environmentally friendly Associations and the neighborhood Community because they declare that the runway may cause environmental issues and also there are people that will lose their spot to live (Schaar et al. , 2013 p. 109). [16]

Decision Makers

This is a huge infrastructure project which is problematic for a Government to decide and deliver. Any Government after 2015 basic election first and for some will need to bring all the parties together and make a decision about air port capacity and to look at the issue carefully and bring about the changes, that will addresses Heathrow's capacity problem that will have in future and UK's hub status. Now your choice making process lies with an independent inquiry in to the UK's airport terminal capacity and it will be carried out by a commission, chaired by ex - head of the Financial Services Authority Sir Howard Davies. The payment will look in any way the data and submit an interim article this year that includes recommendations to the federal government. The final article and the decision on action are anticipated following the next general election (Out-Law. com, 2012). [7]

Case Justification

Expansion of Heathrow Airport terminal has become an important issue that both government and residents have a good idea and overview about it.

Labour Government thinks that third runway may cause a growth in UKs economy. If the capability of the Heathrow international airport continues the same, it will cause a reduction in tourism and competitiveness. Also building a new air port (Thames Estuary) will take long time which means you will see lots of time wasted.

Most of the local people don't want this expansion as they don't want to move from their houses. Residents are also concerned from noise and pollution. Also Environmental campaigners think that third runway will increase co2 emissions plus they say that is plan may cause global warming.

In this case study we will take a look at these advantages and issues, so we can examine this plan in detail. By Researching the ideas and we can come to a spot that if this enlargement needed or not.

Expansion of Heathrow is currently a potential problem for the neighborhood people so they have already began to protest the program by putting up posters to the local shops indicating that they don't really want this extension.

This plan is a major matter that being discussed in the area at the moment. So we thought that circumstance would be an excellent case to study in order to discover the benefits and problems of the expansion of Heathrow Airport terminal.

Since this circumstance is quite intricate and there are different aspects that could influence the ultimate decision, the most predominant factors of the spectrum will be the economical and honest sides. The key driver of the project is without a doubt cost-effective and we chose to provide monetary information to your choice creators (Moore, 2012). [12]

Critical Decision Making Information

How much Heathrow is burning off by not putting into action the task?

Lack of capacity at Heathrow airport terminal costs the united kingdom economy billions each year in lost trade, publicized in report commissioned by English Chamber of Commerce. United kingdom Chamber of Business calls for urgent and clear aviation strategy, which put into action procedures to keep Heathrow as a global hub. Also scanning this information we've established lack of enough capacity at Heathrow would deter business leaders in other emerging economies like Brazil, India and China to do business with countries that contain better air reference to their countries as opposed to the UK (British Chamber of Commerce, 2012). [9]

Research demonstrates business leaders in emerging economies as mentioned above see direct air link as important to maintain the UK's potential client in global market. These details could be accessed in British Chamber of Business and readily available by browsing the internet free of charge and the info could easily be accessed in other forms such as interviews and surveys, which were carried out by World Travel Market (WTM) (Woodman, 2012). [10]

There are plenty of good or more as of yet information is available as well as some opposing information, which points out it sufficiently accurate in details that would be beneficial to your choice makers. The information we have been looking at comes from respected corporation such as United kingdom Chamber of Business and has been posted in many news sites such as BBC (English Broadcasting Organization) and other reports group, therefore the consistency of information originates from these company could be respected to aid decision making.

As we've carefully examined everything we've been reading and also examined the provider of source of information, so we've identified some propaganda in opposing the economical side of growth that might be dismissed and disregarded as propaganda. We will store this information as data in a secure database and will be shown as a table in the machine to be accessed by all decision makers (Osborn, 2009). [8]

How much Heathrow will earn by making the task?

There are currently two runways and five terminals functioning at the Heathrow Airport. A lot more than 69 million passengers a year visit Heathrow airport. This amount increase around to 82 million passengers annually. Heathrow airport is working at 99% capacity, which means any unforeseen situation would cause tons of disruptions. As the capability is stretch to its limit British Astronomical Relationship (BAA) can't hint new contracts with airlines for more flights. Because they build the third runway, BAA would sign new contracts with airlines for additional flights so BAA will earn more money from getting fees and staying fees (Osborn, 2009). [17]

According to English Chambers of Business development of Heathrow airport will produce 30bn of financial benefits. The research shows that to be able in which to stay the completion with global competitors like France and Germany Heathrow Airport should be broadened. This record was shared in the advertising and in many websites like BBC. This demonstrates we can trust the info on this record, which Uk Chambers of Business published.

