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The advantages of Human Reference Management

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Human tool management is thought as a strategic and coherent method of the management of any organization's most value belongings- the individuals working there who singularly and collectively donate to the achievements of its targets.

Human Learning resource Management is resource-centred, directed mainly at management needs for human resources (definitely not employees) to be provided and developed. Demand somewhat than resource is emphasised There is greater focus on planning, monitoring and control, rather than mediation. Problem solving is with other members of management on human being resource issues alternatively than immediately with employees or their staff. It totally determined with management pursuits, being a standard management activity, and relatively faraway from the labor force all together. (Martin & Jackson, 1997, p-9)


The main reason for human reference management is to ensure that the organisation can achieve success through people. As Ulrich and Lake (1990) remark: 'HRM systems can be the way to obtain the organisational functions that allow firms to learn and capitalize on new opportunities. ' Specially, HRM is concerned with obtaining in the areas as bellow-

Organisational effectiveness

Human capital management

Knowledge management

Reward management

Employee relations

Meeting diverse needs

Bridging the difference between rhetoric and simple fact.

(Armstrong, 2006 Webpage-9-10)

Strategy has been identified by Johnson and Scholes (1993) as 'The route and scope of an organization over the future, which ideally complements its resources to its changing environment, and specifically, to its markets, customers and clients to meet stakeholder's targets'.


'All those activities impacting on the behaviour of individuals in their work to formulate and use the tactical needs of the business'. (Schuler, 1992)


Strategic HRM is an method of making decisions on the intentions and ideas of the business in the form of the regulations, programmes and tactics concerning the work marriage, resourcing, learning and development, performance management, prize and employee relationships. (Armstrong, pg-115)

The definition characteristic of tactical HRM is that it's integrated: HR strategies are included vertically with the business strategy and horizontally with one another. The HR strategies development by a strategic HRM procedure is essential the different parts of the organization's business strategy.


The aim of strategic HRM are to:

To make the techniques along the way which critical issues that are related to people can be attended to.

Generating strategic potential by making certain the organization gets the skilled, dedicated and well-motivated employees it needs to achieve sustained competitive advantages.

To give a sense of course within an often turbulent environment so that the business needs of the organization, individual and collective needs of its employees can be attained by the development and implementation of coherent and sensible HR regulations and programmes:

Provide 'unifying frameworks which are in once wide-ranging, contingency based mostly and integrative'. (Armstrong, 2006 Page-116-117)


Human reference management takes place on the circumstances of Internal and Alternative environment of the specific organisation it deals with. It is greatly dependent on environmentally friendly factors which affect the organisation.

Contingency theory

It is a class of behavioural theory that there surely is no best way to organize a business or make decisions. It can help us understand the aims, policies and the strategies and analyse the role of HR department are valid only when it with in the circumstances of the organization. Some of the factors this theory deals with are :

Size of the organization

How the organization adapts itself to its environment

Assumptions of professionals about employees

Strategies and solutions used.

It defines and concerns the management of the occupation relationship The nature of the organization and just how it is supervised therefore constitute significant threads that are interwoven to form the framework with in HRM is embedded.

(Beardwell&Holden, pg-33-37)


Human resource guidelines are systems of codified decisions, proven by an organization to aid the administrative staff functions, performance management and tool planning and worker relations. Each company has another set of circumstances so appropriately the human source of information policies are established. HR plocies are divided into two types founded policy.

Overall policy

This policy identifies how the organization will fulfil the social requirements of its employees. Some of the principles in this coverage are :



Performance through people

Work life balance

Quality of working life

Working conditions

Organizational learning

These worth are used by most organizations in a single or the other form.

Specific policy

These insurance policies cover the following regions of the organization

Equal opportunity

Managing diversity

Age and employment


Employee development

New technology


Health and safety

Employee relations

Redundancy (Armstrong, pg148-155)


BT is one of the worlds leading providers of communication and services which manages in 170 countries. Its roots date back to the establishment of the first telecommunications companies in britain. Included in this was the first commercial telegraph service, the Electric Telegraph Company, introduced in 1846. As these businesses amalgamated and were taken over or collapsed, the survivors were eventually used in state control under the Post Office. They later became a privatized company, English Telecommunications plc - the forerunner of today's global communications company, BT Group plc, which functions customers in 170 countries. (www. btplc. com)

In every firm Human resource performs a vital role for the achievements of its performance and goals of the business. BT has an extremely active HR team which is definitely working to achieve their goals. The main goals of the HR division of BT are to build long-term partnerships with the customers and provide excellent service through out. With their support, BT's try to maximize the potential of their traditional business, by way of a combination of improved quality of service, creative marketing, innovative pricing and cost efficiency. (www. btplc. com).

