The Characteristics In Monster Novels

The "monster" character types in Dracula and Maus talk about similar personalities. Within the first novel, the "monster" is the vampire known as Dracula; he's an extremely greedy and cold-blooded identity. One of is own main goals is to take over England. To reach this goal he must create more "monsters" to help him in this goal. "This is the being I was helping transfer to London wherehe mightcreate a fresh and ever before widening group of semi-demons to batten on the helpless" (Dracula, 60). Both Dracula and the Nazis have a electric power that has the capacity to harm, change, and even control others; Dracula with his brain control and the Nazis using their guns. Their victims are usually someone cannot protect themselves contrary to the enemy. "[H]e is powerful to do much harm and suffers much less we do" (Dracula, 336). In Dracula, the people that Dracula decided to hunt did not have any special powers to stop him; he focuses on mainly women, for example, Lucy and Mina. When he bits them he usually can it in their rest when they are defenseless. Hitler's plan was to eventually take over Europe. He uses his capacity to form the Nazis; he also gives the capacity to control others. The Nazis use their capacity to control people that appeared to be below the "ideal" real human, they typically used this electricity toward the Jews. The Nazis got some character characteristics that were much like Draculas' personality. In Maus, even though the identity of Hitler is not shown in the novel, there are Nazi troops that stand for the "monster" in the novel. One example in Maus about the Nazis use of electric power is that the Nazis had hung four Jews in public. "They've taken four Jews away for coping goods without coupons. " "The Germans intended to make an example out of them!" (Maus I, Spiegelman, 83). This price confirmed how cold-blooded the Nazis were. Instead of issuing a notice or alert, about coping goods, they made a decision to hang not simply one, but four Jewish residents for giving out goods without coupons. The misuse of power to damage the innocent and the desire to rule the land is a common personality that may be seen in the "monsters" the Nazis and Dracula.

#2: Monsters (Result of visitors/characters to them)

These personalities of the "monsters" in both novels have the ability to affect the viewers. But why do they have an effect on the audience? Maybe the novel was well written, maybe the reader has some experience with the occurrences that took place in the novel, or maybe there is a type of "monster" that is able to relate to the audience. "You shall be sorry yet, each one of you! You imagine you have left me without a place to relax; but I have more. My revenge is merely started!" (Dracula, 326) According to Carl Jung, a psychiatrist, there is a emotional term called the "shadow" and it symbolizes the "dark" side of people and their weaknesses. Humans have a tendency to ignore that part of these selves. The shadow is a representation of all negative thoughts and evil thoughts a person contains in their unconscious heads. Once presented with anything that would represent a part of that negative feeling, and that would bring that shadow into our awareness, people would dread that thing. Jung said that another reason humans would respond this way is basically because the shadow is often ignored and declined by people in fear. People do not want to admit that they have evil and mental poison. In the novel Dracula, the villain of the reserve is shown as an extreme of that bad. "[H]e is brute, and more than brute: he's devil in callous, and the heart of him is not; he is able to, within limitations, look at willand he can at times vanish and come mysterious" (Dracula, 252). When in villain that is feared possesses all the characteristics the visitors do not need to acknowledge that is in themselves, that villain can become extremely scary and horrifying, . Another example is within Maus, the Nazis were feared by all Jews even before they really fulfilled them personally, the Jews have read reviews about the Nazis. "It had been many, many such taleseach story worse than the other" (Maus I, 33). Since Maus is an individual recounting of a true report, this made reading the reviews of the Nazis and just how they treat humans in Maus even more horrifying. "Some kids were screaming and screaming. They couldn't stop. So the Germans swinged them by the legs against a walland they never anymore screamed. "(Maus I, 108) Whether people want to confess it or not, humans all have this resting, cheating, and violent area in them that they want to avoid. Once someone fits a personality that can represent the shadow or personality that they are afraid of, they fear that very being.

#3: Monster (Characteristics in Popular Books)

Readers dread these "monsters" because they're in a position to portray the characteristics that the readers may not want to say that exist, either in themselves or in another person. Many authors continue steadily to include this "monster" personality in their works, and a few of these personalities are seen in the "wicked" characters in popular literature that exist today. One example would be in the Harry Potter series. The bad wizard Voldemort is portrayed as a identity of terror. "Imagine that Voldemort's powerful now. . . You're scared for yourself, and your family, and your friends. Every week, news comes of more fatalities, more disappearances, more torturing. . . meanwhile, Muggles are dying too. Terror almost everywhere. . . panic. . . confusion. . . that's how it used to be. " (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Flame, 475). Voldemort focuses on on the vulnerable wizards and humans (Muggles). He needs to rule above the wizarding world. Voldemort gathers followers in his goal to reduce all "mud-bloods and half-bloods" (wizards that got married humans). His cold-blooded-ness is also seen multiple times when he abandons his old name, uses others and when and eliminates innocent people without a second thought. "Voldemort uses people his foes are close to, He's already used you as bait once" (Harry Potter and the Hal-Blood Prince, 646). Like Voldemort, the Nazis in the graphic book Maus used other and that was exactly like in Dracula and in Maus, Voldemort shows similar qualities that both Dracula and the Nazis show.

Similar to Voldemort, Claudius, in Shakespeare's' Play Hamlet is feared and hated by visitors. He is viewed as an bad and sly person that kills his brother so that he may take in the throne and become the ruler of Denmark. He abuses his power to damage others; he even designed to destroy his own nephew and ends up eradicating his brother's wife, Gertrude.

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