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The Change Integrated Resorts Industry Tourism Essay

To find out the change that has been created by integrated resorts like Marina Bay Sands and Resort World Sentosa on Singapore from a tourism perspective

To analyse the change created by built-in resorts like Marina Bay Sands and Hotel World Sentosa on the Singapore economy

To investigate how Integrated Resorts help Singapore compete as a brand with other countries

To know how in a short span of the time since its opening has Marina Bay Sands become the face of Singapore.

To analyse the issues that Integrated resorts are providing to regular hotels.



The admittance of integrated resorts has created no effect on the Singapore hospitality industry.


The entrance of designed resorts has generated a direct effect on the Singapore hospitality industry.



Any country that is emphasising on tourism must focus till a great magnitude on hospitality and on hotels per say. The entire world hotel situation has been changing swiftly and the countries are actually starting to develop a competitive spirit to be able to create a higher brand for themselves as compared to other countries. In Singapore itself the hotel industry has market size folks $ 4, 047. 9 mn. Now with the rise in global tendencies for both gaming and tourism the two sectors have merged mutually and come out as one device. This product known as involved resorts are holding on to the eye of many buyers. Countries across the globe are investing in these assignments.

In the Asian market, designed resorts have already came into areas like Hong-Kong, Macau, Thailand, Bali, Singapore, Vietnam etc. Singapore and the rest of the countries are in strong competition with metropolitan areas like Macau which currently holds the maximum number of built in video gaming resorts. Singapore however is lagging behind with only two involved resorts and it is on par with Vietnam but behind major players like Macau, Cambodia and South Korea.

In the entire year 2010 Singapore came up with two of its integrated resorts which were expected to generate a change in the market circumstance for Singapore in the foreseeable future. These resorts were Marina Bay Sands and Hotel World Sentosa. The reason why for them to come up with these resorts were as follows:-

Since 1991 a change had been detected. Singapore which is a major tourist destination has seen a drop in tourist activities. Where on an average a holiday use to spend 4 days in Singapore before, it had now dropped down to 3days. While other major rivals had not seen the same semester. Like in the case of Hong-Kong that still revealed typically 4 days

Other locations were growing their customer attractions like Kaula Lumpur received the Kaula Lumpur city center and Hong-Kong got Disneyland.

The need to tap the rising middle income community in growing markets such as China and India. With growing levels of disposable income the global tourism rate got also seen a rise.

Thus, the Singapore government made a decision to open two built-in resorts one at the bay sands area and one in Sentosa. For both these resorts they received a whole lot of bids. And finally the bids were narrowed down to Las Vegas Sands company for Marina Bay Sands and Genting group for Vacation resort World Sentosa.

Marina Bay Sands is a luxurious in all its aspects. It involves 2600 hotel rooms, a four floor internet casino, a sky playground consisting of infinity pool, gardens and spa and 250 reaching rooms which can support upto 45, 000 delegates. It also offers of excellent restaurants and top quality stores like Louis Vuitton to Chanel in their floating crystal pavilion. It also has a 200 seater theater and an arts and science museum.

On the other palm, the other integrated vacation resort of Singapore- Vacation resort World Sentosa is more family oriented. It comprises of six hotels- the festive hotel, hard rock hotel, Equarius hotel, Crockfords hotel, hotel Michael and spa villas. All these jointly make upto 1750 rooms. In addition they feature 10 restaurants. In addition, it has a spa, a normal water park, Common studios and getting together with rooms that can hold around 35, 000 people.

With both these resorts government hoped for a rise in purchases and 0. 3% to at least one 1. 8% increase in GDP by 2015. With this a growth in visitor activities was also expected. It had been also expected to improve the job market in Singapore proving more occupations.


The impact of designed resorts once they have been exposed to the vacationers on Singapore is not delved into thoroughly. The resorts have created a name for itself and be the identification point for Singapore in an exceedingly short period of time. Marina Bay Sands is just about the face of Singapore along with the Merlion and Singapore Flyer. Thus, we have chosen this subject as they have further range of research.



The project extensively is one of the hospitality industry's hotel sector. We've further narrowed this issue down to integrated resorts. The essential matter of research is integrated resorts and its own impact on Singapore.