Strategy & Development

The primary goal and responsibility of BT is to drive the look and process and execution of BT's network, IT services strategy through out global services. A number of the responsibilities include:

To build appropriate quality functions practices and options for transforming global services into a customer-led business.

To analyze, develop and execute M&A activities to get the strategy.

To design and execute a competent process for its profile management.

(http://www. btplc. com/Thegroup/Companyprofile/Ourvalues/Ourvalues. htm)


To achieve the goals BT has extend their HR services. BT and Accenture have agreed upon a 10-season, 306 million (US$575 million) business process outsourcing (BPO) and transformation contract for individuals resource (HR) supervision services. The deal significantly expands the geographic reach of services that Accenture has been providing to BT under a past five-year agreement.

Accenture currently provides HR services to BT's 87, 000 employees and 180, 000 pensioners in the United Kingdom. Under the new deal, Accenture provides services to prospects BT employees and pensioners, as well concerning another 10, 000 BT employees in 37 countries throughout the world who weren't covered in the last contract.

Training and Culture

BT's HR office provide training curriculum because of their employees to improve their organizational activities. Road 2 Learn is BT's own online e-learning portal. This considerable learning source provides all their employees with access to online and offline training curriculum for their own personal, complex and professional development. (www. btplc. com)

A Code of Practice was given to BT people in the united kingdom. E-learning courses, predicated on the Code were launched on 12 Dec 2005. They are made to ensure that BT people are familiar with the Undertakings and their associated tasks.


The following information the percentages of BT people in the UK who have completed their e-learning module, or, regarding engineers, a personalized telephone based designed, which was launched in Feb 2007. The most recent available results show that BT has achieved a very advanced of completion. At the 2nd April 2007 the results stood as follows:

BT Managers: 98%

BT Team Members: 97%

This shows a 3% increase on the ASSOCIATES figure over the previous quarter.

Annual Employee Review:

Views on two claims were desired in BT's annual employee review in February 2007. The claims are:

'I believe BT snacks all its customers, interior and external, in a good and equal manner', and 'The company helps me to adhere to our legal and regulatory obligations. '

Positive reactions were received from 70% and 78% of employees to each one of these statements respectively. This compares to 71% and 80% in the 2007 survey. Given how big is the population (all employees are polled) the very slight semester is not seen as statistically significant. (www. btplc. com)

Recruitment: Each year BT is recruiting people to improve their organizational functions. The past five years data of BT's employees are as follows:

Year end 31 March Range of employees

2003 104, 700

2004 99, 900

2005 102, 100

2006 104, 400

2007 105, 200

By analyzing the data, it can say that BT has recruited more people in the last two years. (www. btplc. com).

BT has generated a new recruiting post (Group talent and HR strategy director) to enhance the effectiveness of the business's talent assessment and job development. The main responsibility of the post will be talent acquisition, identification, development, management and retention procedures across the company.



The Basic Roles

The tasks of HR professionals vary widely based on the extent to that they are generalist (e. g. , HR director or HR administrator), or specialist (e. g. , brain of learning and development, head of talent management or head of compensation), the level at which they work (tactical, executive or administrative) the needs of the business, the context within that they work and their own capacities.

The Business Partner Role

HR professionals as business associates share responsibility with their line management co-workers for the success of the organization and get involved with them in running the business enterprise.

The Strategist Role

As strategists, HR pros addresses major long-term organisational issues regarding the management and development of the individuals and the career relationship. .

The Creativity and Change Agent Role

In their role, an HR practitioner are well located to see and analyze what is happening in and to their organisations as it influences the employment of people and intervene accordingly.

Internal Consultant Role

The main role of interior consultant is studying and diagnosing problems and proposing alternatives.

Monitoring Role

Monitoring role ensure that the organization's HR regulations are implemented properly and constantly. (Armstrong, 2006, pp-71-76)


Traditional/ administrative: in this function the personal practitioners have mainly a support role with the give attention to administrative matter, record-keeping and adherence to rules and regulations.

Traditional/ Industrial relationships: personnel experts concentrate on commercial relations, providing their other functions lower priority.

Innovative/professional: employees specialists are professional and expert. They aim to remove traditional procedures and replace them with advanced human learning resource planning, recruitment and development, and prize policies and tactics.

Innovation/innovative: employees specialists are on the mother board, be a part of integrating HR and business strategies, and are named making an important contribution to organizational success. They develop and deliver complex services in each of the primary HR areas. (Armstrong, 2006, pp-76-79)

Strategic HRM as a Process

Strategic HRM is essential a built-in process that aspires to accomplish 'strategy fit'. A proper HRM approach produces HR strategies that are included vertically with the business strategy and are ultimately an integral part of that strategy, adding to the business planning process as it happens. Walker (1992) identifies strategic HRM as 'the means of aligning the management of human resources with the proper content of the firms.


