The Darker Underlying Themes Of A Great Man Essay

The Dark Underlying Designs of "A Good Man is Hard to Find"

"‘Listen, ' the grandmother almost screamed, ‘I know you 're a great man. You don not look a bit like you possess com- wednesday blood. I realize you must come from nice persons! '" (O'Connor 147). O'Connor's short tale, "A Good Man is difficult to Find", is well known for it's disturbingly dark strengthen and questionable subjects. The storyline highlights the meeting, conflict, and dispute between a family and a great escaped felony, known as "the Misfit. " Throughout their particular interaction, the grandmother begs for her existence and claims that the Misfit is a good man solely besides the fact that he wouldn't like to destroy a woman, inspite of having preceding knowledge of his past crimes and killings. O'Connor's short story, "A Good Person is Hard to Find", uses characters to share deep styles that include the basis great versus wicked, religious hypocrisy and un-rightful judgment which often highlights the hypocritical habits of human nature and the unstable character of man.

Throughout the complete short account, the granny seems to play a very essential and judgmental character, behaving as though the girl with holy enough to consider people, or their actions, to be advantages or disadvantages. However , her judgement seems to lose any the case value it could 've kept when it becomes apparent the fact that only people she deems as being "good people" tend to be the ones who share prevalent interests or perhaps can aid her in some way. This kind of undermining quality of her judgement is usually exemplified when she believes the Misfit to be "a good gentleman at heart" (O'Connor 147) based exclusively on the fact that he isn't willing to destroy her, a woman. As stated by Arthur N. Bethea, Stephen Brady uses the grandmother's moral corruption as an attempt to sole handedly grind all argum...

... encies of man and demonstrates that non-e happen to be truly righteous, even when confronted with seemingly good intentions.

Through U 'Connor is actually emphasis on very good versus wicked and spiritual hypocrisy, she illustrates the inherent problem of being human alongside man's selfish inclinations. O'Connor implies that even the many seemingly righteous of men can be hypocritical and denounce their faith in the face of risk. She also reveals the discrepancies of each individual 's moral compass by characters several descriptions of what is morally right and wrong. Whether it is the grandmother's debased decision, or her inability to pray when she advised the Misfit to do so in hopes that "Jesus would help [him]" (O'Connor 150) it becomes bluntly apparent that O'Connor's short account takes on an unconventional method to show the underlying hypocrisy and unstable character of mankind.

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