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The BENEFITS OF Peer To Peer Education Education Essay

Peer-to-peer education was followed in many countries across the world. Accurately, if we pay our attention to look around in the school campuses or the libraries, we shall see many groups of students discussing the various topics. Despite the fact that we do not really know what they are discussing, we can assume they are writing the ideas, testimonies or information to each other. That is so-called Peer-to-Peer education. In fact, Peer-to-Peer education's explanation is the same as Peer education's. Predicated on the definitions derived from Peer Education Training of Instructors Manual (2003) and the web dictionary from riseup. net, we found the followings:

Peer education is the process whereby well-trained and stimulated young people undertake informal or arranged educational activities with the peers (those a lot like themselves in age, background or interests) over a period of time, aimed at developing their knowledge, behaviour, beliefs and skills and enabling them to be in charge of and protect their own health. Peer education can take put in place small groupings or through individual contact and in a number of settings: in classes and universities, golf clubs, churches, workplaces, on the road or in a shelter, or wherever teenagers gather. (10)

Peer-to-Peer education is a kind of learning where one person discovers from someone else, without one having to be a "teacher", and the other one being truly a "student". The word is related to peer-to-peer technology in internet, like getting music p2p, from one computer to another.

Additionally, Susie Green also offered the similar classification of peer-to-peer education, which is similar to previous explanation; however, she added more that it ought to be for all people irrespective of their age ranges, races or position. There are lots of questions which were asked that why peer-to-peer education is so popular and just why many countries try to choose Peer-to-Peer education. Perhaps they have many advantages. It is therefore the right time to figure out the answers.

Based on creating a positive learning environment in institution campus, peer-to-peer education endeavors to market students' "academics, cultural, and job-related skills" (Lipsky, 2010). Actually, positive learning environment refers to the group review which is set up by the students. Peer-to-peer teachers, who are known as students or tutors, are permit to talk about as well as exchange their ideas and sources about the subject matters with each other. Preferably, the students, sitting down in the class and observing every part of the lesson, are thought to understand the lessons well. The truth is, some students might not have the ability to catch up every single point that has been educated by their professors. Therefore, peer-to-peer education is an excellent solution which is generally used to fill the gaps that the students have in conditions of storing and providing the understandings of the topic matter which can be willingly donated by other members, who gained the better understanding inside class. Within the peer-to-peer learning group, poor students can absorb the items that they did not capture up in the course previously, and also they can join the discussion; that is to say, The individuals "have to exhibit their own value, ethics moral and thoughts and opinions" (Aidnet, 2003, p. 25). Furthermore, they can promote responsibilities among their peers to determine more detailed information related to topic of these group research which requires these to do more searching and then present it to the group customers. Sooner or later, the students will improve their academic skills, which can be receptive skills and successful skills. Most of all, peer-to-peer teachers are supposed to gain a little extra skills such as effective demonstration and management, which helps enhance their knowledge, self-assurance and job-related skills.

Literally, peer-to-peer education is procedure for uniting people who have different cultures and behaviour within the peer-to-peer educational space. Precisely, brought up by John N, Gardner (2010, p. 41-42), social diversity can lead to the confusions among people, and it could cause the conflicts in modern culture. Therefore, in some occasions in school, students are stimulated showing their own culture by undertaking their traditional party or putting on their traditional clothes. The purpose of achieving this is to give the students the possibility to share their culture, which represents their countries, with the other students. More than that, Lynne Tammi and Susie Green described peer-to-peer education is an important factor for Cultural Variety task because their goal is the same; in other words, they tend to make reconciliation and promote people's respecting the value of each other. Exactly, peer-to-peer education motivates people to learn the other cultures using their company peers. Like a reference to a study by John N, Gardner (2010, section 3), we've learned that as the "discrimination, prejudice and stereotypes" are taken care of and eradicated, peer-to-peer educators are able to gain the awareness of other ethnicities, which enable those to build a good rapport and live with the other person under the same roof covering.

Peer-to-peer education is the catalyst for facilitate the students' acquisition of the data about health issue such as HIV/Help or diabetes in the areas. Actually, the media plays a significant role in wide spreading the knowledge about ailment, especially for adult. However, it may not have the ability to cover all the parts without peer-to-peer education. In this case, peer-to-peer education helps spreading and specifying the info related to sexual health, which might happen to adults, such HIV/Help. In Peer education training of trainer manual (2003, p. 12-15), there is a good example saying the problem of condom usage. In illustration, condom has been introduced on TV; however, the specific detail about how exactly to make use of it continues to be not specified for a few adults. In one another case, a young man is aware of the advantages of using condom and the teaching to use it; however, he does not know where he can find or buy it by himself. Therefore, the men and women can talk to their friends who are well-informed or have enough experience about any of it secretly. Furthermore, Mr. Chean Men, who's biologist, accomplished his work with "MoPoTsyo" to help villagers handle diabetes. He indicated his opinion about using peer-to-peer education in Cambodia. He explained that during his work on investigating the diabetes in the Cambodia especially in the rural areas, his acquaintances and he gained a huge consciousness that peer-to-peer education is the best method to disseminate the info about diabetes and easily deal with the individuals who need help. First of all, they went to the local university and shared what they have learned about the indicator of diabetes and the foundation of preventing it to the educators and the volunteers in purpose to encourage them to spread the information to students and the villagers, which gave a good quality eventually. Nowadays the health issue is no more the problem for people including women and men because they're encouraged to discuss also to consider that medical condition is not a personal problem; in truth, it is everyone's problem.

In finish, Peer-to-Peer education helps many people such as parents and students to achieve acquiring skills such job-related skills and academic skills. In addition, it helps students to understanding about the culture relativism and unity, and most significantly, it stimulates adult to discuss health issues with the friends and experts to be able to maintain their physical and mental health. Therefore, Peer-to-Peer education can be an important method that has been used and should be utilized in many countries, especially in developing countries even if the media has achieved its work very well.

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