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The Crush Is A Short Film Film Studies Essay

The film starts off with a white text expressing "a purdy picture creation" behind the written text a black qualifications appears. Since it clears up you can notice a tender and strong woman's speech stating three words "Reveal", "Pretend" and "love". This contributes to an Establishing shot which sets up a classroom scene, suggesting that the girl is a tutor the camera has an extended shot of the tutor; the camera goes around the room which ultimately shows all the kids in the classroom. Warm colors are implicated showing a good attitude towards the educator which is applicable those three words which should to be learned. There's a shot with a guy the camera has a close up shot of his face to show his child like feelings, there are wild birds singing in the backdrop also with the delicate music playing. By looking at the young children face tells me that his thoughts are dreamy towards teacher and was not paying attention. The institution bell will go off in the backdrop, which programmes the students to leave school which creates a medium shot. Ardal the young boy sitting at his workplace and still dreamy hears Ms Purdy's voice stating his name; the light is a feeling of Happiness and good. A medium shot is used as he calmly walks to Ms Purdy's workplace, a tracking shot comes after him to show Ms Purdy attention and interest using what Ardal has got. Ardal gives her the ring Ms Purdy was stunned and also great full the lighting is a sense of Delight which contrasts with the color and transmits him of to truly have a great weekend.

A at once shot can be used while Ardal strolls home which means action comes straight to the followers. He arrives home he starts to have evening meal along with his parents, seated right in the centre along with his parents resting on either aspect of him which creates a medium shot. The light suggests that of a pleasure and also the color is a calmer, relaxed feeling. A close up shot of father emotions suggesting to be interested, he asks everybody about their day but also carrying on about his history of the day. He explains to his child the exciting report with his facial expressions makes the tale even more interesting to hear which becomes into a swish Plan. Ardal suddenly asks his mum about when is the prorate age to get married. The daddy is stunned with this affirmation and talks about his partner with disbelieve. His wife answers and asks "why have you got some news of us" but with a smart response he says that he'll keep his mum "posted" about relationship. After dinner he's in his room a minimal angle shot can be used, he starts up a Ten calendar year planner diary would go to the entire year 2015 month 22-28 webpage and writes down "Marry Ms Purdy". He looks at the text after his done writing which can be an Aerial shot; dim lighting is implemented to suggest a Force and power.

A long shot shows Ardal enjoying himself and utilizing a open public bin as a prop, a feeling of happiness which implies warm colorings. Also a very soft but enjoy full music has in the background suggesting that it is a nonviolent work. Ardal's mum strolls out of the shop she looks at her boy and yells "come on Ardal" with a sense of being in a rush. The music ceases playing, Ardal comes after his mum he immediately faces the bottom. As he walks a ring of the door bell will go off on the backdrop recommending that someone he matter know is walking out of an shop. He hears a soft but kind voice stating "hello Ardal" with exhilaration he recognises the voice and immediately looks up, his sight brightens up with enjoyment that it is really Ms Purdy. She complements on his new shoes a higher angle shot is used at the same time a up close shot of her new diamond ring to show Ardal but he doesn't recognise the ring. A High Viewpoint is used to show how powerful Pierce is, while Ms Purdy is talking about the ring and exactly how they are employed. Pierce isn't interested in any way and seems to be in a rush to watch a sports game. He pulls Ms Purdy from the talk which automatically ends the chat and leads her away. Up close shot of Ardal's feelings with an irritated face toward Pierce is implemented.

Ardal is back in his room, the colorings supply the sense of anger and also the dim light. He rips a full page out of his journal it seems if you ask me that his crunching in the page was he published "Marry Ms Purdy". A close up shot can be used when He throws the paper on to the floor and stomps on it, which implies anger towards the idea of engaged and getting married. A world with dim lighting suggests the idea of death which ultimately shows Ardal's dad evaluating a firearm; he hides the firearm at the top portion of the clothing from reach. Ardal stands nearby the door peaking as his dad hide's the weapon, he shows a whole lot of interest towards the gun. Ardal comes back in his room, he reattaches the crunched up paper to his diary. At the same time he looks to his part and stares at a poster of a cowboy that is having difficult a duel to the fatality. Suggesting a high angle shot with the sense of ability he wishes to be over Pierce.

