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The Release And Background Of Ebay IT Essay

EBay was launched in 1995 as an online platform that allowed useful peer-to-peer trading within an public sale format. (Daniels, John D. , Radebaugh, Lee H. , Sullivan, Daniel P. , 2007) The online auction site provided an area on the internet for people to buy, sell, and trade any multitude of items from almost any category imaginable. For the business enterprise itself, the beauty of it is the fact that eBay does not have any inventory, storage, transportation or production costs associated with their product. The product is simply providing the environment online for people to auction their goods. The concept can be thought of much as an electronic garage or yard sale where for a little payment, people can post their items on eBay. The selling price for items placed is totally up to the individual and ebay just obtains a small percentage of the selling price after the auction is complete, usuall between 7 and 18 percent. (Daniels, John D. , Radebaugh, Lee H. , Sullivan, Daniel P. , 2007). Therefore, eBay's primary competency is merely corresponding buyer and retailer together via an online platform.

Initially, eBay's strategy was to match up purchasers and vendors collecting a tiny charge from each transaction, but the business grew quickly. One reason behind the rapid expansion was the fact that eBay was providing an outlet for items which weren't very marketable by typical store fronts. On top of that, the internet hook up people from all over, making marketing almost free. By 1999, eBay's online revenues grew to $225 million and prolonged to expand to 3. 2 billion dollars by 2004. (Daniels, John D. , Radebaugh, Lee H. , Sullivan, Daniel P. , 2007) Up up to now almost all of the new users of eBay resided in the United States but the site was seen by people all around the globe. The presented eBay with the possibility to expand globally as a means to increase their value string.

In order to comply with their company eyesight of creating the world's greatest global trading community and to help people trade, eBay was required to expand into the global market by understanding and embracing a decentralized value string. This meant attracting new registered users from international countries by creating basically indie country subsidiaries. For example, eBay started acquiring companies in international countries which were similar auction sites. This allowed eBay not only to gain those customers from the purchased company but take advantage of the cultural acceptance of this particular company. Several foreign businesses controlled in their local language which makes it easier for local people to conduct business with eBay. In time, eBay would change the titles of the companies however, not lose the clients because they designed the attained company to the core competency and company eyesight. This strategy exposed new market segments for eBay around the world.

It is important to reemphasize that eBay's value chain is virtual due to the fact there is no real product associated using their main competency. Value string refers to the true work an enterprise must do in order to conceive, design, produce, market, and spread a product and its support to the buyer. In eBay's case, the Internet has circumvented real improve the alternative idea of the digital value string. Value is established through virtual systems, alternatively than through static, internally centered "chains". (Daniels, John D. , Radebaugh, Lee H. , Sullivan, Daniel P. , 2007)

Ebay's initial strategy involved corresponding up purchasers and sellers. The ultimate details of a transaction were totally up to both parties involved rather than eBay itself. Shipping and money copy were the responsibility of the seller. Ebay began looking for ways to innovate and does so by purchasing the company PayPal which is employed to transfer repayments between purchasers and sellers. Now, not only performed eBay provide a medium for customers to carry out auctions, nevertheless they also provided a straightforward way to complete shipping and payment ventures. Again, this added feature is online in character. Ebay still does not have any real resource involved but collects a cost on any business deal. Which means value chain in increased even more.

Ebay began rivalling with other businesses offering mainstream products for sale on their auction platform. Whereas an auction normally posted something for sale for a degree of time and the highest bidder won, mainstream products would be located on public sale with a reserve and a "buy now" price applied for those not attempting to wait out enough time of the auction. The downfall to the is that if the reserve bet was not achieved, the item didn't sell. Although this plan is still active, more emphasis is now located on eBay's original strategy. Because specific retailers were overrun by fixed-price merchants they lost affinity for the site and buyers commenced looking elsewhere to find the less mainstream products upon which eBay built its business. In an article titled eBay's New Strategy: THAT WHICH WAS Once Old is New Again, publisher Matt Tempo coined eBay's new strategy as, "It's away with the new and in with the old both in terms of commercial strategy and product mix". After failing to remain competitive as a fixed-priced on line store with Amazon. com and Walmart, eBay made a decision to revert back to its original idea of an auction clearinghouse for used goods and collectables. (Matt Pace, 2009)

Now that eBay is back again to its primary competency, what's the way forward? Profits and expansion were starting to fall based generally on the fact that eBay hadn't successfully changed into some international marketplaces. Because eBay's platform depends on internet use, many growing economies were handicapped in the fact that most households do not have online connections. When faced with this problem, eBay saw an possibility to grow by moving into the telecommunications market. Ebay purchased the company Skype as a way to penetrate market segments where computer gain access to was limited but communications was not. Matching to Skype Leader Josh Silverman, "communications is no longer just about words; it's now multi-modal: disposition messages, chat, voice calling, multi-party calling, video getting in touch with and online display screen writing. Where and how we communicate is expanding to laptops, mobile phones, and flat panel TV's. " "Any linked computing device by adding software becomes a communication device". Skype persists to include over 350, 000 new bill registrations per day all over the world. (Jim Courtney, 2009) Matching to executives, the synergies of standalone businesses, eBay, PayPal and Skype be capable of follow new market opportunities and record future growth. Working jointly, these three businesses can create completely new opportunities for invention and growth, and redouble the strength of the company's command position (eBay-Inc, 2006)

Ebay has persisted to reenforce their position in their market by achieving new challenges head on. Tackling problems such as translational software and online security is a top priority. Ebay declared assistance with Yahoo! on phishing and corresponding eBay's CEO, Meg Whitman, "this will be our central competency over the next 10 years. " The balance is tricky, but the company has dipped its toe in the communal networking waters several times, most recently on Wednesday when Skype partnered with MySpace to be the world's most significant speech network. (Wendy Tanaka, 2007) Every one of the challenges experienced by eBay can be culminated in a single small change in their strategy for the a long time. The initial strategy of providing an environment for clients and vendors to auction their items has morphed into seeking out new buyers and sellers to utilize their environment through added prices in their value string.

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