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The Progress Of Human Welfare Education Essay

Education is the procedure of nurturing and developing the abilities, capacities and potentials of the students to prepare them to reach your goals in their chosen jobs. From this perspective, education is offering primarily as an individual development function. Education is frequent and ongoing. It is a never ending process. Formal education usually begins at the age four when children are collected together for the purposes of specific direction related to skills and competencies that world deems important. Before, once students finishes formal education in the tertiary level, the procedure was finished. However, in today's changing world, individuals do not only learn inside the four walls of the school room and continue steadily to learn throughout their working lives.

In its broadest sense, education may be defined as a process developed to instill the knowledge, skills, skills and attitudes essential to permit individuals to modify and manage effectively using their environment. Its main purpose is to foster and promote the fullest self-realization for all those individual. Obtaining this goal requires knowledge of determination to the proposition that education is female tool or instrument for the growth of individuals welfare both on sociable and monetary aspect (Verma, 1990).

Ramaswamy(1990), stated that we are in the technology where the world is becoming more and more competitive, performance and quality of work is just about the main factor for personal improvement and development. Every arents want the best and only the best for his or her children. They need their children to stand out and also to be at the top. With this want to excel and be at the top, the pressure isn't just with the students but with the educators, the colleges and on the whole the training system itself. In fact, it seems as if the complete educational system revolves around the students' educational success, though other various final results are also expected from the institution system. Thus the institution exerts a lot of time, work and resources in assisting students to achieve better in their scholastic endeavors. The need for academics and scholastic achievement gave surge to important questions for educational researchers. What factors plays a part in the academic success of students? Just how do these different facets contribute towards their educational achievement?

Safaya, et al. (1963) stated that human life, which is the best creation and gift of god to humankind, offers two aspects: The biological and sociological or ethnical. While the former is taken care of and sent by food and reproduction, the last mentioned is conserved and sent by education. It really is again through education that he stimulates his intelligence and provides his knowledge with which he can move the globe for good and then for evil according to his wants. Education in truth, is one of the major "life techniques" of the human beings "in the same way there are specific indispensable vital techniques of life in a natural sense. So education may certainly be a essential process in a public sense. Education is essential to normal living, without education the individual would be unqualified for group life.

Every student's academic success may be influenced by various factors like intellect, study habits, different facets of the personality, behaviour of the students towards university, peers, socio monetary status, demographic profile, the institution system etc. The need to be successful is derived from individual's idea of himself and in terms of this is of various incentives as they spell success and inability in the attention of others. Thus a child who recognizes himself to be on top, as scholars, as successful may set as his goal the attainment of the highest grade in the class.

Nuthanap (2007) said that any modern society will never be able achieve its goal of cultural advancement, technical development and financial progress without cultivating and developing the abilities of its individuals. One of the major purposes of education is to help children to develop their skills and those skills will help them have a much better future. Professors and counselors in educational companies are often confronted with students who may actually have above average scholastic aptitude but are extremely poor in their studies. A continuing question that puzzles them is the reason why some students succeed in their study while others do not. This question may also be considered to be directly related to learning than coaching. Jamuar (1974) stated that not only on good teaching methods but also good analysis attitude affects the students learning. Anwana and Cobbach (1989) are also of the view that there are other factors why students do badly academically other than low intellectual capacity. Tiwari and Bansal (1994) also mentioned if an individual has a high academic achievement he is likely to have a much better opportunity in life and low achievers will have difficulty in landing a job after graduation.

In our modern culture academic achievement is considered a basis for an individual's potentials and features. Hence academic accomplishment occupies an essential put in place education as well as in the learning process. Academic achievement is described by Crow and Crow (1969) as the extent to which a learner is profiting from instructions in confirmed region of learning i. e. , accomplishment is reflected by the magnitude to which skill and knowledge has been imparted to him. Academics achievements also denotes the knowledge accomplished and skill developed in the institution subject, usually selected by test results. Achievement is affected by personality, motivation, opportunities, education and training.

There are other factors also which effect the academic achievement of university student like study habit, self-concept, socio monetary status, intelligence etc.

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