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Points to include in an essay on texting while driving

We all get stuck whenever it comes to writing an essay, not because we are not at a loss of words, but we keep pushing our mind to think better. The first thing that you need for a good essay is the perfect topic. There are lots of ways of writing a definition essay and you just need to pick the one that suits you best. For most of the people, the problem lies in building a thesis statement that is strong enough and outlines the body of the whole essay in a concise manner. Let us say you have to draft a texting while driving essay, then you will have to plan the structure of the essay first. It is important to jot down the points that you are going to make. Otherwise, you will feel as if you are not going anywhere. Let us give a few good pointers to start with:

You can start by telling the readers how texting while driving a car makes the driver vulnerable to a mishap and this is something which happens all over the world, especially in the past decade as this trend has picked up. You might be confident enough to type while driving, but no matter how much experienced you are, yet you can always become the victim of someone else’s stupidity. The art of creative writing involves proper articulation and choice of words since it is very important that you give a familiar tone to the readers that they can easily relate to. In any texting while driving argumentative essay, the author usually tries to show the root cause of a problem and then depicts the diverse consequences that it can lead to. Eventually, the solution part comes and if the initial sections of the essay sound convincing enough, then the readers will definitely adhere and deem the solutions to be sensible.

As it has been mentioned in the previous section, the first thing to include in the essay should be the problem statement which highlights what the problem is followed by its root causes. You can add the point that the government needs to take preventive action in order to make the laws even uniform and punishment has to be bestowed upon the offenders. In addition to that, while writing a critical essay can also write that the governing bodies must ideate and put together an action plan to educate the people on how hazardous can it be to touch your phone while you are driving.

Using examples to emphasize on the problem statement

If you search on the internet, then you are bound to come across lots of examples where people have either been injured grievously or lost their lives just because they were texting someone while driving. There are lots of ways in which you can pay emphasis on the topic and the best way to do that is to put examples. Write a case study analysis in such a way so as to entail an underlying message which must come out towards the end of the essay in the conclusion paragraph. The message has to be loud enough to make sense since in the current day and age; the number of mobile phone users has surpassed the billions. Also, with instant access to the internet and social media sites, people are not able to stop themselves from being fixated to Twitter, text messages, and Facebook. Also, since these applications have made their way to Smartphones, thus the exposure to social media has received such an extent that people tend to be easily diverted. And this is what can make them lose their lives especially when they are driving as it merely takes one second for things to go wrong.

Any texting while driving essay must adhere to the proper format as prescribed on the internet. You can simply look up the format by searching it on Google as you will come across thousands of links. Just pick the format which you think will suit best for the type of content that you have planned to incorporate in the essay. Any texting while driving essay outline must be based on certain facts and figures. If you consult an expert, then they will certainly ask you to formulate the premise of the essay by adding statistics, but keep one thing in mind that if you are quoting statistics, then they should be backed by the source from where you pulled the data. Otherwise, the readers will not be able to ascertain credibility which is immensely important. In texting while driving essays, if you are claiming that the statistic of deaths and injuries due to texting while driving is growing at an alarming rate of 4% annually, then you need to make sure that the source is legitimate enough to be relied upon.

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