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The Business Of International Travel Company Thomas Cook Business Essay

If one looks up the most well-known names in travel, he is sure to come across Thomas Cook. 1841 marked the inception of the international travel company. Gradually growing from humble settings Cook developed original company dedicated to making the whole world accessible for Britons. Today Thomas Cook is a very big name with several brands under it. It has an airline by the name Thomas Cook Airlines equipped with 44 aircrafts which fly worldwide. They have a number of financial services as well which include Thomas Cook's passport and charge card.

The current form of Thomas Cook is the consequence of a merger which occurred between Thomas Cook and My Travel. The business is working and controlling all its procedures to stay on the top.

Thomas cook works in various areas, including UK and Ireland, continental Europe, northern Europe, THE UNITED STATES and Germany. By far the most number of passengers are catered are in Continental Europe and the count reaches up to 7. 5 million.

Thomas Cook Group has a portfolio packed with travel brands that are leading the marketplace currently. Thomas Cook strives hard on offering the most optimum quality products and services with their stakeholder. They never allow shareholder value to diminish.


As all the leading organizations understand the value of the customers so does Thomas Cook and hence they constantly look for the feedback from other customers after they have availed their services. You will find questionnaires and all the sorts of feedback techniques that facilitate the analysis of each individual service that they provide. Then accordingly they make the improvements and the changes necessary.


With a very vast experience Thomas Cook is the excelling brand in travel. If you are looking reliability, overall flexibility and affordability, Thomas Cook is the company you are interested in. What's the factor which makes them unbeatable? It finally comes down to the individuals who work for the business. Thomas Cook has over 34, 000 employees worldwide, which organization knows choosing the best and then retain them.


Investors are the one of the primary asset that the any organization relishes besides good customers. Thomas Cook has its set of loyal investors and to keep them happy it ensures open communication with all the current shareholders. This exchange of concerns is performed in a investor relations framework and is also a very structured one in order to leave no room for mistakes. You can find formal presentations held to see them of the financial conditions annually and quarterly, different sorts of trading statement. There's also other more regular meetings between your top management and the investors.

The product:

If the core product of the business works well that becomes the foundation because of its success. Hence Thomas Cook invests lots of time and resources to ensure that everything goes right.

Making the right product is the key element that increases the value for customers as well. For this function Thomas Cook has made a specialized team which has the sole purpose of assuring the product quality and monitoring product performance and keeps all the managers updated with regard to any potential problem.

The cardinal measures that the business adopts are

Punctuality, ensuring flights are promptly.

Information handling

Taking customer services very seriously in order to minimize the amount of complaints

The questionnaires filled by customer, getting them catered from a third party.

Thomas Cook's Code of Conduct:

Thomas cook has a strong set of values. There is a set of five values that all the employees share and it defines what the business means and it operates. These five values hold great importance for everyone that works in Thomas Cook because the employees believe that it is their persistence with these values which is creating their maintained success. In addition, it facilitates their effective customer services which of course can make or kill any organization. They have got a fascinating way of discussing these values. It is said once you follow these values, you will be PROUD to put up your Thomas Cook badge.

The five PROUD values are:

Pioneering our future; In Thomas Cook the culture that is encouraged is of improvement. Nobody should fear dealing with ownership and enhancing every opportunity that is thrown their way. Learning from their past mistakes and making the near future most profitable is also one of these virtue. At Thomas Cook employees think that they can not stay stagnant, they have to keep innovating to remain one stay one step ahead of all the copy cats.

Results orientated; The success of any organization or individual as a matter of fact depends after the achievement of the preset goals and aims. So is the notion embraced by Thomas Cook, it becomes the driving force for attaining their goals, working for betterment and raising the stakes each and every time. Flexibility is a virtue that is encouraged and taking responsibility is greatly appreciated.

Obsessed with customer service:

"Customer is the king", this rule is incorporated atlanta divorce attorneys company's mission statement. When you are catering to the masses and are depending about them for your revenues, it will be very dumb to not give due importance, respect to them. Thomas cook is often working on making their service better. Their main focus is their customers and hence they take their feedback very seriously, readily solving the issues that the clients run into. Thomas cook tries to ensure such standards of service which will make the customers keep coming back.

United as one team; companies who've no harmony get ripped apart in no time. Team has an extremely significant meaning, Together Everyone Achieves More. At Thomas Cook everyone has clear perspectives on the team work. For the kids it is approximately having the ability to communicate effectively, giving the other person the boost as they are moving to the same goal, respecting each other's views and ideas. Jealousy and bullying will be the demerits that eat up a progressive organization.

Driving robust decisions; one bad decision at the worst time can change an organization ugly, on the other hand if an astute decision is thought of and is executed at the right time can transform the whole situation for the organization for good. For Thomas Cook employees understand they have to be objective, scour all your options and then coming up with the best choice. Picking the most easy and safe option could easily get you through for some years but in this competitive world you have to constantly be on his toes to sustain. The bigger the chance, the better is the effect.

Thomas Cook also believes in concepts like Diversity, Equal Employment Opportunity, and protected class and so forth so forth. It spent some time working on a system that assures the efficient inculcation of such norms.

In Thomas Cook the range of dimensions making a distinction in people is known as to be a secured asset. Normally that will not happen. Companies readily fall victim to notions like glass ceiling, glass walls and reverse discrimination.

But Thomas Cook endorses and promotes the diversity that its people generate. To not fall victim to certain discriminatory policies it offers adopted a staunch management and efficient policies that would ease and ensure their support for all their employees.

