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The Business School of thought Of Wal Mart Management Essay


This report is mainly a research study about Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (top quality as Walmart), and also contains a comprehensive evaluation for the retail giant.

Firstly, you will see an analysis concerning values and philosophy of business, logistic system, and information technology. Secondly, an external environment assessment will get. It would be mentioned by market segmentation, Porter's Five Pushes Framework, due to business beliefs of Wal-Mart, it could mainly concentrate on the buying vitality and competition of retail industry, there is also one examination regarding PESTLE comes after. From then on, a prospect of future development of Wal-Mart would get. To summary the evaluation above, it is just a SWOT result of Wal-Mart.

In another section, Wal-Mart's technique for China market would be mainly detailed. Because China market will be one part of the most crucial market in Wal-Mart' Asia strategies, the suggestion both on tactical level and business level would be made based on all sorts of evaluation for China market. Finally, you will see a conclusion which will be a brief summation combined all analyzing results and referrals, and it is the end of the report.

SWOT analysis

Values and philosophy

The culture of Wal-Mart is easy but difficult to attain - keep price low to customers everyday, Regarding to Sam Walton's opinion, there is merely one employer: the customer, As a result, Wal-Mart makes the sales, customers' unshakable loyalty, and I discovered a details, which revealed the most essential advertising way of Wal-Mart is the world of mouth area communication of customers but not the standard ways. Furthermore, because of the good deal everyday, the price is quite steady which can help easily anticipate the sales, therefore, the likelihood of sold-out and overstock is reduced. Sam Walton, he advocated thrift, not only his personal life, but also the basic principle he does business. Even he passed away, his soul of questioning the price tag on every single item of costs have been deeply planted in the Wal-Mart, and it became a culture.

Wal-Mart as a significant retail business, recognizes the worthiness of the client is not buying the amount of his time but his life will bring the total spending of goods, including his own relatives and buddies and word of mouth effect. Customer satisfaction and corporate gains there's a linear causal marriage, but also devoted customers and commercial profits a good relationship exists between the. Practice demonstrates, for more than 90% of the organizations, its source of profit for 1 / 10 as a result of the overall customers, 3 / 10 as a result of customer satisfaction, while 6 / 10 brought about by the faithful customers. Therefore, the venture has brought an important revelation, bringing customers the best satisfaction, and then to earn customers.

So, Wal-Mart's service strategy, client satisfaction is the most important strategy. Client satisfaction strategy is easy and that is the need to stand in the position of consumer users, rather than stand on the position of makers and consumers to consider and offer with problems. And this customer first, always put the client first beliefs at the Wal-Mart from procurement to final sales of goods all together.

For after-sales service, Wal-Mart has also done perfectly. Within the Wal-Mart store, a shopping greater than a certain limit, you can benefit from the delivery service. Wal-Mart customers in any store to buy any commodity that may be went back to stores within per month, and get back all the money. Compared, for large shops with Carrefour in Return the report is less than Wal-Mart. Carrefour often adorned the walls of "promotional goods will never be refunded, " the interests of consumers, which do not comply with provisions of the law, even if it is normal product's come back, in the Carrefour also need a number of people signature.

Wal-Mart to provide customers with "top quality services" and "unconditional refund" dedication is in no way nice slogan. In the United States, Wal-Mart not be reluctant to refund plans which will ensure that every customer no fret. Wal-Mart has four refund ideas:

(1) If the client is not a receipt - a giggle to the client earnings or refunds.

(2) If you're uncertain whether Wal-Mart to market such a item - a teeth to the customer earnings or refunds.

(3) If the goods sold in more than a month - smiling, to the customer results or refunds.

(4) In the event that you think that goods have been improperly used - a teeth to the customer comes back or refunds.

Logistic management system

Wal-Mart is the first choice of the retail circulation revolution. Its unique circulation system can greatly reduced costs and accelerated inventory turnover, which is the ultimate way to support its "every day low prices" policy. Wal-Mart to add inventory method is called "combination docking" - "a system where goods arriving on inbound pickup trucks were unloaded and reloaded on outbound pickup trucks without coming into warehouse inventory"(Offer, R. 2008). The non-stop delivery system comprises parts as follows:

An efficient distribution centre - Wal-Mart's suppliers of the various branches of the requests of goods sent to Wal-Mart distribution centre, distribution center is accountable for the completion of the selection of goods, packaging and sorting work. Wal-Mart syndication center with a highly modern mechanical facilities, 85 percent of goods delivered here have implemented mechanical handling, which greatly reduces the price tag on manual handling of goods. At the same time, due to the large number of purchases of goods, so that automated machinery and equipment are fully utilized, the size advantage of the entire show.

