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The Artwork Of Seduction And Notting Hill Film Studies Essay

The film 'The Skill of Seduction' is one of the well-known Korean intimate comedy videos and was manufactured in 2004 by Ki-Hwan Oh who is one of famous and important film makers in Korea and also made Someone Behind You (2007) and Ogamdo(2009). It really is a film version of any reserve called 'The Art of Seduction' and it is said to be everyone's must-see film in order to understand the truth of interactions between men and women in the current lives.

There are two protagonists in this movie is Ji-Won (Ye-Jin Child, a South Korean celebrity who received the best celebrity awards more than ten times in Korean Film Celebrations and now one of top Korean stars), a fiercely pretty woman who always has already established any folks that she desires. The other is Min-Jun (Il-Gook Tune, one of popular Korean stars, who is the son of your Korean celebrity and a member of Korean parliament Kim-Eul Dong), a successful architect, and attractive young gentleman. Both of these have their own guidelines for 100% success in virtually any dates. Ji-Won follows her own dating rules, she makes a fraudulent car crash to get Min-Jun's attention and approaches him effectively. However, although both are extremely attracted to the other person at first view, they start a game which seduces each other using their own guidelines. What intrigues Ji-Won is the fact that Min-Jun will not act exactly like men who always land for her attraction. Min-Jun also thinks Ji-Won is the perfect match and ideal type of girl for him but never shows his true feelings. They are both veteran players in the game of love but finally they show up deeply in love with each other. It is interesting to observe that the movie will not end with both protagonists becoming boyfriend or girl, they appreciate each other's expertness and get a new game of love.

Notting Hill overview

Notting Hill is a British isles romantic film which was produced by Roger Michell who also directed Changing Lanes (2002) and The Mom (2003) in 1999. William Thacker (played out by Hugh Give) is a bookseller in Notting Hill area in West London and shares his home with his Welsh friend, Spike (Rhys Ifans). Every man's goal comes true when Anna Scott (played by Julia Roberts), the world's most well-known and beautiful American actress who's in London focusing on a film, gets into his travel bookshop. She buys one booklet from William and their marriage would end here if William did not go out for another glass of orange juice a few momemts later. He bumps in to her and spills orange juice over her top. William offers to clean up at his place which is very near by and Anna agrees since he appears harmless. Anna thanks William and gives him a kiss, which surprises her even more than him.

They eventually get to know one another better but they find it difficult to be mutually as Anna is the world's well-known celebrity. They get on reasonably well with the other person right before her American actor sweetheart flies to London to see her. Anna, one day, comes to William for help, she actually is annoyed because of harsh press and needs relaxed and comfort. Once more, being as well as a person who is the world's most sought is definitely not easy. William's close friends arrange times for him, assisting him to just forget about Anna Scott and move on. After a few months, Anna trips his travel bookshop with little item, asking to love her again but William replies to her with a remedy 'no'. He thinks what he said to her was the right answer and says his friends who are surprised to hear the story and simply tell him to get her again before it is too later. William and his friends run into where Anna is having the last interview in London before she flies back to America. William pretends to be always a journalist and asks her questions about their marriage and whether she'll forgive him and give another opportunity for their love. Anna says yes with a major happy laugh and the movie ends with the successful romance.

Textual Analysis

Both films 'The Fine art of Seduction' and 'Notting hill' are created in contemporary track record and both films are occur metropolitan area. However, when looking at the key male and female characters in these films, there are some differences in figure settings except the actual fact that male characters are heterosexual. Min-Jun, the male protagonist, is an effective architect in his 30s and he seems to have developed in a high social family. It is shown by his father being truly a playboy and having many young women around him at all times not because of his attraction but his money. Min-Jun in the film is described as handsome, wealthy, smart and stylish. The main feminine identity, Ji-Won, is also a successful fund administrator and her personality is what Korean women's image is focused on, she is portrayed as independent, assertive and perfect face and body.

The main male personality in Notting Hill, William Thacker, is a divorced middle-aged bookseller in West London. He's portrayed as normal, little boring and incapable and he does not participate in high social class. Anna Scott, the female protagonist in the film, is one of the most notable actresses in the world, portrayed as rich, attractive and every man's goal.

There are dissimilarities in building masculinity between the two motion pictures and another section can look at different facets of masculinity other than the character adjustments.


As Min-Jun appears to be wealthy, attractive and smart, he cares a whole lot about his clothes and fashion accessories which women used to service more than men before. "It is called 'Metro intimate' that was born in European countries with increasing male diversity and Min-Jun is also one of metro erotic men who's considering fashion and make investments time and money for himself. " (±·˜ - ˜, -† , www. kbizweek. com: 20 feb 2010)

He goes for gentle, complex and chic style of clothing and the suits he wears are generally from Dolce&Gabanna, Givenchy and Yohji Yamamoto. Furthermore, when women are enthusiastic about bags and assume that which brand or how much their tote costs shows the typical of living and lifestyle, men imagine nice designer watches and shoes make them feel assured. Min-Jun also sells his important watch, which costs over 3500 by Gio Monaco, in substitution for a fabulous night time with Ji-Won. Not merely has he cared about clothes, but he is also thinking about his lifestyle and appearance. Min-Jun is positive about his looking but when he was asked to wait charity night time, specifically called 'Slave time public sale', by Ji-Won, he motivated to get fit by taking lots of exercise at health club. His aim to get a masculine body is prosperous and he waits to charm his masculinity to Ji-Won but all of the sudden loses his confidence as soon as he realizes other participants with more masculine bodybuilder body.