Vertical integration assists with making certain the organisation has the best skilled, committed and well-motivated labor force which it needs to accomplish its business targets. This can be achieved by linking HR ways of basic competitive strategies. As defined by Porter (1985), they are innovation, quality-enhancement and cost control. Some of the steps engaged are:

To develop the required skills of its employees

Allowing infrequent failure

Giving them more discretion - using minimum amount controls (empowerment)

Providing more resources for experimentation;

Assessing performance based on its potential long-term contribution.

An integrated strategy for quality improvement requires the introduction of a quality-orientated culture by:

Driving through quality initiatives

Productivity planning- generally considering any means of increasing efficiency in conditions of the cost per product of end result through organisation, training or pay back techniques and the launch of new technology;


Horizontal integration is achieved by creating a coherent- a well-knit-range of interconnected and mutually reinforcing HR procedures and practices. This may be achieved by the use of share process, such as competence examination, which provides a frame of referrals and performances management, which can be involved with role meaning, employee development and reward.


BT is the planet greatest telecommunication company, which is providing telecommunication services about 170 countries on earth. BT's aim is to construct long-term partnerships with the customers. Using their support, BT's try to maximize the probable of their traditional business, by way of a combination of improved quality of service, creative marketing, progressive costing and cost efficiency. At the same time, BT will go after profitable growth by changing their customers to new influx products and services, such as ICT (information marketing communications technology), broadband, range of motion and maintained services. (www. btplc. com)

BT has an organized Plank, which is always attempting to achieve BT's strategic goals. BT established four committees to meet their stakeholder's anticipations. The committees are- Audit committee, Remuneration committee, Nominating committee and Equality of gain access to board. BT's Nominating committee has used their HR responsibilities. The main duties of Nominating committee's are the following.

(www. btplc. com)

Ensuring an appropriate balance of experience and capabilities on the BT Group plc Plank and utilize this evaluation to examine annually the scale and composition of the plank, recommending any proposed changes to the board.

Keep under review the need for appointments, make a description of the specific experience and capabilities needed for every single board appointment consider applicants for session as either exec or non-executive directors and recommend appointments to the Mother board.

Recommend to the Board whether to reappoint non-executive directors by the end of the terms of office.

Review the time required from the non-executive Deputy Chairman and the non-executive directors generally to discharge their obligations and the amount of time required from each non-executive director to discharge his / her duties in relation to board and committee conferences and other commitments to the Company.

Advise the Plank, Chairman and LEADER on succession planning the assignments of Chairman, Deputy Chairman, CEO and for all other plank consultations.

Delegate some of its powers to one or more of its customers or the Secretary.


BT's HR section always play an important role to meet their proper goals. Recently BT has appointed Group talent and HR strategy director. The main responsibilities of recently appointed director's are talent acquisition, identification, development, management and retention procedures over the company. BTs HR section has done this to attain their strategic goals. Again, BT has used plans to develop their employee's efficiency. These ideas have been taken to meet their stakeholder's targets also to reach their strategic target. BT's programs are the following:


Personal and professional development can be obtained throughout employee's job in BT. Employee's personal action plan will be specially designed to help them do their job today and progress their profession tomorrow. In addition to presenting regular reviews time reserve with their supervisor, there are coaching, network, mentoring, knowledge writing and 'friend' programmes to provide employees the help and support they need. This approach has received BT accreditation as an buyer in people.

BT'S Development Action Plan:

BT views its employee's personal and job development as a continuing procedure for increasing their knowledge and increasing new skills. In addition to the skills anyone will by natural means gain in his/her job, BT individually-tailored Development Action Programs provide opportunities that will extend employee in my opinion and professionally, preparing employees for the next steps in their career.

Employees' progress, performance and development will be carefully monitored, and there will also be scope for his or her intend to be up to date as their needs and hobbies change.

BT stimulates everyone to help make the almost all of the intensive opportunities an organization of your size can provide. Moving within BT can be an established means of career development; and a huge ratio of opportunities are advertised internally. (www. btplc. com)

The whole Board appoints new directors on the recommendation of the Nominating Committee. Executive remuneration is defined by the Remuneration Committee - comprised entirely of non-executive directors and chaired by the Deputy Chairman. The business's executive remuneration insurance policy is good company's overall practice on pay and benefits. This is to pay back employees competitively, taking into account specific performance, company performance, market comparisons and the competitive stresses in the information and communications industry. Remuneration deals are reviewed each year and comprise a mix of basic salary and performance-linked elements.

