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The Engineering Of A RESIDENCE Or Buildings Building Essay

In this modern world an contractors faces a lot of obstacles in the engineering of a house or properties to compete the world in the form that steps to make today's house or building which is environment friendly, energy conservation and low priced etc, such type of problems adding pressure on contractors more recently.

Because of the growing cost of the material which can be used in traditional structure methods which are unlikely to meet up with the requirements for future improvements. That's why increasingly more builders or custom made are actually understand the benefits of the development of modern material which can be gradually found in the buildings now a day's.

Housing associations are actually encouraging the cover corporation to make use of the modern means of engineering known as modern ways of construction when building new developments. This policy is the result of the Government's response to lots of drivers which may have led to what it perceives to be always a crisis in enclosure supply.

In areas of growth, house development in the private sector has tended to give attention to the development of traditional homes - either semi-separate family homes or much larger separate exec homes. These private sector dwellings are beyond the reach of all first time potential buyers, particularly key-workers in comparatively low-paid careers in the public sector. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is looking to housing associations to give dwellings for individuals who can't afford to buy the house. The Casing Corporation is the key agency regulating

The Housing Organization is the main element company regulating delivery of casing in the communal property sector. They assist with delivery of plan via grants awarded through the Approved Development Program (ADP). A percentage of the ADP has been ring-fenced (The Challenge Fund) for the delivery of new homes quickly and cost effectively, in areas of high demand as well as stimulating a step change in source by encouraging innovative forms of engineering.

In the facial skin of the support from politics and regulatory government bodies to make increased use of modern methods, lots of stakeholders remain doubtful about modern methods of construction for a few of reasons. Regarding housing associations you can find doubt about if modern methods have the ability to deliver energy efficient homes at good sensible prices. This pamphlet aims to demonstrate that homes that cross the requirements of creating regulations in sense of their materials efficiency can be built cost-effectively.


Structural insulated composite sections are one of the very most satisfying technologies in the building industry. Were only available in the years of 1940s when the new sandwich design idea was made, where there have been two wooden materials and a different factor between them making maximum strength to the framework.


As mentioned earlier, the SIP has an insulated framework between two real wood boards. This most commonly used materials are broadened polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS) or rigid reboundable foam.


Figure : STRUCTURAL INSULATED PANELSOther materials can be used for example, material, aluminium, stainless, fibre-reinforced plastic, and magnesium oxide. http://www. wbs-ltd. co. uk/images/photos/newbuild_mmc_sips1a. gif


the composition is more Tougher and more powerful due to the sandwich design of the material

More insulated than the materials

Less functioning cost and can be used almost everywhere for eg. Roof, floor, surfaces etc.


The creation and the development may take some time

Expensive developing cost

Have to avoid the composite from moister and keep it ventilated

The materials creeps over time

Figure : VOLUMETRIC CONSTRUCTIONVOLUMETRIC CONSTRUCTIONhttp://www. scrapbookscrapbook. com/DAC-ART/images/hoodsinside. jpg

The volumetric engineering is also, known as the modular development. This kind of construction is mostly used at places where in fact the employer cannot manage waste time and materials for e. g. a active road, a hospital etc.


The building components are created and processed and are stacked onto well prepared foundations to form dwelling. The materials used to make the components include light gauge steel frame, timber shape, concrete and composites.


Saves time and also the labour cost.

Can decrease the waste significantly made during structure and also comparatively the least among other development methods

It is the most effective when using equivalent units as it is the same common development series used.

Improved quality set alongside the other development methods


Setting up a making and production collection is actually a major concern concern when contemplating cost

Transporting could be expensive depending upon the size of components

Also, installations and other factors would impact the construction personnel if the components are heavy or sophisticated structure and have to be perfectly installed


The steel shape development is usually used for making bigger structures like building, sky scrapers etc because of its sturdiness and toughness. The SFC is one of the very most efficient structure methods designed to use metal beams, T molded and I designed beams as to resist the strains.


Figure : Metal Structure CONSTRUCTIONOakridge, a development of 299 dwellings for Sentinel Housing Group, utilised light gauge steel frame panellised structure for the first two phases. The homes, constructed from steel frames created by Ayrshire Material Framing, talk about standardised designs - visual variety was achieved externally by including a number of physical features (such as bays, dormers and balconies) plus a variety of coatings (different coloured renders, brick and timber cladding). Dormers and balconies were also prefabricated in cup reinforced vinyl (GRP). http://www. airport-technology. com/projects/raleighdurham/images/7-frame-construction. jpg

2. Benefits of Steel Frame Engineering:

They can build very high and large

They are light-weight and strong

They are easy to repair or assemble

They are appropriate and predictable

3. Drawbacks of Steel Framework Construction:

Steel can be an expensive material Casings are unstable

These types of structures needs open fire protection

They needs independent "skin"


Figure : TIMBER Shape CONSTRUCTIONTimber frame is a modern method of structure that provides an important high-quality answer to the many property and construction difficulties facing the united kingdom. Among the leading modern methods of construction, timber body has grown constantly year on calendar year. It's seen as a means of achieving good quality, lowering time put in on-site, increasing protection and overcoming skills shortages in the industry, and can play an essential role in the forming of homes in ecological areas by 2016. http://www. lizmale. co. uk/uploadFiles/mciFiles/Timber_frame_construction1. jpg


Wood is the only real green commercial building materials and as a way of structure is effectively carbon natural. When you use timber structure you're actively assisting to reduce the possessions of global warming. Further better by its low embodied energy and excellent insulation properties, it means happy customers with lower heating up bills and a good future for the earth.

