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The Battles Of The Crimean War History Essay

For a long time Russia has been seeking to gain a warm dock for the trading of goods. The positioning of Russia did not help at all since it was in the north so most if not absolutely all of its plug-ins were freezing. As the Ottoman Empire was declining in ability Russia thought of this as an opportunity to gain a warm interface. This might have been perfect since this land would give not just a warm interface but also a route from the dark sea to the MEDITERRANEAN AND BEYOND improving the transport of goods. Within this book report I am talking about how precisely this erupted into a conflict between Turkey, Britain, and France against the Russian empire.

Setting the stage:

In 1783 Catherine the great was executing some armed forces coops surrounding the Crimean area to help expand increase the Russian territory and also to gain warm plug-ins in the dark sea for easy transport from the Black colored sea to the Meditarean Sea. This was the primary reason the Russians wished to gain the land nearby the Crimean. The Ottoman Empire (Turkey) was already decreasing in ability before the battle. After Suleiman has perished a succession of vulnerable leaders, corrupt officials, theft triggering financial loses, and inflation the empire's power was decreasing dramatically. Russia thought of this as an opportunity to gain the warm plug-ins they have always required. The Russian Empire was increasing power a whole lot this was considered to be a threat to Western european nations where it would change the balance of power in the continent. Another reason behind Russia to occupy the Crimea region is that they claimed that they wanted to protect the Eastern Orthodox in the Ottoman Empire. In 1853 St. Petersburg needed The Ottoman Empire to understand Russia's right to protect Eastern Orthodox believers in the empire. ONCE THE Ottoman empire refused this order Russia considered this to be a chance to visit warfare with the Ottomans. This is where Britain made a decision to part of. The British combined with The Ottoman Empire, France, and Sardinia against Russia so that they will not gain this land. This was mainly for the purpose of stopping it to get the land and increasing the overall economy and enlarging the land that Russia has. There was some heat between your Russia and France since Russia supported the Eastern Orthodox believers while France recognized the catholic monks over who was going to protect the holy places in Jerusalem. This wasn't the mean reason of the warfare nonetheless it helped warm the tension between the two. Battle erupted between the Ottomans and the Russians in Oct 1853. Fights between them cause for a devastating loss for the Ottomans where where the Ottoman fleet was damaged at port Sinope. This provided a justification for the United kingdom and French to declare warfare on Russia, assisting the Ottomans. On 3 January 1854 the British and French naval squadrons joined the Black Sea with the Ottomans support. A letter was sent to St. Petersburg saying that the Russian fleet must retreat to Sevastopol, caution that if they don't the United kingdom and French will take actions. The notice said "Refusal or silence [would] be equivalent to declaration or war". Russia did not react which initiated the war. There was still a chance for a peaceful solution however the Russian Tsar would never subdue his territory. On March 28 conflict was announced on Russia. This is a conflict of three great nations against one so it wasn't a really good one. First having Great Britain one of the greatest superpowers of that time period. The English fleet in the Dark colored Sea comprising 16 warships commanded by Vice-Admiral Sir James Dundas. In addition the French also possessed 12 battle ships increasing the number to 25 before landing at the Crimean. Turky however helped in increasing the number of soldiers mainly. On the other hand we've Russia which was alone in this conflict. Some people would say that since Russia is under the command of one chief it would be an edge but that was not true these were two. The european part was under Prince Menshikov; while for the east and north it was General Khomutov. Both of these were not in best terms. Russia was out of its leage taking into consideration the very powerfull fleets the allies experienced up against them.

The Fights of the Crimean Conflict:

The first major fight of the Crimean battle was the Battle of Alma in Sept 20, 1854. In this fight Russia was outnumbered by almost dual considering the soldiers. Russia having 33, 000 infantry as the allies having 60, 000. After getting at Calamity Bay People from france and British forces marched into the Russian port at Sevastpool. To stop this progress Russain General Prince Menshikov located his makes behind the Alma River. The French recommended that they would scale the cliffs since south of the Alma was just cliff from the coastline inland to Telegraph Hill. This would drive the Russians away from there allowing the United kingdom to attack over the River. This move was successful nevertheless the French commanders on the south bank were not able to move forward because they were waiting for reinforcement which was sluggish to arrive. In the mean time the English advanced over the river but because these were trying to go many obstacles their troops were mixed making them unable to realign. As the English kept moving forward they opened fireplace on the Russians. Because these were travelling the Russians back, they were successfully able to catch the Great Redoubt. As this was taking place Lord Raglan and his crew could actually bypass all of this and dominate Telegraph Hill. After that he commanded artillery to become listed on in assisting in defeating the Russains. This caused for the victory of the United kingdom but with the expense of a whole lot of casualties.