"Because the beginning of 2000, a variety of men's types have located them as they are and it has become their competitive differentiations. " (±·˜ - ˜, -† , www. kbizweek. com: 20 feb 2010)

His eagerness about appearance pertains to female counterpart. Cosmetic surgery is very popular among ladies in Korea and men looking for perfect-looking, which include big eyes, small face and slim body, can be one of the reasons why women get this surgery done. Sometimes men judge women by their appearances more than personalities which is shown by Min-Jun pondering Ji-Won can be considered a perfect match for him one minute after taking a look at her outfits and appearance.

Additionally, Min-Jun is appeared as a sexual object by women. The film 'The Artwork of Seduction' starts off with him seducing a lady psychiatrist by unbuttoning his shirt slowly and gradually and at exactly the same time fascinating his sexuality to her. Ji-Won, like Min-Jun, is assertive about her appearance. She draws in attention from many fellas with her exceptional prettiness and her occupation as an effective private banker is a plus element in consisting of her elegance. Unlike the men protagonist, Ji-Won tends to wear clothes in conservative style, but still shows her S-shaped body range.

William in 'Notting Hill' is rather very ordinary kind of a English man who usually applies to classic and informal style of clothes, which perhaps match his occupation as a bookseller. Not only William does not take regular physical exercise to get exercise, but also he will not seem to service too much about his appearance or his clothes which is shown with a field where he is out to the theatre with Anna Scott. He searches for his glasses all over his house and realises he is likely to be late, he determines to have another option, swim-goggles. It looks funny that he wears swim-goggles while you're watching a movie but also implies that he prioritises practicality somewhat than obsession in styling. Furthermore, he seems lack of self-confidence and it is probably scheduled to his interpersonal status in comparison to Anna and prior marriage failure which should have evolved his lifestyle a lot.

William is portrayed as heart broken and delicate and it definitely is against Min-Jun who is always self-assured about himself. However, Anna, a large world star, slowly but surely attracted by William who might have been just a man who sold her a travel book while she was in London. Anna even has a boyfriend back in America and she has much higher standard of living in comparison to William's.

She is portrayed as 3rd party and perfect looking to the public but no-one except William truly understands her feelings or feelings. Although William is not what we call 'manly kind of dude' or an assertive and smart dude, he instead has true heart and nave personality which might be another important factor to become real man.


There are obvious differences in which the two main individuals behave and treat their girl counterparts. First of all, what Min-Jun will is all examined beforehand. His goals are to seduce and make an impression on the girl who he considers is the perfect match for him, though not necessarily as his partner. Therefore, he does not show his true feelings about her at the start and pretend he hasn't create anything in his mind's eye. In fact, the primary male character is a type of true carers which is shown by many moments in the film. For example, he says to Ji-Won "Yesterday, you were so out of wits so I have asked the physician to take care of you. " It was surprising for her because she crashed into his car and he must have been the main one who needed to see if he were damage.

What is more, most of Min-Jun and Ji-Won's credits credit cards suspended by jealous Do-Chul who has loved Ji-Won for years and always gets rejected by her. They decide to stay static in a Motel and Ji-Won starts off complaining about its condition and dirtiness. Min-Jun is to her that he'll go to restroom and he goes out to a pawnshop to market his expensive watch to get money for dinner and accommodation.

Since he has much self-respect, he never says he feels ill all after working in the rain so many times at night in order to meet Ji-Won. He happens to be a carer and nurturer but does not show his genuine personality to win her. This contradictory personality is what Korean women nowadays, especially younger era prefers than nice and good guys.

Though macho man has been the most traditional and representative masculinity, macho man in 2009 2009 is definately not its perceptions that he is patriarchal and male superior but he is sexually attractive and what we call 'a real great man' (±·˜ - ˜, -† , www. kbizweek. com: 20 feb 2010)

Limiting appearance their emotions and 'one step of progress and two steps again' date rule makes fellas attractive. The particular male character will impresses women as they don't expect a whole lot in the beginning. Min-Jun is delicate and smart and can be considered a bad boy to people women who he thinks do not deserve him in any way.

It can be applied the same to the feminine character in the film 'The Fine art of Seduction'. Men usually react more bravely than women and Ji-Won is portrayed as the god of innocence which most of Korean women would become when going out with with men. When there is a date for supper, she hardly eats and says "I am full already. " She never shows her true thoughts to Min-Jun because she highly feels herself that she will lose out when he senses that she prefers him. How she behaves and foretells whom she wants is one of the typical characteristics of Korean women though it has been changing slowly but surely by younger generation who respects integrity and are braver when seeing with men.

