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The Benefits Of Robotic Assisted Surgery IT Essay

Approaches to prostatecetomy include traditional wide open surgery, classic laparoscopic surgery or robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery.

With traditional prostate cancers surgery, the incision is between eight to ten inches long and patients usually remain in a healthcare facility up to five days after surgery. Furthermore, patients are catheterized for two to three weeks, and there's a risk of side effects.

Minimally intrusive, robotic-assisted prostate cancer tumor surgery allows for small incisions, less blood loss and reduced recovery time. Preservation of the nerves necessary for erections can be an vitally important goal for patients. These nerves run alongside the prostate and are often damaged when removing the prostate. A nerve-sparing, robotic prostatectomy makes an attempt to maintain these nerves so the patient might be able to return to his preceding erectile function.

How does robotic prostatectomy work?

The da Vinci Surgical System is a state-of-the-art surgical robot that provides surgeons more specific views of the prostate and bordering cells, as well as better dexterity. The system uses miniature devices to perform the task. A surgeon manages the robot from a remote control console that specifically translates his hands, wrist and finger moves to the robotic arms inside the individual while providing a three-dimensional view of those movements.

With the robot, the physician makes five keyhole opportunities rather than the sole large incision made throughout a traditional open up prostatectomy. These small opportunities lead to less pain, and a shorter clinic stay. Patients who experience robotic assisted surgery usually leave the hospital within two days, and some are able to return to normal activities within two weeks after the technique.

Using the automatic robot, the surgeon takes out the prostate and adjoining pelvic lymph nodes (if indicated) through the tiny openings.

Patient benefits may include:

Smaller operative incisions of 1 inch or less

Less intraoperative loss of blood and need for blood transfusion

Reduced postoperative pain and discomfort

Shorter hospital stay (two days)

Shorter catheter length (seven to 10 days)

Faster overall recovery

Robots surgery advantages

B: http://library. thinkquest. org/03oct/00760/Advantages%20of%20Robotic%20Surgery. htm

Robots in the field of surgery have considerably changed the types of procedures for the better. The most significant benefits to Robotic Surgery to the individual is the decrease in pain and scaring. By using cameras and increased visual results, doctors can make the tinniest of incisions. The da Vinci and Zeus system each use "arms" to operate. In order for these hands to get inside the body and operate, they only desire a few centimeters for an incision. Actually The San Matteo Hospital in Pavia, Italy performed a Cardiac Bypass surgery that included three incisions, each about one centimeter long. Typically in that kind of surgery the incision is approximately 30 centimeters long.

The smallness of the incisions also triggers a great many other advantages that make Robotic Surgery worthy of the risk. Because of the small and exact cuttings, the patents clinic stay is greatly reduced. A person needs far less restoration time when they have got 3-centimeter scars when they have a scar almost 10 times as large. Also, the chance of contamination or complications decreases as the incision size does. The patient brought up previously with the Closed Center Bypass surgery is a good example. After his surgery, he was cleared by his physician Dr. Mauro Rinaldi and released from the hospital after only 12 hours of recovery. Another week he was actually able to become a member of his family over a vacation.

Besides the evident rewards to the individual, Robotic Surgery is also very advantageous to the physician and hospital. In the ZEUS Surgical System, an "arm" on the device is dedicated to the Automated Endoscopic System for Optimal Setting (AESOP). AESOP is a 3D camera found in robotic surgery. It can be zoomed in by either speech activation or pedals located at the surgeons foot. Doctors who've used this actually argue that AESOP gives a much better image than in true to life. This is particularly true with doctors which may have poor perspective or in microscopic surgery's that offer with nerves. Also, utilizing the hand manages the cosmetic surgeons can reach places in the torso that are normally unreachable by the real human palm. Finally, the clearest edge to using robots in surgery is long operations, especially ones that deal with nerve or muscle reconstruction. Doctors often tire easily after executing microscopic surgery's that last time. However, by having the ability to be seated and have less strain on the eye, doctors can control their natural flinching or nerves better.

Robots surgery disadvantages

C: http://biomed. brown. edu/Courses/BI108/BI108_2004_Groups/Group02/Group%2002%20Website/robodisadvan. htm

Robotic surgery is a new technology, so its uses and efficiency have never been fully decided. Consequently, there are not many considerable long-term studies on the task to verify or deny its effectiveness. A couple of, however, prominent cons to robotics, including time, cost, efficiency, and compatibility with current systems.


Robotic assisted heart surgery can take nearly twice the quantity of time that a typical center surgery needs, but this is changing depending on surgeon's expertise and practice with the gear.

In a longer surgery, the individual is under anesthesia for longer and it costs more to staff the task.


At this early stage in the technology, the robotic systems are very expensive. It's possible that with advancements in technology and even more experience gained by doctors the cost will fall season. Others believe with these advancements in technology the systems can be more difficult and the costs will go up. Another issue with costs is the problem with changing the systems as they improve. Only once these systems gain more widespread multidisciplinary use the expenses can be more justified.

