The Battle Of Ww ii Essay

The whole world was effected by the results of World War II, america did its best to prevent the war. Following fighting in the last world warfare only years before, America was not prepared to jump right into another. The events that lead the United States into the war manufactured us not simply fighters on the Homefront nevertheless pioneers in change pertaining to our nation.

World War II officially started on Sept. 2010 19, 1939 two days after Nazi A language like german invaded Belgium. The connections of Great The united kingdom and France were the first to declare war on Germany. Concurrently Great Britain as well as the United States were close allies after WWI president Franklin D. Roosevelt felt remaining neutral in the affairs of Europe was best for the American economic system. The United States even now was involved in World War II before there was real feet on the floor anywhere else in the world, when 2 yrs later President Roosevelt indicators the Lend-Lease Act. The Lend-Lease Work was approved by Congress in March 1941, giving President Franklin D. Roosevelt unlimited authority to direct materials and help such as ammunition, tanks, airplanes, trucks, and food for the war effort in Europe without breaking America is official position of neutrality. By 1945 the Lend-Lease program experienced cost $49. 1 billion, and over forty nations had received aid through the take action. (Timetoast. com "Beginning of WWII")

Through this time as the war was going on in European countries, Japan was working on its grand intend to take over China and all the hawaiian islands in the Pacific for methods and land. While the Us, saw this as a potential problem in the Pacific cycles after Japan invades French controlled Indochina. Soon after Chief executive Roosevelt froze all of Japans assets in the usa, Britain as well as the Dutch East...

... islands. President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave the go ahead towards the atomic bombs dropping upon Hiroshima in August 1945 and Nagasaki 3 days afterwards. At least 100, 500 people perished in the losing of the atomic bombs. Days later The japanese surrenders in August fourteenth, 1945 around the deck in the USS Missouri. (nationalgeographic. com "WWII Timeline")

In conclusion the effects of the U. S. participation in WWII was actually the war work that finished the Great Major depression and helped advance Othe economy right into a peak. This unified the country giving the American persons a reason to come together. The volunteer work done by women led, towards the women is actually rights movement and later legal equality for women inside the work place. The U. S. came out of the war very wealthy, and receiving no significant war damage. It was simply because of this the united states was able to step easily in the role of your superpower.

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