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The Classification Of Households Sociology Essay

As Peter Ustinov says:" Parents will be the bones which children sharpen their teeth"; in other words, family as a low profile rope binds the members of the family together. Family is a group blood- related people living under one roofing. That is clearly a family including members as grandparents, parents and children. However, with the fast development of contemporary society nowadays, the family constructions are more and more becoming multiform and complicated than the past; however, the family buildings all together still have four main types of households based on the family structure.

The first group contains more than parents and children though extended by the addition of other relatives of the parents, for example grandparents, uncles, aunts who are residing in a house mutually; it called expanded family. In the past, it can be seemed the most popular type of families, specially in the countryside where has spacious land. The advantage of being a person in a large family is that there are many people they help train each other. The more aged ones, who have received some self-control and education, show younger ones, by precept and example, how to behave, and so relieve the parents or grandparents of the whole lot of trouble. Furthermore, one advantage of being a member of extended family over the other families is the fact that more hands make less work. In such a family, it is not uncommon for everybody to do his or her share of the task. It may simply be to wash the dishes, to sweep the floor, to care younger ones or to cook. These daily tasks are actually great for through them, they learn to be more indie and self-reliant. They gain self confidence, too, realizing that there are many things they can do. When their parents or grandparents are away, they have to share the burden of keeping house in order to prepare food for themselves. In this manner, they learn cooperate and to contribute them share of work. Through posting they learn never to be selfish rather than to think only of themselves. However, it also offers the advantage that there surely is more quarrelling. A big family is not necessarily a united family; and it may split into factions. A quarrel between brothers is often worse than one between friends or acquaintances. Another signal disadvantage of a big family is that the facilities for self-improvement or for recreation may be less designed for its members. There may be less privacy too, because rooms would have to be distributed.

The second group includes nuclear family, which contains parents and the youngster or children. They don't want or have to live a life in addition to the grandparents or the other relatives. This type of family can be established the best type in modern life. Life as an associate of any nuclear family has its advantages as well as disadvantages. The first point looks in the mind of a person is personal privacy of life. The parents can get their privateness in their own house in nuclear households whereas they cannot get their privateness in expanded family. People can live their own way and can do whatever they need in their life with no elders limit. The other and the best items in the nuclear family is financial steadiness. There is the less number of folks in the family therefore the expenditures will also less. People cannot have a strong financial stability if they're the only person who is earning in prolonged family. On the other hand, there are specific down sides. The parents cannot give so much individual attention to the youngster or children if they are working and the child or children get any small or big disease, so you have to deal with it only because they lack of elders and other family to take care of. They tend to feel unhappy or even sicker when they see no one around. Additionally, if the child is small and need a special care, it will be become a major trouble as they haven't any other family members who can care for the child while they have to do their work. The security is each other in the nuclear family. There are so many circumstances of robbery and murders; many of them are from the nuclear family. It really is dangerous for those who lives alone in house or with less volume of people

The single-parent family belongs to the next group, which identifies only one father or mother in the house raising the child or children. The number of single-parent families have grown to be more common in recent years. It's rather a result of separation, divorce or loss of life of the parent. Being a child or children in single-parent family, they almost lack of a quality proceeding from emotions of father's love or mother's love. Children were taken by single mother or single dad will easy to suffer from mental and behavioral problem. They tend to easy way to get anger, noncompliance, rule violations. School achievement also can go through. For example: they can be sneered by their friends because they don't really have mother or father or they can feel unhappy when the other friends have parents. Besides, an individual father or mother have to work harder to make money and they have to be both mom and dad to give more care, attention to the youngster or children at exactly the same time. Nevertheless, there's also advantages that the kids will love full love using their company parent. The kid can discover better nutritious and well-balanced food or they can have better clothing of good materials and new styles. Additionally, they will have more opportunities to build up responsibility. They have to face with all problems in life when their parent or guardian is away.

Single member makes up about the last category and usually don't have family or have a tendency to live without family. They are usually students or staff who live a long way away from your home to have significantly more and better job opportunities or more educational opportunities. The first, and also a very common, that they have to face is the fact once they start a life away from home, they always get homesick. They usually miss the occasions that they share with their family, such as sitting jointly in a couch seeing Television shows, or getting a dinner collectively and showing about their day during family dishes. The other is after they live a long way away from home, they have to understand how to do things independently. They need to get used to a life full of duties. Now they have to fret about every aspects of their life, from bigger such as control their budget to smaller responsibilities like cleaning rooms, baking their foods, doing their cleaning up, etc. The best thing about living abroad is that people have more flexibility. They can place their guidelines, stay up past due, or do anything they want without being afraid of troubling any family. The other advantages that they will have significantly more opportunities to see life by themselves and explore other's cultures

In short, each person can decide for theme one of in four varieties of the types: expanded family, nuclear family, single-parent family and singe member. Whatever your particular family structures, it has tremendous influence after your contentment, development and future; therefore, people need to choose what's the best one for theme in the foreseeable future to construct and make a happy family.

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