Efficiency and Compatibility

Another drawback is the large size of the system within an overcrowded-operating room. The robotic biceps and triceps are awkward and cumbersome and there are many devices needed in the small space. For robotic-assisted defeating heart surgery, the area is even smaller because stabilizers are needed. For doctors, this cramped area can hinder their dexterity.

There are two possible ideas for improving this issue, however both are costly. Some suggest miniaturizing the robotic biceps and triceps and instruments while others believe that much larger operating rooms are needed. With either solution, robotics can be an especially expensive new technology.

Another disadvantage is the fact that current operating room musical instruments and equipment are not necessarily compatible with the new robotic systems. Without the correct equipment, tableside assistance is needed to perform area of the surgery.

There are also concerns about by using a static model for beating heart and soul surgery and concerns about technical glitches that may occur through the surgery.

In Evaluation to Standard Techniques

Dr. Michael Argenziano at NY Presbyterian Clinic said that typically, the robotic-assisted heart surgeries costs $2, 000 more per procedure, but in the final, the costs turn out even because the patients restore sooner with the robotic process. He also observed that money was kept on nursing good care and pain medications.

With time and improvements in technology, these down sides will maybe be remedied. If not, then it is possible that the benefits of these systems will not justify their cost.


http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Videoconferencing

What's training video conferencing?

A videoconference or training video conference (also called a videoteleconference) is a set of interactive telecommunication solutions which allow several locations to socialize via two-way video tutorial and audio tracks transmissions simultaneously. It has additionally been called 'aesthetic collaboration' and it is a kind of groupware.

Videoconferencing differs from videophone cell phone calls for the reason that it's designed to serve a discussion somewhat than individuals. It really is an intermediate form of video recording telephony, first deployed commercially by AT&T through the early 1970s using their Picture cellphone technology.

E: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Website

What's a web site?

A website (also spelled Internet site; officially styled website by the AP Stylebook) is a assortment of related webpages, images, videos or other digital belongings that are attended to relative to one common Uniform Source of information Locator (Web address), often comprising only the domain, or the IP address, and the root path ('/') within an Internet Protocol-based network. A internet site is managed on at least one web server, accessible with a network including the Internet or a private local area network.

Video conferencing advantages

Videoconferencing is speedily gaining in recognition, and it's barely surprising. Essentially, videoconferencing allows visitors to communicate in real time, irrespective of where they are located. It could be only two people, or it could be thousands. The participants can hold a meeting or conference, compare charts and generally do everything they could do if indeed they were all in the same room along. This is all done via sound and video transmission through the magic of the internet.

The list of advantages gained from using videoconferencing is long, but here are some of the primary advantages. The most obvious edge is the extensive savings included when people won't need to travel. The average business trip usually requires at least one nights spent in another place, and costs incurred include plane tickets, transport, foods, accommodation, entertainment, and the list goes on. If you want ten people at a gathering, and add jointly all the costs involved, the total is staggering.

Remember, too, that not only is travel costly, it takes time. So those ten professionals have to take two days and nights out of these busy schedule, for example, to attend a half-day meeting at head office. With videoconferencing, they can allocate the half-day, and spend the other day. 5 doing productive work in their office. Using videoconferencing provides big personal savings in both time and money.

G: http://www. tkoworks. com/video-conferencing/outsourcing. html

Video conferencing disadvantages

Months may be required to permit video conferencing capabilities within a sizable organization; this is including time necessary for making the network and installing video tutorial conferencing equipment. Primary cost of equipment is greater than if an outside service organization were used.

Using conference rooms for video meetings makes sense from a facilities perspective but this can cause video tutorial systems to be underutilized. Normally, within an organization, most meetings and seminar room use are for local business without a need to talk to other facilities or locations. Therefore, training video equipment investment can be stranded during every day normal use of conference rooms for local conferences.

Many organizations assign a central personnel to perform a video convention network without considering the needs of every remote site. Video conferencing requires at least two locations, each using its own system, network, convention or conference room and operating instructions. Each location, therefore, normally should have an experienced operator of video recording systems to assist users in obtaining a conference started out and keeping it operating. Few organizations are willing to expend the funds to ensure each endpoint is staffed with a skilled technician and so this skill deficit can cause seminar failures in a few locations, particularly the ones that move systems off daily or reboot frequently.

Industry manufacturers understand why common problem and are providing software tools and remote management ability with the latest video recording conference equipment to allow for remote control management of systems. Therefore, a well-run network requires either skilled personnel at each endpoint or some form of remote management in order to ensure systems operate well. Some combination of both is usually necessary to attain high levels of video network up time.


What's internet?

The Internet, sometimes called simply "the Net, " is an internationally system of computer sites - a network of systems where users at any one computer can, if indeed they have agreement, get information from any other computer and sometimes speak right to users at other personal computers. It was conceived by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the US government in 1969 and was first known as the ARPANET.


