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The Supervisor Of A Few Smugglers English Literature Essay

Two customs men, Magic and Ranking, received a call from law enforcement officials inspector Francis Roland that they had to watch John Samuel Fame, a entrepreneur he said that 3 times a week above the border went, and that they had to search his car. After a while, John Samuel Fame at the border and the guards discontinued him and required him to Magic and Get ranking. They asked him things such as: "Who are you", "you are businessman", etc. They searched his car, but found nothing appealing.

Chapter 3. Peculiar encounter:

John Samuel Popularity had a scheduled appointment with Emil Harker, but he was 3 minutes past due. When he arrived at Harker `s hut, no person taken care of immediately the indication that he previously arranged with Harker. He went inside and found after some time searching a shadow. He seemed up and found Harker suspend.

Chapter 4. An escape at the last minute:

John Samuel Fame thought Emil Harker had hanged himself and thought his hand, which was still warm. Popularity slice him loose and reviewed him. Someone acquired fought and bled Harker on his t-shirt. So he previously not determined suicide. John Samuel Popularity was Emil Harker `s poem and read it. It was a message, he thought. When he had read it he listened to people coming and John Samuel Popularity jumped out the screen. He listened and listened to two voices: one heavy and one with an Italian highlight. They observed that someone was inside and noticed the open windowpane. Popularity and ran to his car when he drove away, he read gunshots.

Chapter 5. One night in Darna:

John Samuel Popularity drove simultaneously to the town Darna and after midnight he ceased at the Garden Hotel, where he always remained when he visited Darna. Fame visited his room: quantity 18 on the first floor. He browse the poem again. What was the message in the poem? He could not go to the police, because they don't like 'Popularity' s 'and' Harker 's'. He called another gang member, Zara, and made a scheduled appointment at half previous nine on the terrace of the Garden Hotel.

Chapter 6. For the terrace:

Fame received up and the very first thing he do was a backup of the poem. Then he transpired to the terrace. He advised that he Zara Harker got passed away and the poem which he thought there is a hidden communication in it. Fame Zara asked who the gang head would be now Harker was deceased, perhaps Ezra can it be? Zara said that Ezra got stepped from the gang after a disagreement with Harker and they proclaimed himself gang innovator. They purchased a waiter a glass or two. Suddenly there arrived a bald waiter who said that mobile for him. Fame ran inside and required on, but there was nobody on the line. He went back, but Zara was eliminated and John Samuel Popularity called the waiter, but there was another waiter over who said there is phone. Fame asked him if he understood where the other waiter was: a bald man with a scar on his kept cheek. The waiter said he did not know him and abruptly started a car on the other side of the wall membrane. John Samuel Fame ran there and noticed the bald man with the scar behind the wheel of a long, black American car.

Chapter 7. An come across:

John Samuel Popularity ran to the road and jumped into his own car. He chased the American car. He could just read the license dish: ZX 425. He wrote it in the dust of the windowpane. After some time John Samuel Fame could no more see the car, but he drove to Don `s shelter (Don was a gang member). Zara acquired in reality said that he previously to go. In a very bend of the street observed John Samuel Popularity Zara stand. He halted and let her boarding. She said everything with her, however the bald waiter got used the poem. Fame asked what possessed took place. Zara said that when he went to take the telephone, "the bald waiter emerged to their stand and needed her. She tried to flee, but he was very strong and possessed a firearm. Then he picked up the poem and left her privately of the road. They drove on to Don and asked what the news headlines was. Fame said Harker was useless, but Don could say anything, there have been two police cars Don `s yard drive up with Inspector Roland it.

Chapter 8. Inspector Roland:

One man presented Fame, Zara and Don gunpoint and the other cops researched Don `s house. After some time there was a policeman at the inspector said there have been two cars in the storage area stood. Inspector Roland travelled with him, but after a while he returned and asked the key of Popularity `s car to the shoe menu. After some time he returned and said he wished to talk.