Advantages of Timber Structure Construction

In timber framework construction needs little bit of labour.

It can be seen that the benefit in terms of your time conserving on site manifests itself as a saving in structure risk.

Timber frame structure is environment friendly however the environmental benefits of timber frame structure are reduced when timber is brought in from sources outside non local and requiring substantial fuel ingestion in transportation.

Disadvantages of Timber Shape Construction

Apparently problems with timber frame construction in the housing marketplace from each customers and local establishment would include a perceived huge risk of fire, issue of audio lessening in a timber framework and the impact such a framework might have on the security of the end user.

Basingstoke timber structure engineering site fire

Figure : Structure FIRE

Timber frames were created and manufactured to small tolerance and require accurate environment and other adjacent construction such as chimneys, rising walls and block construction. Because of this, these works need to be set out with a good degree of accuracy.

Panels should be stacked on a set surface so that warping or buckling will not happen. Proper on-site methods and skill of deliveries can address this subject.

Where real estate is proposed in areas at threat of flooding, the prepared construction methods carried out have to be reviewed in order to measure the possible risks or implications should flooding happen.


Figure : OFFLINE CONSTRUCTIONBrick is a timeless, classic building material. The Chinese, and Egyptians grasped the value of the simplest of rectangular solids over three thousand years back. Brick constructions still stand which were already ancient at the time of Christ. Invented in antiquity, brick remains the one exterior building material with a human being scale, abundant variegated colorings, and flexibility useful. Modern man has crafted building materials from concrete, cheap, glass and steel, but none approach this unique primary product. http://www. chemexfranchises. co. uk/anglesey/images/construction. jpg


The brick making process is unchanged from primitive times in its necessary elements. Today's brick plant bears out the same functions that a Babylonian craftsman once performed. That craftsman mortar and sand, blended both with water to form a adaptable clay mass or clot, shaped the clot in a solid wood mould, dried the renewable, unfired brick in sunlight, baked it to practically 2000 certifications, and cooled the now permanent brick, which then went to the mason to be laid in mortar to become part of a temple, Great Wall structure, or simple home.

Figure : BRICK AND MORTAR CONSTRUCTIONAdvantages of Brick and Mortar constructionhttp://www. bandwbuilders. co. uk/ImageHandler. ashx?UploadedFile=true&image=~/App_Data/UserImages/Image/11125%20100910%20001. jpg

The bricks surfaces protects the residences from noises that's originates from outside.

Bricks are beautiful when we go directly to the domestic area we can compare the beauty of brick framework to the other structural work like material, lumber etc.

Brick buildings are easy to maintain and there is nearly no cost to keep up the exterior associated with an all brick home.

Bricks won't lose and in those devastating situations where a fire occurs it will definitely not fuel the situation.

Disadvantages of Brick and MORTOAR CONSTRUCTION

The one main drawback of bricks and mortar is the high cost of both materials and labour.

Bricks and mortar construction is much sturdier than wooden homes as a result of width, hardness and weight of the materials used to construct the home

bricks and mortar engineering is very old traditional development.


For this construction, the writer supposes that the metallic frame building would be the best possible way to develop the structure. As the key matter is time efficiency it would be quicker and simpler to install the steel frame structure and to complete the work on time.

Talking in terms of cost efficiency and dependability, in the metallic frame structure has to be compromised in another of both factors. The demand of the kind of framework is to be challenging and reliable and therefore have to invest some money on the processing of the metal structures and also keeping the product quality under consideration.

The manufacturing cost and the travelling cost will be the only concern issues for the company while the labour cost would be comparatively less. As the metallic casings could be easily constructed and fixed.

Architecting on the building would be easier and also it would give a flexibility to the architect to design his particular engineering as the steel frame could be manufactures in almost any possible way.



Time efficiency

Structural reliability

Environmental friendly



Expensive developing cost and nominal labour cost





Volumetric construction

Expensive making and labour cost





Timber frame construction

Nominal cost





Brick and Mortar construction

Least amidst all the methods





Steel Structure Construction

Expensive making cost but cheap labour cost







The plan starts by taking the structure under consideration. Keeping the restrictions, constrains and the down sides in mind. The Architecting Part occurs following the cost estimation and the legislations have been considered.

The planning process is a period taking process as it can help in knowing all most everything which is to be used in the building and the quantity of materials which have to be ordered or manufactured.


The execution starts by evacuating the region and excavating to produce a basis for the building. The foundations build comprises of cement, which is a common process for all your construction.

During the initial structure, the skeleton of the structure is build by the steel frame structure method. The material frame construction assists with supplying the toughness to the structure and also, the liberty to building almost any sort of structural condition.

The concern issues for metal frame composition are as follows:

Time hold off in processing and transportation

Waste parts could influence the expected budget


The method suitable with the steel frame framework is the SIPS. The Structural insulated sections can be utilized in making roofs, floor as well as the walls. The consistency and the strength of the blend of the set ups would enhance the life and the toughness of the building.

Concern issues because of this kind of building method are:

Weather: it could be a serious issue and could delay the task plan, which means construction plan must be well organised and executed.

Labour cost : these types of structure methods have nominal labour cost but since it is just a combination of two types of engineering methods, the labour demand could be higher

Lastly, legislation: the legislations are the main factor of matter for the company and as well as the management.


The finishing contains the final construction steps like greasing, oiling, painting etc.


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Figure 8: Building FIRE

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