A grey golf Volkswagen is jam-packed outside the university. Pierce is looking forward to Ms Purdy; he looks frustrated that she actually is always the last tutor to leave college. A sudden knock on the car windowpane, Pierce calmly places the home window down. As the windowpane goes down, there's a up close shot of Ardal standing beside the car fearless he needs him never to marry Ms Purdy, she actually is "mine" Ardal says. Pierce laughs with joy and disbelieve he points out that it is never eliminated happen. Ardal requires a duel to the death, he instructs Pierce where so when to meet him of this challenge the lack of communication advises a dim of light. A Reverse position is utilized as Pierce accepts this task with a laugh he also asks with a childlike behaviour which weapons to bring. Ardal says "pistols", he calmly walks away. Ms Purdy comes and sits inside the car, the light in the automobile suggests a sense of Innocence's. A At once shot is used again when Ardal walks home but his facial emotions suggests a seriousness, it seemed to me that he is planning ideas while his walking home.

Ardal is back in his parent's room sitting down on their foundation, a high position is employed and the light once again provides of Death and evil turn to the field. While Ardal stares up presenting him a low angle shot of the wardrobe where his daddy has covered the gun, the background music play which helps with the senses of stargazing an idea of strike. Pierce is once more waiting around of Ms Purdy at the institution but this time around his in an energetic spirits of his up close facial expressions. Ms Purdy strolls to the car and sits inside. She and Pierce hook up mouth with a kiss, as the kiss ends. Ardal is given a long shot therefore instructs us that his standing up before the school entrances the shot was taken from the car directing towards Ardal which also offers him a horror look.

Pierce gets from the car while Ms Purdy is trying to calm him down also allowing him to "leave it together his just a child". Engorging her, Pierce leaves and closes the door behind him which leaves Ms Purdy worried recommended by the dim lighting as well as the up close shot. Pierce walks into a four walled concrete room, Suggesting to me which it appears like a squash room with one white brand going across and one thick line at the bottom going across the wall membrane. The Camera zoom's into his face and then out, gives him a aspect view. Within the shot Ardal appears by the door Pierce's full body converts around to check out him, Ardal drops his handbag on the floor.

Ardal asks Pierce were is his pistol but he doesn't care about this issue, he pulls out a weapon and factors it to Pierce a close up shot of him positioning the gun, really helps to determine that idea. His shocked with Ardal's activities also thinking it could be a fake firearm but Ardal's has learned it's "real". Ms Purdy walks into the building she views Ardal pointing a gun at Pierce. A up close is utilized to determine how afraid she is of what might happen next. Pierce begs him to put the firearm down but Ardal is determined to eliminate Pierce and stop him marring Ms Purdy. The lighting of world suggest a far more Evil which also is Fatality, Ardal activities the lead to of the firearm seeks it at Pierce, Pierce heading down on his knees and tells the real about why he received involved to Ms Purdy merely to shut her up about relationship. As Pierce yells at Ms Purdy to call the cops, Ardal shoots a huge loud bang will go off. The camera shots maneuver around with Pierce as he moves to the ground, a close up shot comes home to Ms Purdy as she screams with fear. A up close shot of Ardal's face shows his eye not blinking once and fearless.

A Blank display shows for 3 Second's

Slowly the blank display disappears. Orange ball functions across Pierce's body, a up close of his eye beginning and realising that his not inactive. Ardal looks back again at Ms Purdy and says "see Ms" she also realises that the firearm is fake, she removes her engagement ring and throws it at Pierce. Pierce gets up with anger towards Ardal but Ms Purdy shields him. They both leave the area, leaving Pierce only along with disbelieve.


The director has used good perspective shots for every scene to help make the film as real as it can be. With the utilization close up, long pictures, medium images, high/low angle photographs and also head on shots. The lamps was well executed throughout the movie, with the sense of Death, Pleasure and good will. Colours helped with all aspects of the film mainly with light. Ms Purdy calls for the gun of Ardal and she places it in her purse he clarifies that his dad had become him toy weapon for his birthday and he was hiding it form him, Ardal asks if his activities are going into his report but Ms Purdy tells him that it is they little key. Ms Purdy walks Ardal home and the back ground music is a more comfortable and more peaceful. At the end the directors/written as well as the produces name arrive also with all of those other crew customers of the movie.

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