The Conclusion FROM THE Civil War History Essay

At the final outcome of the Civil Conflict there have been two completely different strategies for reconstructing the nation was faced with. Had Abraham Lincoln possessed survived his assassination try out maybe the history books could have read in a different way. However, the assassination of Leader Lincoln left a prone Southern boy and a former slave owner who got no former college or university education to be Leader, that guy was Andrew Johnson. Could he have possibly have lived up to President Lincoln's ideals? Would Johnson even get an opportunity? That is what seems to have been the burning up question.

Once the Civil War had finished it is assumed that Congress was going by a group called the "Radical Republicans. " Fortunately Leader Lincoln could control this group and prior to his loss of life had proposed an idea for "reconstruction" that's purpose was to take care of the South similar to a lost brother returning home. President Lincoln had viewed to his reconstruction plan as a dependence on restoration. The group, "The Radical Republicans", however, looked at the reconstruction plan as an opportunity to coach the South an extreme lessons that was to punish them and in 1866 Congress had handed down the "Wade-Davis Expenses" which got ruled for rather than draconian actions of reconstruction. Ahead of his loss of life Lincoln acquired vetoed the expenses but the issue continued to rage.

The conventional wisdom is that Lincoln would have been able to control the group known as the "Radical Republicans". Chief executive Lincoln's assassination, however, kept an enormous void in American control. The Chief executive who stepped in after Chief executive Lincoln's fatality, Andrew Johnson, was a southerner. As you can imagine this bit of bitter irony had not been lost on the "Radical Republicans" who possessed disliked him before he was even appointed the Presidency. Johnson again proposed a "Reconstruction Plan" similar to the former Leader Lincoln. Low and behold, the members of congress weren't amused. Obviously the partnership between Congress and Lincoln got soured quickly.

Immediately after the bottom line of the Civil War, the Southern says had passed lots of regulations restricting the rights of all folks of color. These laws and regulations were also known simply as the "Black codes". For example, in Mississippi that they had barred all relationships of mixed races. The consequence for committing this work was death. Another "code" implemented a restriction to the areas where any Black person could live. For example, Blacks cannot even own or rent any property outside of a town they deemed fit. The perception of this code during this time period was to undermine any work the federal government had in giving former slaves 40 acres of land. Various large plantations in the Southern expresses were either forgotten or confiscated as this is the land that was to be given out to slaves in allotments of forty acre.

As the activities by South possessed angered congress, led by what is believed to be the "Radical Republicans", congress got handed a sweeping legislation through the its Reconstruction years. Congressmen Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner led the charge and first passed an act to determine what was called the "Freedmen's Bureau". Its only purpose was never to only provide education and training for non whites in their immediate transition from slavery to freed men. Despite all of the best attempts of newly appointed Leader Andrew Johnson to stop all legislation that could assist Black colored people, several spouse bills were exceeded. Along with the South enforcing martial laws, congress could basically do anything it wished to. The rebellious expresses did not have the ability to vote on the measures before congress, which led to there not being enough votes to override any of Chief executive Johnson's vetoes.

The year after the Civil War had concluded it is believed that congress had handed the Civil Protection under the law function of 1866. It subsequently was vetoed by Chief executive Johnson. However Congress overrode his veto and immediately put the 14th Amendment set up despite Johnson's amount of resistance. Congress than voted in the "Reconstruction Take action", which prohibited the Southern Expresses from taking part in Congressional reading until they handed down the strategy and revised all their states constitutions. Passage of this amendment with the Reconstruction Act was achieved with violent opposition. Despite all existence of armed forces, the white inhabitants continued a rampage beating, burning, eliminating, and outright destroying any dark-colored citizen they could find. As a result of these activities Blacks were lynched by the hundreds. In 1870, another Civil Privileges Act was exceeded, and was immediately accompanied by the 15th Amendment - "the right of residents of america to vote shall not be rejected or abridged by the United States or by any Talk about on account of competition, color or prior conditions of servitude. "

It is tightly believed that the discord between the "Radical Republicans and Leader Johnson made Johnson a very ineffective Chief executive which led to a growth of power in the power of Congress. In 1868 Congress voted to impeach President Johnson for violating a regulation called the Tenure of Office Function which will not allow the Leader to fire any person in the Cupboard. Johnson was never convicted but it was clear that he was a lame duck President. That leads many to think that the outcome could have been totally different had Abraham Lincoln had not been assassinated.

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