Second major fight or you can say event was the Siege of Sevastpool which started in September 27, 1854. Here the Allies were battling the Russian forces in an extended range fight. The Allies presumed that only 20, 000 men were defending the naval platform but they thought wrong have there been was almost 30, 580 men in the field. The allies would not assault without some proper bombardment, thus they began planning for you to definitely take place. However this is hindered a lot because so many of the troops got tired fast. In October 17 which became known as the First Bombardment which happened by 126 France and British guns. This was stalled by the Russians firing earlier. The British have some great damage opening method for an infantry assault, the French on the other hand were unable to take action. Even though the French were able to reopen fire the day after, this bombardment persisted for a week winning this challenge.

Third Major Fight is the Fight of Balakava from October 25, 1854. Here Meshikov compiled around 25, 000 men instructing General Liprandi to strike from the east. Because they attacked early, Russian troops were able to devastate the Turkish defenders. Liprandi bought for Ryzoh's cavalry to go forward. Because they advanced he noticed a few of the Allied infantry position comprising the 93rd Highlands and some or the Turkish unit near the community of kadikoi. He purchased 400 of his men to fight with them. However the Russians were attained by an amazing defense by the "Thin Red Range" of the 93rd. Scarelett from a distance spotted the Russian infantry from the still left and disposed his men to assault moving the Russians again. The scenery of the land managed to get difficult for these to see anything but what was straight in front of them. Only the ones stationed in the hillsides were able to see everything clear. Here Lord Lucan was sent to secure these hills. He refused when he didn't see the infantry support he was promised which provided the Russians a chance to collect themselves. They create their guns on both attributes of the valley. The demand of the Light Baragade was an utter devastation for the English but nonetheless it was still a win for the British. Russians gained the Causeway Levels as an end result of this warfare.

Fourth and previous Major fight is the Struggle of Inkerman of November 5, 1854. This was a very untidy battle where both sides experienced great casualties. This battle acctualy made a decision the fate for your Crimean conflict. This fight was mainly between your Russian soldiers and the France Anglo soldiers and the English. The aim of this challenge for the Russians was to lift up the siege of the Allies from Sevastpool. However poor commanding by the Generals ad direction caused for a damaging loss to the Russians. This demoralized the Russian military greatly since they suffered a lot more losses then your Allies did. Even though the Allies were outnumbered greatly they were able to win this challenge.

Contributors to the War:

Lewis Edward Nolan was a superb a gifted cavalry official born in a family of soldiers. Created in Canada in 1818, he joined the Royal Hussars. He offered with his regiment in a Hungarian and Polish provinces, making reward for his excellent swordsmanship and riding abilities. Down the road he purschased growth to lieutenant and was published as a cavalry depot at Maidstone. He impressed a whole lot of his instructors by his talents and manners. By age 31 Nolan was very famous although he hadn't experienced action. However this would change when he would take part in the Crimean war. He used the cavalry in the most unimaginable way in the Siege of Sevastopol. He helped in a great deal by using the technique of chasing the enemy troops after a fight and carrying out investigation. He later on became a member of the 17th Lancers and rode with them behind Lord Cardigan. He went ahead of them shouting and waving while he viewed the brigade but was taken instantly.

Another major contribution to this conflict was women! It was the first battle where in which women were put as nurses in it. Ellen (Nell) Butler was the partner of 1 of the sailors in the regiment. After witnessing the horrors of the battle, one day within the battlefield she noticed a guy say: 'Nurse, come here and hold down this

man's hands while I take his lower leg off. '. After aiding the healing of this man she became a nurse by default. She attempted her best to help with the wounded as she used her own coating as bandage. Her arm got frostbite at the wintertime of 1854-55. From then on her hubby Michael was dispatched home for a serious wound she returned with him plus they were welcomed as hero's.

Another female with the name of Frances (Fanny) Duberly also acquired a great contribution to the war. She on the other side kept an in depth journal about the battle. She was known as the cavalry partner because she followed her husband on his campaign on her behalf own expense. She recorded lots of the important information on the war where where her partner was dispatched in a dispatch called Shooting Celebrity. Her journal only contributed with offering information on the clash between your Allies and the Russians. She also registered her views in the activities that the Generals made.

Ending and Aftermath of the Battle:

In June of 1855 the last significant fight was the take of Sevastopol. The France and the English were successful in evacuating the area from the Russian troops. The warfare was officialy over when the Treaty of Paris was authorized in March. Russia was pressured to leave all its armed service activates in the Black color Sea area. Thousands of troops lost their lives for that reason war ; Russia having the greatest quantity of causalities. The French gained the most out of the war because of its major victories. The Ottoman Empire on the other hand you'll think gained the most but due to this warfare the weaknesses of the government was exposed. Uk got modernized its military after the conflict. Russia also have the same thing to improve its military.

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