The two built in resorts within Singapore- Marina Bay Sands and Holiday resort World Sentosa, have created a name for itself. They have become major tourist vacation spot and sight-seeing places for both the localities as well as foreigners. These resorts have triumphed in awards and also have become brand icon for Singapore. The factors which may have caused them to create such a big change in the hotel sector of Singapore is what you want to understand. Further you want to understand, at length, the expectations that were levied on this holiday resort and what they have had the opportunity to achieve.

Thus the key concepts that are relevant to this research topic are:-

Introduction of Marina Bay sands and facilities provided because of it:

Marina Bay Sands is one of the most beautiful hotels in Singapore and it is well renowned for all of the facilities that it offers. From a hospitality perspective, these facilities makes the place a very compelling one from the point of view of tourists. Some of these facilities include but are not limited to the Sands Sky Recreation area which is an awe uplifting place that seems as an overall paradise in the sky. Then there are banyan tree spas, team facilities as well as its well-equipped fitness centre. The airports grab and drop service is very convenient for local as well as international travelers. A number of brands make shopping at Marina Bay Sands an experience in itself. Last but not minimal is the light show called 'Think about Full' which is a nice addition to what is already a terrific experience overall.

Introduction of Vacation resort World and facilities provided by it

Business centre

A unique mixture of style and innovation is what describes the Business centre at the Hotel World. The Business centre provides the following amenities

Corporate meetings

Press Conference

Product launches

Inmate meal parties


Swimming world

The free form pool along with beach bar concepts decorated across the lines with the swaying palms provides a top of the line amenity system top notching criteria of ordinary swimming experience in hotels. Additional features like volleyball court docket, vibrant music, and different choices of beverages and cocktails just bring the icing with the cherry.


A 24hr health club with wine glass and mirrored wall brings a captivating change in the feeling of the training. High tech equipment's makes the sensation of gym as fun rather than a task.

Rock shop

For all the rock and roll fans, the hard rock and roll hotel provides strap t-shirts, souvenirs that folks can take back home, caps and pins.

Compass ballroom

With a seating arrangement of 7300 people and 26 conference rooms, the compass ballroom below the within the Hard Rock and roll hotel is diamonds well worth atlanta divorce attorneys way. To get a hotel to allocate such large space limited to entertainment of the customers truly expresses how integration has truly coming into Resort world band of hotels.

Kids Club

Business Executives are not simply the traditional males anymore. Increasingly more females have started occupying space at the top of the particular level in the pyramid. The task of controlling kids and attending business meets have always been difficult for feminine executives or sole fathers.

Gaming zone

State of the artwork gaming zone for game buffs to enjoy and play latest single player games, simulator based video games.


Something that attracts more customers and brings the highest earnings to a hotel is the modern casino. Resort world provides one of the best and the latest structure casino flooring surfaces. As the perception goes "a game will not drive the participant to gamble it is the ambience that pulls them towards table. "

Hotel situation in Singapore before and following the entry of integrated resorts:

As stated before, the admittance of built-in resorts got made a major difference to the vacationer experience at Singapore. The concentrated efforts of the Singapore Tourism Mother board have added a totally new dimension to the industry as a whole. Where initially there used to be single hotels and tourism was stagnant, there is available a boutique of experiences that have magnified the wonder of Singapore. This transformation can be well indicated by the actual fact that the Singapore hotel industry wasn't even afflicted remotely by the global economical crisis.

Economic impact created by built-in resorts

With the opening of the Integrated Resorts in the year 2010, the yearly tourist arrivals hit an all-time high of 11 Million, with even monthly arrivals from January to December recording record highs. As of this moment, the MBS modern casino sees at an average 25000 customers per day, with only a third of them comprising of local people. Singapore managed to rake in 18. 8 Billion Dollars via travel and leisure receipts in the entire year 2010, that was its highest collection in a decade. This is a 49% increase from the previous forecasts, a stupendous climb indeed. These receipts included the holiday bills in the entrance, eating and shopping areas. There's been a rise in guests especially from countries like China, Indonesia and India. To summarize, one may say that the arrival of vacationers has greatly afflicted Singapore and increased its revenues greatly. 60, 000 careers have been created in the involved resorts industry leading to a 1 to 1 1. 5% increase of the gross local product.