William Thacker, on the other palm, gets the characteristics that happen to be opposed to Min-Jun. He's nice, soft and truthful although these can be seen as quite unattractive and uninteresting for some women. William and Anna's romance commences when he offers to completely clean her clothes at his place and he continues to offer drinks and food to her. Everything he will to her is not researched by any means but it might be due to the fact that Anna is a famous world legend who is an unrealistic girl for him. What is more, even though she confesses him expressing "I'm only a girl, standing before a boy, asking him to love her, " he could not have presumed his ears.

Women in Korea used to fall season for nice and truthful guys and their desire changed to more 'bad young man' type of men. It does not mean William's identity had not been popular among them when the movie came out; his British gentleness is special which is what they have never seen in Korean men.

William, at first, was scared of demonstrating his true thoughts to Anna but as their romantic relationship grows he is no longer shy and becomes more daring. He goes out with Anna for supper and hears people talking and laughing about her rumours and gossips. Since they are having dinner in public areas place, he will try to disregard them but becomes intolerable. He asks them to avoid talking about her because he would like to protect her from getting harmed by a bunch of stupid people.

The main male character is apparently nice, timid and sometimes lifeless, he is still a man who's not frightened of protecting a woman and shows he does indeed care about her.

Anna Scott, the female counterpart of William, is more assertive about her and has much self-respect than him. She is tired of too much attention in her private life and romantic relationship she has possessed in the past. However, she actually is, unlike Ji-Won in 'The Fine art of Seduction', not frightened of demonstrating her feelings and an enthusiastic frame of mind to her male counterpart. Anna is brave enough to inform William that she loves him whereas Ji-Won waits for Min-Jun to say it first.

Gender Roles

There have been stereotypes of gender roles in our society, especially in Korea, men remain conservative about what they are doing or women do at home. "Young students are conventional in their views on gender tasks, often copycatting their fathers' point of view and they trapped to the patriarchal system. " (Kwon Mee-yoo, Staff Reporter, www. koreatimes. co. kr 20 feb 2010)

Min-Jun breaks the traditional gender roles by showing home area of him such as his exceptional baking skills to Ji-Won. What is more, he seems more drawn to independent profession women such as his ex-girlfriend, a psychiatrist, rather than those who become fiscally determined by their boyfriends because they haven't any intellectual ability. He is not embarrassed to show Ji-Won that he is interested in baking or making tea at home.

On the other hand, even though both of these have similar standard of living, he always want to look powerful and strong to her. As a man, he defends Ji-Won while they are really in Jeju Island, trying to fulfill everything she needs or needs by whatever the techniques he is able to do.

The female counterpart represents a great woman inside our modern society, being comfortable and enjoying a significant lifestyle. Though there still is available the cultural stereotype, the ratio of working women has been increasing in Korea, especially as a consequence of increasingly more parents making their children study aboard. This phenomenon is to break the traditional gender jobs, especially of women and give them an possibility to become independent and intellectual so that they can realise their profession in the future.

Gender jobs are just a bit different when it comes to William and Anna; it is less classic and conservative. He is still a man protecting his love from agony and problems by letting her stay at his house even after she let him down. Shelter and security that he offers show his male dominance. It is certainly differentiated from being patriarchal; this can be a facet of a great man.

Nevertheless, she actually is more in control of their relationship and acts in a manner that she wants. It really is due to a difference in their cultural status and undoubtedly William feels it is 'surreal' for him to meet such a beautiful world actress. Men are usually more fearless when they approach to women who these are interested in but he is rather frightened and gets more psychological than her.

Despite Anna's dominance in marriage, she also shows feminine side of her such as making breakfast for him.

"In Britain their county has had a Queen that has politics impact. The election and repeated re-election of Margaret Thatcher as excellent mister show England's desire to have people in management role matching to ability rather than gender. " (Trey Hill, http://ruby. fgcu. edu/courses/10251/e08hill. htm 20 feb 2010) This means that individuals in Great britain do accept women can be in powerful position.

Masculinity Index by Geert Hofstede

It is one of Cultural Dimensions by Hofstede, "taking a look at the degree to which 'masculine' worth like competitiveness and the acquisition of prosperity are valued over 'feminine' ideals like relationship building and quality of life. "

(http://www. kwintessential. co. uk/intercultural/masculinity. html, 22 feb 2010)

It indicates the syndication of gender tasks in a modern culture and it could be masculinity versus femininity. (Geert Hofstede, http://www. geert-hofstede. com, 22 feb 2010)

Korea MAS=39 (Female)

. In life the primary priorities are the family, romantic relationships and quality of life

. Issues should ultimately be resolved through negotiation

. People should share similar positions in society

. Experts "work to reside, " signifying longer trips and versatile working hours

UK MAS=66 (Masculine)

. Life's priorities are accomplishment, prosperity and expansion

. It is acceptable to stay conflicts through intense means

. Both males and females have different assignments in society

. specialists often "live to work", signifying longer work hours and brief vacations

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