I chose





The Benefits of Robotic Assisted Surgery

I chose this information from the web site because it describe clearly How exactly does robotic prostatectomy work?



Is technology good or bad?


In this project I'll be discussing, what's technology of course, if technology is good or bad?

The main question that I have chosen for my task is: Is technology good or bad?

I will perform my research using the three research method. I am going to explore internet, analyze different books and watch videos to find more information on different people's ideas on my questions.

In this job I'll be centering on the good of using technology and the bad of using it.

What is technology?

Technology is a human innovation that has been developing from technology to generation, however technology is used to solve problems and make life much easier to live such as computers, robots, airplanes, vehicles and devices etc.

My objective in the long run of this project is to comprehend and give an obvious description of technology, why folks dispute technology is good and the ethers dispute technology is bad, what the nice part of technology is and the particular bad part of technology is.

Is technology good?

I think that technology is good and helps a whole lot in the daily life. It's used to discover and make life easier such as autos, airplanes, trains they help to travel from long distance and in short time, phones really helps to communicate anytime and with the people about the world. Computers are used in education, creations, designing and also found in health sector all this technology really helps to go forward inside our life.

Robots are being used in the heath sector

What's automatic robot surgery?

Robot surgery is one of the advanced solutions available in this time been, it has been designed for businesses. The (da Vinci) robotic system allows the accuracy, dexterity and control of traditional wide open surgery but requires only 1-2 cm incisions, decreased recovery time, robots are being used for hearts surgery with out opening patient's torso. The benefits associated with this automatic robot for patients are less problem, less pain, save time and faster recovery.

The advantages of robots surgery

Robots have change and helped a great deal in the field of surgery. By far the most good thing about robots surgery for patients is pain, scaring and faster recovery by using surveillance cameras and enhanced visual results, doctors can make the tinniest of incisions. The (da Vinci) and Zeus system each use "three hands" to use. In order for these biceps and triceps to get inside the body and operate, they only need a few centimetres for an incision. These robots have significantly more advantages and benefits for users (doctors) and patients for example:

Lower risk infection

Shorter hospital stay

Less blood loss and fewer transfusions

Can zoom with camera and provides better image then in real life

by using the palm controls the surgeons can reach places in the torso that are usually unreachable by the individuals hand

Faster recovery and return to normal daily activities

Robots surgery disadvantages

They are several negatives of the Robots surgeries such as cost; cost is one of the primary disadvantages of the robots with the price of one million us dollars.

Some consider with the improvement in technology so that more experience is gained with robotic systems the purchase price will land.

Another disadvantage of the robots systems is their size. Both systems have relatively large footprints and relatively troublesome robotic forearms.

This can be an important an important disadvantage because working rooms already are crowded with the operative team. It may be difficult for operative and robots to fit in the operating room.

And another downside is the time. Robotic assisted heart surgery may take nearly twice the amount of time a typical heart and soul surgery requires, but this is changing depending on surgeon's know-how and practice with the gear.

How technology assists with business

Technology is increasing and expanding to make life easier to live it helped and still helping our day to day life for example business. Running a business people used to go to go for conferences and now the majority of businesses use video recording conferencing, in terms of airfares for personnel. It helps you to save time spent in travelling and money.

Video conferencing

What's training video conferencing?

Video conferencing allows people to communicate instantly, irrespective of where they can be found. It can be only two different people, or it could be thousands. It's in essence integrates users as if they were in the same room. Each customer requires a web cam, computer, mike, and internet broadband interconnection.

It's usually found in businesses, medical, education ECT. . . . . . .

Advantages of video recording conferencing

Meet with people in remote locations without incurring travel expenditures or other expenditures associated with in person communication

Save time and money especially running a business in terms of airfares for personnel, night put in in another place, and costs incurred include flights, transport, meals, accommodation, entertainment ect. .

Connect and find out more than 11, 12 or perhaps a thousand in once.

Video conferencing disadvantages

Takes time to design the network and install video conferencing equipment

Expensive equipments

Can cause video systems to be underutilized

Skilled specialist to keep video conferencing jogging.

Turn the machine daily can cause meeting failures in some locations.


What's internet?

Internet is actually an electronic communication network that enables computers of most kinds to talk about information with agreement and communicates directly.

Internet advantages

Studying ( make researches)

Online banking

Online shopping

Publish information on your own website

Have a conversations in talk rooms

Send an email

Apply for job

Read a reports papers

Watch movies

Make airplane reservation

Get a way and sketch a map

Socialising with people throughout the world

Internet disadvantages

Personal information (your individual information such as your name, address, etc. )

Pornography (specifically for young children they are simply thousands of pornography websites that can be easily to get gain access to involved with it)

Internet addiction

Hacking, get viruses

Isolation from family and freinds

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