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The Business Strategy Game: A Reflection

The Business Strategy Game is a practical learning exercise that gives The Students valuable decision-making practice and develop power of business common sense. The Strategy Business Game learned all aspects such as creation, distribution, sales forecasting, finance, marketing, superstar endorsements, private label procedures, corporate and business citizenship and finally internet marketing.

Every students discovered to makes decisions in their particular companies which is published before a deadline in which the game "turns" one year. Another financial yr shows who may have met investor expectations or who's plainly the most profitable on the market.

The Business Strategy Game is challenging exercise where students are split into teams and allocated the duty of operating an athletic boots company in head-to-head competition against companies maintained by other students. Company businesses parallel those of genuine athletic shoes or boots companies. Just as in the real-world, companies contend in a global market arena.

The students learned to make decisions associated with plant operations, distribution and warehouse operations, work force compensation, online sales at the company's site, sales and marketing, and funding. The challenge is to create and execute a competitive strategy that results in a well known brand image, continues your organization in contention for global market management, and produces good financial performance as measured by income per share, profits on return, stock price appreciation, and credit history.

All areas of The Business Strategy Game parallel the performing of the real-world athletic footwear market, thus allowing me to believe rationally and logically in deciding what to do and get valuable practice in making a number of different business decisions under circumstances that mirror real-world competitive conditions.

The challenge for each and every company's management team is to build and implement a competitive strategy that results in a respectable brand image, maintains their company in contention for global market authority, and produces good financial performance.

All companies get started the exercise on a single footing from a worldwide perspective-with similar sales amount, global market show, revenues, revenue, costs, product quality and performance, brand popularity, and so on. The Students have vast strategic latitude in staking out market position and enhancing their performance. They can

Employ a low-cost leadership strategy and go after a competitive gain keyed to presenting lower costs and advertising at lower prices than rivals.

Employ a differentiation strategy that sets their company's shoes aside from rival brands based on such characteristics as an increased ranking, more models/styles to select from, and such marketing attributes as more advertising, better celebrity appeal, or higher mail-in rebates.

Employ a more value your money can buy strategy (providing good quality sneakers at lower prices than other good quality brands) where a company's competitive advantage is an ability to incorporate attractive attributes better value than rivals.

Focus strategic efforts on being the clear market head in one or even more market segments-wholesale sales to sneakers retailers or Internet sales or private-label boots manufacture for string retailers.

Focus strategic attempts using one or two geographic locations (instead of competing in every parts).

Companies have a complete selection of competitive strategy options - low-cost control, differentiation, best-cost service provider, concentrated low-cost, and centered differentiation. The students can follow basically the same strategy worldwide or craft slightly or very different strategies for the Europe-Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and THE UNITED STATES markets. They can make an effort to gain an advantage over rivals with more advertising or a wider selection of models or more interesting styling/quality or bigger rebates or securing more appealing celebrity endorsements, and so forth. They can adjust their focus on selling their branded shoes through footwear vendors or at the business's Web site. They can place pretty much emphasis on receiving bids to produce private-label shoes for chain suppliers.

There's no built-in bias favoring anybody strategy, no "secret" to being the industry head, and no "magic bullet" strategy that Students are challenged to find in endeavoring to out-compete their rivals. Which strategies wrap up providing the best performance in virtually any given group of rival companies that are rivalling head-to-head always hinge on the interplay and competitiveness of strategies that the rival companies are utilizing. Most any well-conceived, well-executed strategy and competitive strategy is with the capacity of succeeding, provided it isn't overpowered by the strategies of rivals or defeated by the existence of too many copycat strategies that dilute its efficiency.

All areas of The Business Strategy Game tightly mirror the competitive working of the real-world athletic footwear market. Cause-effect associations and revenue-cost-profit interactions are based on audio business and economic guidelines. Everything about the company and industry environment has been made as sensible as possible in order to provide company co-managers with a close-to-real-life managerial experience where they can apply what they've discovered in business university, logically decide how to proceed, and in any other case practice being businesslike.

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