Creation of brand image and adding value to Singapore brand

The tourism industry has become a brand alone over time, and has played a crucial role in the development of Singapore. Integrated Resorts have played out a significant role in this technique, as the variety of services that they offer increase making Singapore a huge attraction to travellers around the world. It has become a flourishing cosmopolitan brand that influxes an assortment of folks hailing from a variety of cultures. Singapore can be an enriching an unforgettable destination. As the Singapore Tourism Board puts it, Singapore is becoming an event to call your own.

Challenges they are providing to normal hotels

The term "Integrated Hotel" is becoming popular because the Singaporean Government liberalized their internet casino licenses and indicated that they need more than just a casino. Singapore envisioned integrated resorts with facilities such as hotels, theatres, convention centres, theme parks, museums, retail, and food and drink and a gambling house (MacDonald & Eadington, 2008). The goal was to draw in people to come to Singapore not merely for gambling but also for other leisure travel activities. Hence included resorts such as "Marina Bay Sands and "Sentosa" have caused a revolutionary change having everything under one roof. This has posed issues to the traditional hotels in Singapore as they may have not had the opportunity to create business because of the resorts as customers would like the resorts with everything under one roof. The built-in resorts pose a problem to the 5 personalities in the same price range as these hotels have world class facilities that have contributed to the Singapore Travel and Tourism Industry. That is one of the main reasons because of which not many deluxe hotels are existent especially in Singapore as they know they would not be able to compete to these resorts.

Integrated Resorts have been used from the Holiday resort concept in NEVADA. Las Vegas Sands, the extremely renowned company based in Las Vegas has generated the Marina Bay Sands, hence the architecture, the infinity pool and the sky recreation area are the primary attractions which includes not only helped to improve the number of friends checking out in but also the footfalls in the modern casino, the sky walk area making Singapore one of the attractive travel and leisure spots. It is directly contributing to a large degree to the market. Hence the traditional hotels aren't only in peril in Singapore but around the world and have to set up efforts to contend with the designed resorts tactfully.

Technological innovations which may have entered along with involved resorts

The technological innovations that have made their access via designed resorts have been in the centre of the development of Singapore. These enhancements such as the introduction of fitness centres, night clubs, casinos and restaurants to the traditional hotels have made a major difference. These facilities were very popular even when these were available standalone, but their existence all together has put into the experience as a whole. The visitors have been enticed and they have truly made Singapore their own.


Through our literature review that people have carried out, we found several counter quarrels against the idea of designed resorts. Both these resorts have casinos in them and there have been a group of men and women who were very worried about the implications that could appear. They believed that could cause gaming addictions which in turn could ruin people. Further the occurrence of casinos could cause an increase in crime rates. thus to counter this the casino owners created a guideline where Singapore citizens have to pay $100 for accessibility into the internet casino while for each other customer it is free. It has helped them counter the condition of gambling craving and didn't even raise the crime rates till a great scope.

Another argument that people came across was that with the admittance of integrated resorts traditional hotels will eventually lose its charm. And the authenticity of hotels will be lost. The purpose changes and the original beliefs won't hold true. They did not view it as a fresh age in the hotel business but as a negative change.


The the different parts of this research matter that we have identified up to now include:

Number of tourists

Length of stay of the tourists

Political factors such as the relevant stability existent in the country

Types of tourists

Technological development in the e-commerce sector

Types of facilities available


The literature reviewed ranges from the time period of when the concept of integrated resorts was initialised and the factors that resulted in it to when it was being built and that which was expected from it to the consequences from it. The literature review also comprises the global fads in hotel industry, the travel and leisure statistics and some acts about included resorts generally. The review comprises of all these as they are apt with the study theme and help us gain insights as well as better our understanding. they will give us a base to perform our further research and not do what has already been done.


