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‘The Chrysalids' simply by John Wyndham is about an innocent youngster with telepathic abilities surviving in an anti-mutant society. This boy, David, faces many challenges which usually made him realise with the ways of the world he is in. The main theme of the new is discrimination and it can be seen from the society of Waknuk, Joseph Strorm and the establishing of the book.

The society of Waknuk is trained to follow the laws of God and the 'Definition of Man' for they fear the punishment that they will receive if they do not therefore. This dread has blinded the people of Waknuk, so much so that they are unable to differentiate between right and wrong, loyalty and discrimination.

The Waknukians are discriminating against virtually any form of change, human, family pets and even crops.

Since deviations are highly frowned upon in the society, many deviations are killed or perhaps sent in to the Fringes, in which they are confronted with the wild and have to survive on their own as being a form of punishment. Deviations happen to be robbed of their rights to live a normal life just because with their few physical imperfections. This could be clearly noticed in the case of Spider Man, also known as Gordon Strorm. Gordon Strorm could've been the heir of Waknuk but due to his unusually long arms and legs, having been discriminated and sent to the Fringes, the moment his existence could've recently been way better if he was given the justification to live in Waknuk. The women of Waknuk are usually discriminated if perhaps they have offered birth to 3 deviational children as their husbands will ostracize them. The society decides their faithfulness over humankind and this made them unfavourable against deviants, even though the deviants didn't specially do anything incorrect against the faith. This can become seen the moment David understands that Sophie was grouped as...

... egative features as all of us. They are technologically behind all of us

but their thinking are very a lot like us, in this way that the Waknukians and we perform discriminate people due to their dissimilarities. The author is using the Sealand woman to further enforce this kind of message of discrimination just like be seen through the quote ‘The essential standard of living is living, the essential top quality of living is alter, change can be evolution: and that we are part of it'.

In summary, this novel revolves around the theme of discrimination and how we are actually similar to the characters produced by David Wyndham. Folks are still staying discriminated in our present contemporary society due to their events and faith and in a feeling we are just like Joseph Strorm, if we still discriminate people due to their dissimilarities as it ways that we can't accept transform and that isn't any not the same as Joseph Strorm.

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