Thomas cook acclaims to own treated everyone fairly so far by basing their evaluation on solely individual virtues and functions considered against the business needs. They have got created alone an ideal system, and to keep every thing running smooth strict actions are taken against any type of discrimination that arises due to factors like nationality, ethnicity, sexual origin, age, religious beliefs, race color or any sort of physical disability.

Not only does Thomas Cook provide equal occupations for everyone but it helps its existing and potential employees in every possible ways. The main asset that they flaunt for Thomas Cook is their hard working employees.

Firstly anyone can make an application for any job in Thomas Cook if he/she is qualified. There is absolutely no discrimination is the recruiting process. Once a prospect is taken aboard he/she is trained for seven days, polishing their skills and they are off to work. After the contract has ended, Thomas Cook does not dispose off his loyal employees. They find ways to keep the talent within the business by changing their positions and other means.

Thomas Cook values loyalty by employees and customers. There is a culture of deep trust among all the employees, and this trust is used in customer which adds to their loyalty.

Privacy policy:

In this present era when internet has become equally essential as breathing for us, we don't care what information we are giving up. Regardless of how personal it is, we believe that it is not obvious by other and even if it's so what. Some websites sell your information to organizations like CSI and so forth as well. But we don't realize the price that people purchase all the free information that people are getting with just one click is jeopardizing our identity. For Thomas Cook it is of grave importance that the clients information is not leaked anywhere. One part of the imparted trust is reflected in this privacy policy as well.

Also Thomas Cook will not discriminate against ex offenders. If the individual comes clean with his crime in earlier stages of the recruitment process, he will not be necessarily barred from employed in the business. Policy Statement on the Recruitment of Ex-Offenders is provided by the company. And the individual is then evaluated on the positioning he is deciding on and the type of the offence he has committed and then coming with the best for the company as well as the candidate.

But to be looked at the interested applicant should be straight to the company with regard to his crime record. Company has a strict policy of withdrawing anybody who tries to cover up this fact. At the same time it assures fair treatment to all or any.


Code of conduct helps organizations using their recognition. Every company has it own way of dealing with its code of conduct. Some succeed in finding their plus some fail.

To conclude it all Thomas Cook has a solid code of conduct. It offers some conspicuous group of rules and procedures so it follows. From this persistence the culture that evolves brings about success completely. The business works for the benefit for its stakeholders and cherishes the trust, loyalty they get in return.

Thomas Cook's Corporate Social Responsibility:

CSR is a crucial element for just about any organization. It augments to the goodwill of the business. The conventional definition of CSR would a type of corporate self initiation inculcated in a business model, but Thomas Cook has its own definition. To them CSR is working towards the purpose of curtailing the negative and adding to their positive carbon footprint in reference to social, environmental and the economical factors. This they believe can ensure an expert longed existence of their business and the resources they are really determined by.

They produce an intensive CSR team, which works around the clock to ensure that they come up with some strategies that facilitate their objective of making a difference in this world.

The sustainability team is the main one who takes the aim of administrating and conveying the consequences of their social and environmental actions. This is the team that has to incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility to their routine business culture.

Thomas Cooks CSR structure:

As pressed after over and over CSR is a very cardinal concern for the board. It isn't only a random body put only in papers to gain goodwill. They have an effective structure, an effective committee called Health, safety and environmental committee headed by Roger Burnell, which will keep an eye on all the operating companies. This committee is likely for monitoring the risks related to environment, forming and implying policies as well.

There have been many changes in the structure of the business down the road to ensure effective and efficient administration of health and wellbeing of customer as well as the employees.

Thomas Cooks CSR partners:

To enhance the efficiency and impact of CSR there are several number of partners that Thomas Cook works together with.

The travel foundation:

Thomas Cook is dealing with a charity called Travel Foundation to help discover useful ways to build up and apply liable travel. This activity is helping Thomas Cook sticking to new responsible policies.

Enable holidays:

They have been around in partnership with Enable Holidays and became the cardinal tour operator to market holidays to people with impaired mobility. Enable Holidays is an organization which works to facilitate the travel wheelchair user and their surroundings. As Thomas Cook is a pioneer in the travel industry so that it is taking this opportunity to help.


Also in relation with WRAP which helps Thomas Cook with the recycling of paper.

Expanding your horizon:

Even if the company is working very effectively on CSR all the goals cannot be achieved minus the help from stakeholders. If the business is very staunch with values like CSR it can certainly transfer these to customers, employees and suppliers. Sometimes unexpectedly it is these other elements that make the most if the impact.

At Thomas Cook much effort is pressed after updating the employees about CSR, exactly why is it needed for the society and for the business. By making them realize the crucial importance the clients also participate. Thomas Cook also informs them means of how they can contribute.

Also Thomas Cook incorporates supply chain in their CSR as well. For this function they use suppliers to attain the maintenance standards crucial for industry's long lasting success and future.

Thomas Cook believes that the social and the environmental impacts are related to the places they serve in and the suppliers that they cater to in those areas. Among these the most crucial are the ones which make available accommodations.

The organization supplies the suppliers with all the information needed. It creates sure to impart education on maintenance and endorse their usage of Travelife Sustainability System (one stop online resources for travel businesses.

From the very beginning Thomas Cook has been dealing with FTO to build up a supply chain management scheme that assures the business that their suppliers are well equipped with health, safety and environmental standards that are relative to company's policies.


After all this discussion we reach the final outcome that Corporate Social Responsibility can be an element that no organization can afford to ignore. All companies strive hard to enhance their corporate social responsibility teams to be able to excel in it.

Thomas Cook also realizes the importance of giving something back to the society and the environment. It includes taken many steps from its inception and is still working on it. That is a two way thing; similarly Thomas Cook solves corporate social responsibility issues internally. And on the other hand it depends upon collaborations with others, fund raisers, charities.


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