Rapid move system - Wal-Mart's electric motor fleet is its delivery system to some other incomparable advantages. In 1996, when Wal-Mart already has the 30 distribution centers, more than 2000 vehicles cargo vehicles, to ensure that any obtain the warehouse to a store no more than 48 hours, compared to other stores with the industry average of once every fourteen days assembly cargo once, Wal-Mart store shelves can guarantee an average of twice a week fill up. Fast delivery, so that all Wal-Mart stores, even only if to maintain nominal inventories can maintain normal sales, leading to substantial cost savings in space for storage and costs. However, as the effective operation of efficient transfer systems, Wal-Mart 85% of goods transport through their own syndication centers, while only 5% of Kmart, the effect is a Wal-Mart's cost of sales is significantly less than the industry average cost of sales 2 % ~ 3%, the entire year Wal-Mart's low-cost strategy to become a sound foundation.

Information technology

Retail sector, especially transnational business teams and large retail string enterprises, raising the amount of modern management rely mainly on the use of high-tech. Information gathering and dissemination, sales data, category management, inventory and goods inventory, supply chain management, depend on high-tech electronic digital technology can be completed effectively.

One of the main logistic helps is its information technology support. It's advanced satellite communications network - Wal-Mart heavily in creating a satellite communications network to provide the machine more perfect. The use of this system, so that syndication centers, suppliers, and each branch can be developed for each connection point of deal operations, can be completed in simply a matter of time "to complete orders - requests for the various branches Summary - Submit Order" the complete process, greatly increased the operating efficiency and reliability.

Human Tool Management

Wal-Mart relationship with employees is a genuine sense of collaboration, peer relationships. This is actually the company's spectacular performance in the face of competition can be one of the reason why.

You mention the "associates, " There's a story. The business founder Sam Walton in a holiday with his wife Helen to the Great britain trip, half-way out Weiss went to the business a shop - J W Lewis Collaboration stores. The store, he saw an indicator above lists the titles of all staff colleagues, which kept a profound impression on him. Back to the company, Mr. Sam, after the very first thing is to change Wal-Mart employees in all referred to as "affiliates" of. Indeed, the "employee", "associates" It's two words there's a great difference. "Employee" identifies people who help another person; "peer" refers to exactly like the allies to forge partnerships.

Wal-Mart employees in the establishment of identical partnership, this is merely the beginning of creativity. Soon each employee for Wal-Mart started out to put into practice its "profit-sharing plan, " while execution were "buy stock ideas, " "Employee Discount provides, " "Scholarship Program" and so forth. Furthermore to these, personnel also enjoy a few of the essential treatment, including paid vacation, holidays, grants or loans, medical, personal and enclosure insurance. A few of these plans reveal the economic partnership, plans are to check out each one, Mr. Sam said, "true collaboration" and developed this relationship means a frank romantic relationship, so that each one involved in those people who have end up being the winners, which makes Wal-Mart's attractive enough.

The company's "profit-sharing plan" provides: Any one to join Wal-Mart is several year and in the entire year for at least 1, 000 hours of employees, meet the criteria to participate in "profit-sharing plan. " Used in the profit development the business produced based on a solution, one from each eligible to participate in the wages of employees to allocate a certain percentage into the structure.

"Buy stock programs" can make it easier for employees to handle stock investment and benefit from. Require their employees to opt to pay in their own detention of a set amount every time, or one-time repayment to buy the stock; also be acceptable provided funding to get stocks of its employees may be subject to subsidy equivalent to the quantity of 15%. Any reach the age of bulk in their condition of full-time personnel or staff utilized by the maximum season are eligible to participate in the program.

According to the "employee discount rule", personnel, personnel spouses and their dependents who, in the Wal-Mart stores, Wal-Mart shopping plaza, and Wal-Mart's U. S. stores HyperMart shopping, and many varieties of normal price of goods can play a 10% discount.

For those who work more than one yr in Wal-Mart employees, Walton Foundation to the children they are going to provide scholarships to high school graduation. Upcoming high school graduation, while doing work for Wal-Mart, or not yet eligible for scholarships provided by the Walton Base, the staff will be helped.

Employees at the Wal-Mart's inspired contribution to the their own strength. They make ideas to spend less and design ingenuity of the goods on screen, but also invented a flexible sales advertising. Wal-Mart to pay an employee found that home delivery services can be touring the same from the original road of the Wal-Mart vehicles to replace it with the proposed Wal-Mart's expenditure every year for more than one million U. S. us dollars. A worker on the cash stream of income and costs rationalization tips at an twelve-monthly cost savings greater than 9000 U. S. us dollars.

This is the reason why Wal-Mart has such a solid cohesion of the reason why.


Political factors

U. S

Economic factors

Social factors

Technological factors

Five Power Analysis

Industry rivalry

Threat of entry

Threat of substitutes

Threat of suppliers

Buyer power

SWOT results


The beliefs of business and organisation culture - low price every day.

Solid financial strength.

Gain advantages from its logistic management system.

A high degree of information technology trying to get its entire business.

Unbeatable cost advantages.

High quality of services.

Strong negotiation ability with suppliers to get lower purchasing price.

High customer commitment due to its low price plan.


Wal-Mart is one international company; however its main market is still within U. S, its oversea market talk about is not reasonable, for example, it encountered ALDI and Carrefour in Europe and experienced big damage.

