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The Applications Of Content Marketing Marketing Essay

Several companies use content marketing stations to get consumers like the content, comment on the content, and share the content. With its fairly new presence, companies are at the moment starting to take advantage of its software. However, many companies have been extremely successful using its use. While using expansion of sociable media, companies have had great success on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to market their products' content. Several companies that have acquired success with content marketing include Instagram, American Exhibit, and Mint.

The growth of social media marketing is helping extend content marketing as well. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all provide a simple and affordable approach to marketing content. Facebook, essentially the most used channel, allows businesses to post information via wall articles, pictures, or videos over a business's site for the globe to see. This allows users to get the information about products and from there, they can talk about it with other users on Facebook's website. Next is Twitter. Twitter allows businesses to create a "tweet" about their products that will appear on their fans' timeline. From there, their fans can "retweet" the meaning and allow other users to view it who follow them. Many businesses use Twitter to keep their customers informed about the products they give and products they will soon offer. Instagram is a photo-sharing program and public media website which allows users to have a picture and show it with practically the globe. The service is free allowing many consumers as well as businesses to use good thing about its service. Companies are now using Instagram for content marketing purposes. An effective lesson that may be learned from Instagram is the fact it does not have any direct marketplace. Anyone who takes a picture and uploads it is a superb target for the company. This allows Instagram to have a diverse consumer basic for different purposes. Next, thus giving businesses an advantage since it allows consumers to see what businesses post about this content of the products. For content marketing purposes, Instagram's blog will serve as a platform for users to share their reviews via images. Rather than straight promoting itself, Instagram gives users the power to talk about themselves via the Instagram product (Cohen, 2012).

Next, American Express has widened its content marketing strategies with the creation of OpenForum. com (Snow, 2011). Start Forum is a content marketing websites which allows a variety of businesses to create information, such as websites, videos, articles, or podcasts, on their website to entice other businesses to it to be able to increase business-to-business sales. Start Forum gives small businesses the tools they have to operate and information about how precisely to operate their business. Some content is created by other web publishers like Inc. Journal or Mashable, and put up on Start Forum's website, and other articles are manufactured by Open up Forum writers. Regarding to Shane Snow, a writer for Mashable, Open up Forum is a "hybrid advertising/visitor blogging/in-house editorial procedure, and it's fostering a community around the topic of owning a business. " Also regarding to Snow, some lessons from North american Expresses content marketing is get respected contributors to publish guest content on your properties, develop users around a subject and let your brand be the number of the community, and don't disregard original content that was created.

Mint is known as a market leader in online personal finance. It has been very successful with its content marketing strategies. Mint's blog created a blog entitled MintLife that was a primary part of the company's operation. Mint dedicated significant resources to its blog, including a complete time editorial staff and a slew of freelance contributors, unlike other companies that might rarely update their weblogs or social press webpages. It used public reports sites like Reddit and Digg, and Mint started out to make their consumer bottom when their consumers commenced to see reliable and interesting content on the sites. The visitors of the website began to be customers of Mint and began to promote Mint's products on personal social media web pages such as Facebook and Twitter.

Kraft Foods in addition has been very successful in content marketing. Their emphasis is not on marketing their products; however, it is on bettering their current customers' and members' lives and maintaining good customer relationship management. An example of their content online marketing strategy is kraftrecipes. com that is online since 1992. Kraftrecipes. com offers dishes to its customers. There is also extended to using YouTube as well as mobile software and social multimedia sites. To be able to evaluate their content marketing success, Kraft measures its traffic and proposal on different stations and sites (Gutman, Kraft Foods Meals Out Its Formula for Successful Content Marketing, 2012). According to Julie Fleischer, Director of Content Strategy & Integration at Kraft Foods, "The ROI on our Content Marketing work is among the highest of most of our own marketing efforts. "

The last company of concentration is Sears Holdings Company. Sears uses other ways of connecting people who have their content. FitStudio is Sears's online fitness community. On the site, they use different fitness experts to set-up content (Gutman, Sears Points out Its Success In Content Marketing, 2012). The expert contributors all reach various wellbeing communities and draw these to the FitStudio content, relating to Julia Fitzgerald, Main Digital Official for Fitness, Sporting Goods & Toys and games at Sears. They use several different stations, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and Shop THE RIGHT PATH, to market the FitStudio content as well as some paid ways of distribution as well. To measure their success, the look at FitStudio's account, engagement, page views, return visits, promotion redemption, or purchase (Gutman, Sears Points out Its Success In Content Marketing, 2012). Overall, they look at how involved are their customers in determining their success.

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