The design of structure or the format that we will follow while heading ahead with this project is really as follows

Introduction to industry

Introduction to included resorts

Introduction to Marina Bay Sands

Introduction to Vacation resort World Sentosa

Literature review

Survey and questionnaire to vacationer and citizens

Personal interview with management of both resorts

Personal interview with industry experts

Factor evaluation and detailed review on factors

Data compilation and analysis

Regression analysis

Hypothesis testing




The task will primarily be exploratory in nature with extensive review of books and available data followed by specific amount of data collection. However, after which we will move towards descriptive research to obtain additional conclusive results. It is because exploratory research can help us create a solid secondary research background and also help us understand the recently proven and explored data in this topic area. it can help us become more familiar with the region appealing and gain more knowledge on a single. It will help us understand the working of hospitality industry in Singapore that includes a very unique working style and has generated a name for itself with respect to tourism. As well understand the impact that the advantages of built-in resorts caused on this country's overall economy and attractiveness.

With the assistance of descriptive research we are able to achieve certain conclusions on the impact that the built-in resorts is wearing the travel and leisure of Singapore. Most important data collection will be performed here. In this manner we are in a position to get factual data in order to provide proof for our bottom line.


The ways of data collection that people are employing are:-


We are collecting secondary data from various options which involve both libraries as well as online data bases such as EBSCO, Euromonitor and Google Scholar. We are going through previous research paper, released articles, educational articles etc. by using these we've been able to find developments in the hotel industry internationally as well as in Singapore, We now have insights into how involved resorts have impacted not only Singapore however the rest of the world as well. We have even been able to understand why Singapore made a decision to produce the idea of included resorts and the various factors which were considered. We found data's that revealed us what was aimed to be achieved with the help of included resorts and what has been achieved as well. With further extra data collection we hope to find deeper insights into our subject matter as well learn how Marina bay sands became the facial skin of Singapore within such a short period of energy.

The features of this method are:-

It will help us improve our knowledge of the impact built-in resorts advertising on Singapore

It can help us gin insights into this topic

It can help fill out all unnecessary spaces that will arise in our research

It provides us with a base to help expand our research on

The disadvantages of the method will be:-

It is an extremely extensive and frustrating work

Data found is generally not very apt or relevant

Data found can be outdated


With the help of following a interview method we will personally talk with some skillfully developed as well make an effort to get in touch with the staff and management of the two built-in resorts of Singapore- Marina Bay Sands and Holiday resort World Sentosa. We will also Interview a few customers residing at both these hotels, people of travel agencies and a few Singapore residents. With this we try to get first side information on the integrated resorts and Singapore. We will know very well what are the point of views of different people who are afflicted by the advantages of the resorts in order to gather a full proof research on the various impacts created - positive as well as negative.

The benefits of this method are:-

Accuracy level increases

Likely to get more response

Opportunity to judge non-verbal marketing communications as well

Will be able to tap the spontaneous responses.

The disadvantages are:-

Cannot be performed for a huge range of respondents

Can grow to be very costly and time consuming

There may be restrictions in conditions of information revealing and responding from the respondents end


We are going to create questionnaires comprising 10-15 questions which will be distributed amidst tourists and localities to be able to assemble their view point on the appearance of involved resorts in Singapore and its impact on the united states in order to learn how they view this change which includes come up before 5 years.

The features of this technique are:-

Large amount of data can be collected from a whole lot of people within a short span of the time.

Easily quantifiable results

The validity and dependability is retained no subject who conducts it.

The disadvantages are:-

Can lead to the collection of a very large un-manageable amount of data.

Honesty of the respondent can't be determined

A question should be framed in such a way that it is not misinterpreted by others.



The first step is going to be to review the literature that is recently been conducted which is pertinent to our subject matter and which both support and counter our hypothesis. We also want to examine the literature that presents us the negative and positive impacts that designed resorts have on the hospitality industry of Singapore. It has been mentioned in more detail in the 'id of books to be assessed' portion of this proposal.