Although it acquired ASDA in UK and it seems the sole success in European countries market, ASDA still need to handle a lot of other UK shop giants like Tesco and Sainsbury.

The record of oversea development is quite brief.

Wal-Mart only covers a few countries on the planet.


Oversea market continues to be the priority concern for Wal-Mart, like China (get more area coverage), East European countries, and South Africa.

If Wal-Mart can understand the characteristics of administration regulars and market jogging situation of potential market, it would be ideal for Wal-Mart to enter into new market.


All industries suffered from the financial criss and recession.

Wal-Mart is the No. 1 Store in the world, which means all the retailers are its challengers.

Wal-Mart's leading position would power other vendors form alliances, which would make Wal-Mart new intimidating rivals.

Wal-Mart encountered more and more critics concerning its squeezing employees and suppliers

Market in China

From the theoretical viewpoint, Wal-Mart sales in China seems to be successful. However, we can not disregard a fatal problem, as the world's best-performing companies, Wal-Mart in China, hasn't been profitable! Considering Wal-Mart stores in China, the genuine operation, only one 1 billion in sales. Wal-Mart in the Chinese market has started to lag. Wal-Mart in China today, from the plight of half a ten years ago to enter in the ill-considered strategy of China, and 50 percent also comes from Wal-Mart's marketing of its traditional over-reliance on the concept of lack of work, leading to the execution of the localization process is not enough completely, resulting in a group of problems.

(A) "encircling the cities from a" strategic failure

Since 1962, Sam Walton in Rogers, Arkansas City, Wal-Mart exposed its first division store since Wal-Mart has gone to enough time fierce competition in the best metropolitan areas, take the "development of small cities line", which in the United States Proven marketing strategy in China has frequently thwarted. Although the amount of China's non-urban population, but the larger cities, economical underdevelopment, low purchasing electricity of townships developed countries is simply two concepts. Wal-Mart to wait until re-occupation of cities you want to go back to the marketplace, the big half the country is definitely right out of the big locations, and are familiar with the operation of city marketing, Carrefour and other partition.

(B) "parity strategy" can not be achieved in China

Wal-Mart has always pursued the "Every Day GOOD DEAL" strategy in China, fulfilled with "Chinese-style low-cost, " when the price of its price edge became a drawback.

China's retail industry developed, weighed against america to a higher amount of its competition. First, the Chinese hypermarkets to traditional shops from the professional, from the alley in to the early morning roadside tuck shops inside the gathering day and had formed a three-dimensional routine of competition. Second of all, the Chinese language people's shopping habits different from People in the usa. Americans are being used to a one-time purchase one or two weeks of food and products, and the Chinese language people are used to how much to choose the amount of fresh is way better, the common consumer is go directly to the market, where you can purchase the freshest fruit and vegetables and meats, prices can be very cheap. However, Wal-Mart, is absolutely not so fresh and cheap Meats products.

(C) "Profitable the logistics system" cannot be founded in China

Wal-Mart is using satellites to aid the backdrop information control system, the system will be manufacturers, logistics providers and other fully integrated into their own information under its control. A product from the manufacturing plant to the shelves, the average time control in 5 to seven days, while the opponents usually have to spend 30 days. That is before all rivals Wal-Mart's central competitiveness. However in China, the satellite would not do much, insurance plan constraints make it impossible to share the global procurement systems, global logistics system. China's business environment constraints of the Wal-Mart this benefits into full play.


First, understand the Chinese market and make the appropriate changes to Successful experience in European countries and america is not entirely suitable for the Chinese language market. Although Wal-Mart in logistics management, global procurement, information technology, etc. , with an advanced experience, but in the grasp of the marketplace still lacks a lot of Wal-Mart. Through research, the study of Chinese language market environment, comprehensive analysis and research of various areas (especially in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing respectively represent the various consuming districts) consumer spending patterns, to find satisfaction for consumers shopping service entry way, to re-positioning, dividing their target consumer groups, based on the needs of concentrate on consumer groups, altering product framework and business strategy, in support of so, Wal-Mart be able to truly recognize that they may have shouted for a long time, "localization", was able to compete extreme competition in the retail market foothold.

Second, to attain localization of management

Should be localized for the transformation of consumers, it was essential to little by little realize the localization of mature management. Only the localization of management, have the ability to understand how to effectively to local customer service, we won't take "American Color" spectacles to look at China's market environment. At the moment, the build up of ability in China, already has a higher level of management capacities in Asia, while also other Parts of asia such as Japan, Singapore, the marketplace environment than in Europe and america has a far more profound knowledge of the manager. Increasingly more international companies choose China or Hong Kong and Taiwan, Leader of Asia, the manager, the reason it is.

Third, increase community shop in the building, lowering the development of member stores.


Grant, R. (2008), Contemporary Strategic Evaluation: Ideas, techniques and applications (6th edition), Blackwell Publishing

Grant, R. , (2008b), Instances in Modern day Strategy Evaluation, (6th model), Blackwell Publishing

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