BT holds conferences using its major institutional shareholders to go over the company's strategy, financial performance, specific major investment activities and its overall remuneration procedures and plans. At every AGM shareholders are asked to ask questions on BT's financial and functional performance and activities in addition to the other subject areas to be dealt with at each getting together with. BT in addition has asked its shareholders to vote on its remuneration plan or remuneration survey at each of the previous five AGMs. (www. btplc. com)

BT provides consultancy services to over 18, 000 people on a variety of people-related issues spanning the complete employment routine. Management Services comprises of Property, Security, and Restructuring. (www. btplc. com)


BT is one of the world's leading providers of marketing communications alternatives and services working in 170 countries. BT's principal activities include networked IT services, local, countrywide and international telecommunications services, and higher-value broadband and internet products and services. BT is composed principally of four lines of business: BT Global Services, Open up reach, BT Retail and BT General. BT's organizational composition is horizontal. BT's complete management are related to one another. BT's board is always attempting to achieve their proper targets. There is certainly good relationship in BT's panel.

The board achieved nine times in 2006. Its primary focus is the overall strategic path, development and control of the group. Key things, such as acceptance of the group's principles, strategic ideas and gross annual budget, are reserved to the Panel. In addition, it has oversight and control of the group's operating and financial performance. (www. btplc. com)

The Remuneration Committee meets at least four times each year. The committee includes solely unbiased non-executive directors. The committee pieces the remuneration policy for the Chairman, the professional directors, the members of the business's Operating Committee and mature executives confirming to the principle Executive. Specifically, the Remuneration Committee agrees their service contracts, earnings, other benefits - including bonus products and participation in the company's long-term incentive ideas - and other terms and conditions of occupation.

It also agrees conditions for his or her cessation of work and their visits as non-executive directors of non-BT Group companies and other organizations. It approves changes in the company's long-term incentive strategies, recommends to the Board those strategies which require shareholder approval and oversees their operation.

(www. btplc. com)


BT always induces and motivates its employees by providing bonuses, salary increase and many other promotions which are based on the employee's skills, experience and certification. Committed to attracting, retaining and producing the brightest and best people. Conditions and terms vary from country to country. Management assignments offer a selection of reward options giving significant choice, value and overall flexibility. Benefits include:

Membership of the BT Pension Plan

Interest-free twelve-monthly season ticket loans

Share-related benefits, including show save and profit-sharing plans (available periodically)

Discounts on some BT products and specially- negotiated prices on other items such as computer equipment, car products, health care and dental care work, life confidence, getaways, hotel accommodation and financial planning.

From the aforementioned talk it is clear that BT is strongly doing SHR in their business. HR functions are adding BT's organizational performance. It is aiding BT to accomplish their specific goals and striving to meet their stake holder's goals.

Interest free twelve-monthly season loans

(www. btplc. com)

(Beardwell, pg-503)


The training provided by BT because of its employees are of two types that' is short term and permanent training. BT has arranged a base to satisfy its complete customers for which BT provides excellent training to its staff. By keeping this, BT's HR department always tries to train up their employees. Recently BT granted a code of practice to BT people in the united kingdom. E-learning courses. These are made to ensure that BT people are familiar with the undertakings and their associated tasks. 98% of BT's Professionals and 97% of BT's ASSOCIATES have completed their e-learning module, or regarding engineers, a personalized Telephone founded learning in April 2007.

Moreover, BT has began online learning lessons Route 2 Learn is BT's own online e-learning website. This comprehensive learning resource provides all their employees with usage of online and offline training lessons for their own personal, complex and professional development. (www. btplc. com)


BT should increase the possibilities of providing the opportunities for fresher's also. The inclination of experience employees should be taken out.

BT and Accenture have agreed upon a 10-year, 306 million (US$575 million) business process outsourcing (BPO) and change contract for human being resource (HR) supervision services, which means that BT's human reference activities will out aspect of the BT's board. It can be make a difficulty in BT's administration.

The working conditions must be supportive. So, that the staff satisfaction in undertaking job is attained

The quality is usually to be enriched both internally and externally in aspects of creation as well as retaining Personnel

Retirement benefits like provident finance, pension, gratuity etc should be awarded

22. 1% Women (15. 8% of older), 9. 2% Ethnic Minority, (7. 4% of mature), ) had kept their job from BT in 2007. This reports shows the working environment in BT is not suitable for the woman. This shows the weakness of BT's HR activities. BT should aware about this issue. BT can solve this issue giving more facilities and making suitable working environment for the girl and disables.


BT is focused on helping customers thrive in a changing world. It believes in progress, expansion and probability, and would like to help almost all their customers make their lives and businesses better with products and services that are designed with their needs and easy to use. BT is interested in customers which is working to meet the needs they have got today and innovate to meet the needs they will have tomorrow.

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