Chapter 9. The picture:

Inspector Roland said he wanted something and thought that Don realized what he intended. Don said that he did not know. Inspector Roland asked the publication and read an article stating a 3000 season old golden Egyptian mind of pharaoh Chephren IV was taken from the museum. Inspector Roland asked who it was stolen, nonetheless they said that they had nothing stolen. Inspector Roland demonstrated a picture where a group of folks stood at the head. Harker stood between. Fame asked what that turned out and Inspector Roland said that he was on the trunk of the image to look, what 'C304 Mon' onto it. It had been Harker `s handwriting. Inspector Roland said he was the picture of Harker's house experienced found. Fame asked what he did in Harker `s house. Inspector Roland said he searched, because he had received a tip that he might find something interesting. He suspected now Zara, Popularity and Don. Inspector Roland didn't know that Harker was useless and Fame devised a plan. He advised Inspector Roland that he and Zara Harker travelled looking and Don as 'hostage' by Inspector Roland would stay. That had not been an awful plan.

Chapter 10. Room 304:

Fame and Zara went to a restaurant and wanted to go inside, but noticed the dark American car with the license dish ZX 425. Inside the restaurant told what he previously invented Popularity: Behind the picture was "C304 Monday '. On Monday it was fantastic, Egyptian head taken. Fame thought '304 'was an area number. The "Imperial Hotel" was the only hotel numerous rooms. Instantly they observed Skull with an Italian-looking man (Guido) and a small, unwanted fat man (Robert). They had not seen Zara and Popularity. After a while Skull, Robert and Guido road and Zara Popularity and proceeded to go after it. After some time, stopped the automobile with three men inside at the Imperial Hotel and gone inside. Popularity asked the doorman if the men were in room 304, however they were in room 303, next. Fame possessed 5 mins whenever a fat man with a pale face and a mustache came up down: Ezra.

Chapter 11. Check-out:

At 10. 00 am Fame returned to the boundary to 'things' to do. Inspector Roland phoned back again to Silver and List to state that they John Samuel Popularity `s car was required to crawl. They do, but found little or nothing. But what they asked for scratch in Popularity `s car. He said that there acquired been.

Chapter 12. Ambush:

Less than twenty four hours later was back Popularity. Rank and Silver found again only the scuff was gone. Fame said he possessed let him spray. He stopped along the way at a cafe and listened to the radio, which was told that the police Harker `s body was found. Now Roland understood Inspector so that Harker was inactive. Fame travelled away quickly, but didn't notice a major, blue car implemented him and drove him just a little later, as he observed a parrot of prey. After awhile Fame saw an indicator saying 'gradual travel'. He slowed as he thought something had to be repaired on the highway, or something. Suddenly he was taken at from all sides and arrived to stand with a flat car tire and a cracked windscreen. He ran into some bushes at the foot of the street, but Ezra said he previously to turn out along with his hands up.

Chapter 13. Another trip:

Fame came out of the bushes along with his hands up. For Ezra got also Skull, Robert and Guido. He was tied brought in the big blue car that was long before he drove. In the car, said Harker that Ezra was lifeless and Fame said that he previously heard on the radio. When they attained Ezra's house, he was in the basement.

Chapter 14. Ezra `s place:

After some time Fame called to talk to Ezra. On Ezra `s office was the photo that Inspector Roland also got shown. Ezra asked Popularity to the golden head of Chephren IV. Popularity replied that he did not know and got Ezra's poem Emil Harker to see him and asked if he knew what that meant. Popularity rejected. Then he was again bound and Ezra said he and Harker along the robbery had been dedicated, but that Harker only ran off along with his head! Therefore Ezra visited Harker and killed him. Ezra asked again of Fame knew the actual poem designed and Popularity again said that he did not know. Then Ezra strike him.

Chapter 15. Get away:

Fame was often beaten while Ezra him the same question and still nothing Popularity said. Ezra shouted back again that he had to be brought to the cellar. Fame fell asleep and when he woke up at night, he made the rope around his hands through it against a well-defined edge of an old iron bed sanding. Then he put a broken chair next to the windows and appeared: in the middle of a garden and stood in the middle of his (restored) car with Skull next. Fame waited until it was dark and found a sizable nail to the screen to open. Skull was absent and he listened to laughter. Ezra and his gang users had a celebration. Suddenly he noticed that Guido were required to go get him. He jumped in his car (where the key still in it) and drove the garden from the street. The blue car with Guido and Ezra used him. Suddenly Fame that the street death ran on a wall structure. He jumped out of his car and ran via an starting in the wall.

