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The Associations Between Rules And Democracy Politics Essay

The link between regulation, democracy, government policy, and employee tendencies. Current, there is still bafflement on the clear understanding of law, democracy, authorities policy, and human protection under the law and freedoms. When studying the principles of law and democracy, we cannot avoid looking at the guideline of law. The rule of law can be defined as a situation where in fact the state involves its citizens in the process of making laws and regulations. It also requires that the legislative arm of federal government be separated from the executive and the judiciary i. e. the basic principle of parting of powers. Finally it requires that nobody should be above regulations. With this view, we can conclude that minus the rule of legislation, is not possible to accomplish democracy. That it's the core factor of any constitutional democracy. In understanding the dissimilarities and the romantic relationships between legislations and democracy requires a wider understanding of laws, constitution and democracy. Within this paper we research the relationship between legislations, democracy, government procedures and employee habit. The existence of democracy also influences the nature of government insurance policies to be implemented in consideration of the human rights and freedom. Human rights also affect the labor laws and regulations and the behavior of workers. Within a democratic status, strong civil modern culture organizations will probably emerge like the trade Unions to advocate for the staff protection under the law (Resenfield, 2001).

The Romance between democracy and law

To establish the partnership between democracy and legislations, we have to understand this is of legislation and democracy. Regulation is thought as the means where decisions are attained and put in place in a community. And in virtually any community there's a center which makes these laws and regulations. In authoritarian or totalitarian regimes, you can find often one person who is the centre of vitality. In most cases as it happens to a dictatorial routine. In a democratic system, people of a specific community get excited about your choice making process and in issues of governance. Therefore in democratic states, we can identify law as how the decisions which were arrived at are implemented by the specialists as an insurance plan that represents the interest of the general public (L & D, n. d).

Democracy is described to be a system where users of a particular society receive the expert to govern themselves. There's always a romantic relationship between law of confirmed culture and the regulations governing that contemporary society. Pubic policies have to be integrated into for the law for this to be put in place. Therefore regulation always provides connection between your democracy and constitution making, as it helps in the transformation of any society's norms or principles into a form which the administration can enforce or put into practice. Law helps in consolidating and promoting the eye of a specific community. That is achieved by motivating the accountability of government by advocating for good governance. Through advocating good governance, it can help in fostering of democracy. Associates of any community often choose a representative to present their interest and in regulations making process. That is described a representative democracy (L&D, n. d).

There has been increased pressure to governments from international bodies and civil societies on the necessity for democracy in the international legislation. This was long to the democracy in the elections in the us that are members or signatories of the organizations. Before joining, these international physiques push countries that are prepared to join to create democratic governments. In addition they assist in monitoring of elections among member countries when requested to. Member expresses are compelled to the security of human rights, through a politics process (Wouters, Meester, & Ryngaert, 2004).

The relationship between Government insurance policy and Law

There is a link between administration polices and Legislation. Government regulations or public regulations can only be implemented after being integrated into legislations. In democratic governments; laws is also known as the rule of law. In cases like this, the people tend to be in mixed up in procedure for decision making and governance. These governments tend to be held responsible by its people. They also hold free and reasonable elections after a particular period of time for example four or five years. In the rule of rules, you have the principle parting of powers on the list of three arms of authorities, that is, the judiciary, legislative or parliament and the executive arm of federal government. This ensures that there is certainly proper assessments and balances. In democratic areas, government policies are often geared towards boosting human rights, mass media freedom and transparency. Most democracies are leaving hidden knowledge system of insurance policy making to a more transparent one where its citizens can access any information of the government from budgeting to countrywide security. This is prompted by the trend of the use of the machine of classification to group the info which did not relate to nationwide security to cover some information from the public. This led to corruption and maltreatment of offices. So that they can bring back the general public assurance and restore sanity in the federal government system, policy makers decided to get this to information accessible to the general public (Aftergood, 2009).