This information could be accessed in the article that Uk Chamber of Business produced about Heathrow Airport. That is a study funded by Future Heathrow (a lobby group for the third runway). This information is on internet and can be accessed by any internet user (English Chamber of Commerce, 2012). [18]

By extending Heathrow airport, capacity increase, more passengers will travel and this will put Heathrow airport ahead from their continental challengers. Increasing flights means more tourists, more getting and much more staying fees. More outlets will be opened after the development of Heathrow airport, which will be located in the new terminal (Terminal 6). This means BAA will enjoy better paychecks from the rents of the retailers.

How much does it cost?

How Heathrow may have an advantage over its competition?

Knowing the way the competitors may have an impact on this project is an essential aspect to consider when coming up with your choice on actually going through with the task or not. The explanation for this would be that the growth of competition will definitely impede the purpose of Heathrow as a hub international airport and therefore have a poor impact in the UK's current economic climate. However there may be key areas of Heathrow International airport that can make it more appealing than its competitors and we will get that away.

This information are available in the International Air Connectivity for Business briefing which includes information on how connected the united kingdom airports to the world's main business areas. This briefing is available in the internet and can be accessed by anyone.

This briefing includes quality information since it takes data from Heathrow's main competitors (Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt) and compares the connectivity between them with the rest of the world. The info was obtained during the busiest month of the entire year in the airports and we can assume that the info provided is quite exact although it is a lttle bit outdated (2011). Furthermore, the briefing is reliable since it was produced by AirportWatch and WWF.

In our system, this information may be used to estimate the of building the third runway by storing the information in a pass on sheet and making a graph filled with the possible new connections and contrast those cable connections with its main opponents.

The reason for carrying out this is to find out if Heathrow can actually compete with the other international airports and support the decision maker by stating if going right through with this job will be worthwhile or not (LeftFutures, 2013). [15]

Simulation Modelling

We are suggesting Stella model, a choice support tool that would help the decision makers to choose in a sophisticated situation as growth of Heathrow. Through the use of Stella modelling, a model could be intended to visualize by linking components together that represents the related mathematical expressions. Stella provides a functional way to encourage and dynamically visualize how a complex idea works (iseesystems, 2013). [11]

Potential Monetary Loss

The time that the third runway organized to be built, will impact the success of this job. Decision makers will have to be sure that it is the right time to put into action this project.

Before implementing the 3rd runway, decision makers have to calculate how much cash they will lose each year that this project is delayed.

Potential money loss credited to a delay would be reasons like; lack of capacity for new plane tickets or during the time that this job is delayed, other competition could make new deals with the airlines, so that this can result in a loss in future plane tickets.

A model is required to show the stats to decision makers and by having a clear understanding of the potential monetary loss each year, the decision makers can make better decisions. This model will be a graph that will assess the money damage for each year that the third runway will never be implemented.

The variable of this model will be the time spent to choose to get this done project and the time of the engineering process.

Capacity over demand

The current capacity and the existing demand for additional capacity will no doubt have an impact on the mind-set of most decision makers that get excited about the 3rd runway e. g. the greater demand there is the more capability there may be so handle varying flows of customers.

Having said that it is of the most importance to totally understand the info that is being handled and the implication of any decision that are given the just do it. One relevant way to allow for the full comprehension of any information is to model it. You will find varying methods of data modelling that are applicable to the situation. With data modelling an individual is able to alter parameters and can see the effect that these altered variables must a given situation. One way in which the variable can be viewed is within a graph, an individual can change the demand to show the consequences of increased demand on the international airport, also the user will then have the ability to view the mandatory capacity to allow the airport to run efficiently.

Long Term Aftereffect of Heathrow's Competitors

Predicting how the competitors will develop in the foreseeable future, you'll be able to calculate how much they can affect the success of the third runway. The reason for this is that they can take away potential work at home opportunities and for that reason impact negatively the success of the project.

To measure this we decided to build a model to allow the decision makers to observe how the rivals may have an impact on this project and it will permit them to estimate how risky this job may be. This model will be a graph that will allow comparison between Heathrow and its own competitors.

The variables of the model includes the expansion in flight connections of each competition and it will have a poor correlation with Heathrow's air travel connections. So that it will also show the amount of work at home opportunities the airport will lose.

For example, if the decision maker decides to set Frankfurt airport's expansion high, it'll show how much it will impact Heathrow international airport.

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