Chapter 16. Pitfall!:

For Fame was a higher wall membrane, behind him, Guido and Ezra. He ran quickly and listened to Ezra and Guido to someone else cry. He saw the wall structure too past due and slammed ertegenop. Ezra and Guido had not seen him, and he went through a door. He found a residence and wished to look inside, but there was a collection of containers around and he also fell. When shone a torch in his face and Inspector Roland said he was pleasant at the authorities!

Chapter 17. Programs:

He was taken back to inside and Inspector Roland asked him what he had done. Fame said he previously thought and informed Inspector Roland Ezra Harker experienced killed, and all of those other storyline. Inspector Roland advised Fame that he knew she smuggled and this she was required to help him to head to find, because he would otherwise be arrested for the theft of the golden brain of Chephren IV. Inspector Roland acquired also seen the poem. Popularity asked where he had come from and Inspector Roland said that he had received from Zara. A door opened up and Don and Zara arrived inside.

Chapter 18. The poem:

Inspector Roland left them by themselves with 2 guards and the poem. That they had to find out where the golden head was hidden. They attempted some things from the poem: primary letters, final letters, etc. but little or nothing came out. They attempted: the first letter of the first lines, the second notice of the next line, the third of the third, etc. and there was 'GOLABRIDGE' out. They did not want the authorities would know, so she pretended little or nothing came out. Zara then asked if she was a glass of water and they asked the other officer or a notice 'G' or 'Y', and when he bent over the paper, Thurs struck him. Then emerged the other shield returned and Don kept him down and struck him from in back of. Then they proceeded to go away, however the newspaper 'GOLABRIDGE' it was still up for grabs.


Chapter 19. The quest:

Fame, Zara and Don walked quickly to Fame `s car. Zara `s car was eliminated. They drove quickly to the bridge over the river Gola. She didn't know where that they had to find, because the bridge was very large, however the poem was that they did not have a simple path to walk in the hill was a quarry with a rough and difficult path to it. Also there is the poem she suffers heavy loads and the miners were also wore heavy loads. By the end of the poem was exactly where they could find: but they are contrary to the wall, and against a rock and roll they lay their hand. "That wall structure is my wall and next to the wall membrane is a large rock and there's a small cave. " Said Don. They gone and found the gold, brain of Egyptian pharaoh Chephren IV. She pondered what they were doing and Fame said they had to send it to Inspector Roland. Suddenly a speech said that these were not going to do. It had been Ezra, Guido, Robert and Skull. Most of them acquired a weapon.

Chapter 20. Wipe out Shot:

Ezra said she possessed come to him and Zara, Don and Fame came with the head of gold. Ezra said he previously used them simply. Popularity asked what he would do with them and Ezra said he to them, "travel" would send. Guido prolonged Fame `s car in the river and Ezra said Zara, Don and Popularity able to sit down. They have so and Popularity had the car start. "Hello, " said Gallagher. "Have a safe-" But Ezra was never completed his sentence: Inspector Roland experienced shot him. Popularity put the automobile back on the highway and raced across the bridge.

Chapter 21. A long time later:

It was five years later. Inspector Roland was on vacation in a small fishing town on the ocean. Suddenly a words said: "Inspector Roland!" He stood up and looked Fame and Zara are. Inspector Roland informed that the golden brain of pharaoh Chephren IV safely back the museum, and this Robert, Skull and Guido. Fame from prison and their lives were made better. Popularity and Zara said these were married and acquired two children. At one o'clock in the morning Zara said she was fatigued and Fame and Zara walked away, but Inspector Roland called them back and asked what they doing all these years smuggling. Fame said he smuggled autos. He travelled with a new car across the border in Don `s hideout, he gave him a used car of the same type and color, which he again crossed the border went

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