The data for books review is basically being sourced from National Catalogue of Singapore, other libraries, EBSCO database and Google Scholar. At this step basics will be created for our project and can thus help us create a framework. After which we are collecting data immediately from sources by firmly taking and interacting with individuals associated with admittance of built-in resorts. Further we will also try to gather view factors on how the accessibility has changed the facial skin of hospitality in senses like amenities, technology etc. we will also try to understand from these people what exactly are the changes that have been taking place since the entrance of involved resorts. Then we will try to acquire data from sources from industry specialist to be able to get statistics, figures and figures.


The primary target for interview and questionnaires are going to be to the employees and management of the included resorts, skillfully developed and associates of hospitality industry. However we even want to gather information from general public. This shall include a) tourists and b) Singapore residents.

Tourists - the tourist will be chosen in two parts, customers of the hotel and other

tourists. The respondents in each category will be selected using the cluster

method of sample where people with similar characteristics are grouped jointly.

Singapore Residents - the respondents will be chosen by using cluster examination.

The minimum amount no of respondents that will be taken into account is 70.


December 2012- submission of literature review and review of atleast 20 articles

Jan 2013 - starting of field work and further literature review

Feb 2013 - compilation of interview and questionnaire's

March 2013 - preparation of final file and covering objectives

April 2013 - demonstration and defence of resear


The limitations that are present in the technique are:-

Accessibility to the management of Marina Bay Sands and Resort World Sentosa.

Accessibility to the industry experts

Low understanding of respondents

Likelihood of low response rate

Limited option of literature review


Objectivity from the researcher's perspective. The interviewer and researcher should not be bias about the respondent or the answers provided.

Maintenance of integrity and confidentiality of the data provided by the management and industry experts.

Respect for intellectual property right like patents and copyrights.


There are a variety of methods that can be used in order to handle a detailed data analysis in our proposed task:

Regression modelling

We may use this model to be able to determine a romantic relationship between a dependent and an independent variable. This model has been applied due mainly to the decline in the travel and leisure industry in the years 2005 and 2006. To produce this model, the dependent variable in this case will be the number of holidaymakers coming into Singapore in a particular yr and the independent factors is a variety of factors affecting these vacationers such as the amenities provided, sightseeing locations, and ethnic diversity.

Hypothesis Testing

The null and the alternate hypothesis have been completely stated in the last parts of this proposal. Hypothesis testing will help us determine if the built-in resorts development has played a crucial part in increasing the number of tourists in Singapore.

Factor Analysis

Factor analysis in essence involves combining a variety of factors in order to shorten down the number of factors affecting the tourism industry in Singapore. The Regression analysis can help us analyse the relationship between these factors and the number of visitors, whereas the Factor Examination can help us to identify these factors to begin with. The factors in cases like this is going to be limited to 5 or 6 in order to get a generalized viewpoint. The number of factors may be shortened down from as many as 30, which we will generate from our own knowledge, our most important as well as our secondary research.


We took up this project looking to find a significant change in consumer behaviour and interest made in Singapore as a visitor vacation spot created by both of these brands Marina Bay Sands and Hotel World Sentosa. We consider the concept of an integrated hotel will appeal more to the growing number of upper middle income masses in quickly growing economies like India, Singapore and a great many other Parts of asia. While neighbouring metropolitan areas like Macau, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Thailand have long since committed to contemporary tourist destinations, Singapore has regularly lost floor to these competition due to lack of innovation in the tourism industry. We consider these two built-in resort tasks will put Singapore back on an even playing field using its competing tourist destinations and we hope to establish that through this task. Also, we also believe that the collaboration between your hospitality and video games sector will have a significant effect on the city's economy. The resorts will probably start several new auxiliary business and benefit the country in several indirect ways. We desire to verify how these built-in projects will generate several new employment options and also permit the locals to develop a certain amount of specialized expertise which will make their value expand in the global market. Therefore is expected to increase the countrywide GDP as more work will eventually lead to an increased per-capita income which in turn will improve the quality lifestyle amidst the local people and boost the sense of belonging and create a much better lifestyle.

We also think that this collaboration between your gaming (Casino, General, etc. ) and the hospitality industry will lead to an elevated degree of interest from a wider category of tourists. While so far Singapore was known more for its shopping strategies and tourist places like Orchard road and Bugis block, people will also start perceiving the location as a game playing destination.

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