Relationship between Employees' patterns and law

Application of labor regulations in a given state will probably have a primary effect on the workers and employer in that state. Generally in most democratic areas, trade unions have been produced to battle for and protect the employees rights. Addititionally there is international organization of staff known as ILO under an umbrella body of the UN that battles for the protection under the law of workers. Areas are often pressurized by the international community to commit themselves to formulating labor laws that meet an international standards set by ILO to safeguard workers' privileges against unscrupulous employers. Protecting the protection under the law of workers is of great importance, it can however be considered a threat to economic growth. Studies show that rigorous labor laws which are protective sometimes hurt the labor market which is against its main intention of protecting its staff. This in the long run can hinder the overall expansion of the economy. Firms may holiday resort to other inexpensive strategies of adapting to the labor market requirements like using few personnel or move to places with less restrictive labor laws (Basu, Domains, & Debgupta, n. d).

Relationship between Democracy and Federal Policy

Good governance and democracy can propel monetary growth rate of the country. Good governance is marketed by accountability from the residents. With this, says are able to achieve their development goals as it draws in investors to pump in their capital in the economy and these results in to a rise in economic progress rate. It also helps to improve the peoples' welfare and widening communal and monetary opportunities and nurturing the expectations of living of its residents. Democracy and good governance brings stableness in countries even during elections and transition periods (USAID, 2005).

Civil population usually participates to make government or open public coverage through advocating for the passions of particular groupings of folks they represent. In addition they contribute a lot in the process of democracy and good governance. They can become a route for passing vital information and enlighten the people of the pubic. In addition they assist in promoting effective communication between the government and the public by performing as a connection between them. Generally the keep carefully the federal government accountable. Civil world always participate in promoting democracy by taking part in the democratic process through voting, educating the individuals of their privileges. They also help educe the people on the government guidelines and their importance to them. Sometimes the civil societies usually advocates for rights of the marginalized users of the society. The organizations representing these communities can drum up support for some policies and present to various governments on behalf of their participants. Civil society in addition has help in advcating environmental conservation especially during this time period when there may be deep matter on the actual effects of environment change credited to global warming. Civil world have helped in attracting the interest of the world on the poverty, diseases and real human protection under the law abuses by the governments across the no longer(AC, n. d)The huge benefits that arise when involving the citizens in the process of making plans are strengthening the relationship between the federal government and the people. This results good governance and formulation of better guidelines. It helps in building the trust of the public in the system of governance hence promoting democracy and creating a stronger civil world that hold federal accountable (OECD, 2001).

Relationship between staff' union and democracy

Strong trade democratic unions tend to be necessary in battle force personnel' rights. Trade unions also provided investigations to the executive by challenging for transparency. They are of great benefits to the personnel by agitating for better conditions of deal with the employer. They also have participated in the formulation of insurance policies in cooperation with the governments especially in the labor sector by challenging for reforms. However democratic employees' unions have never absent well with the employers. Employers have tried to interfere with these unions especially during campaigns for representation. They have used various methods such as; intimidating to fire employees or better offers if indeed they joined or participated or quit in the unions activities, intimidating business closure, and giving transfers or giving hard careers to personnel who participated in the unions' activities. These activities of the employers have interfered with democracy in the trade unions. Therefore the governments and international organizations should come up with policies and laws and regulations to protect employees from these intimidations of their employers Trade unions are also used to thrust for reforms in the federal government (Mehta &Theodore, 2005).


This newspaper has show the close link between legislations, democracy, government guidelines and employee tendencies. In democratic governments, customers of the general public get excited about the decision making process and issues of governance. Therefore laws is how the decisions are created and applied by the regulators in the interest of the public. Therefore it assists with the consolidation and advertising of the eye of a world. We've also seen the partnership between the federal government policies and rules. Government policies can only just be implemented if they're put into legislations. In democratic governments, individuals get excited about the decision making process and therefore, the citizens get excited about the formulation of government polices. Hence the people have the to determine the law and insurance policies that govern them. Employees are also affected in a single way or the other by law, democracy and government policies. Whenever we have demanding labor laws, it scares potential employers away. They may either move to a different location where there are less strict laws or limit the amount of work force they employ. This has undesireable effects on the market. Workers' unions also have helped in driving the government reforms and in policy making. Scared of the trade unions, employers have tried to hinder the democracy within the trade unions. Therefore we can conclude that laws, democracy, government regulations and employee behavior are intertwined.

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