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Tendering And Methods

The approach to single level selective tendering requires finding companies, possibly from past experience, and requesting them to send tenders for the job at hand.

Because you select your companies yourself you can properly dig for the best one. Earlier experience is obviously a help in deciding, in addition but you can take into account the resources of the company you're using, their health and protection record and their personal references. In addition but when choosing a builder it is also sensible to consider the sort of work your doing, some companies will specialise in several areas. There are a few benefits to using single level selective tendering, firstly you can make your own contractor and remove bad executing contractors, secondly companies are competitive over it and finally you can turn your contractors ensuring you will have a fresh pair of hands.

Two Level Selection

Sometimes, potential companies may be invited to initial conversations about the job to provide source. This is usually only once a job has a short time scale or the client doesn't have enough time to utilize. After this preliminary discussion your client can ask his favourite contractors back for another, which again is a good way to assemble more ideas and different inputs on the job. Following the second interview your client should know who he would like on board and it the discussions should make it better to select his company. This is a great way of selecting a contractor as you can gather an array of suggestions from the first two discussions; it also allows the client to meet all potential applicants allowing him to make a reasonable decision. In the next meeting it is likely the contractors will bring bills of volumes to submit within the final sensitive.

Open Tendering

Open tendering almost clarifies itself. A customer will put some type of advertisement out for a contractor and all companies are welcome to reply. The client can then get this to decision predicated on portfolios, personal references or CV's of potential companies. Open tenders usually take place when a service such a street cleaning is needed. The major disadvantage in wide open tendering is that many contractors who you have know nothing about, considering their costs and reputation too, can apply, indicating you could finish up making a bad decision anticipated to minimal knowledge. References are essential in available tendering.

Serial Tendering

Serial tendering has lots of benefits to it. It is because when you choose a company for serial tendering he'll be involved on a number of jobs. The contractor offers a price for the first project and then uses this to estimate prices for the next tasks. This method of tendering is usually used whenever there are lots of similar jobs taking place, for example a series of academic institutions being built. Advantages to serials tendering are that firstly, the contractor benefits valuable knowledge from original projects to be utilized in the other assignments and secondly your client is guaranteed a long term commitment from the company.


There are a variety of objectives you will arranged yourself in the tendering level of a project. These items can come with an have an impact on on the tender costs, and if they're not met, it means your current price will climb.

Profit Margin

The profit percentage of a project is actually how much income there is to be made, this is a figure taking into consideration every one of the costs, once each one of these costs deductions are done our company is remaining with a hard figure or how much money is usually to be made.


Costs are always an integral thing to bear in mind; it'll definitely be an objective for the contractors and customer to ensure that they keep within their cost restraints. The lower the entire costs of your project, the low the price tag will be. Some contractors will loose money from other own pocket if they do not maintain their initial place costs.


It is important to ensure you keep inside your timescale on a project, lengthy jobs will cost more money than short ones and exceeding your time level will have a move on influence on the overall price.



Main Contractors

The main impact in the levels of tenders is the worthiness of a task. Small projects generally have large lump total overheads resulting in small profit margins whereas larger projects rely on substantial financial commitments. You'll find so many other factors that have an effect on the levels of tendering:

The number and reputation of other companies endeavoring to secure a tender.

The economic climate of the country.

Bank of England Bottom part rate - higher bottom rate=higher loan repayment



The location of any project can have an enormous effect on the sensitive price. For Example, if a customer chose a contractor based in the UK to carry out works in northern Scotland the tender price will be significantly higher. Not only will prices grow because of the fact that the service provider will have to get himself and his men and machinery to northern Scotland and back but sometimes, on long-term tasks, the contractor must pay for non permanent accommodation, including food and drink. Temporary accommodation will cost a lot and can have a great affect on the companies' tender price. Not only this but also, if the job is based anywhere like London, where living costs are significantly larger than all of those other UK, this may impact the sensitive price.

Site Access

The ease of access of a niche site can also have a significant influence on the tender price. If the website is in the center of a active city centre, this can make it hard for large plant to gain access to; city centres also bring a lot of traffic which results in delays. In case your site is small with few access routes or highways it can consider difficult for greater plant to enter, some tasks require new access items and routes to be made for larger herb to do their careers. This certainly costs money, which results on a more substantial tender price.

Site Conditions

If the chosen site is unlevelled or bad this means that before works may also proceed, the site should be sorted out. This may cost a lot of time and money with regards to the state of the website. Some sites are polluted which will result in a massive operation to decontaminate the site and a massive increase in tender pricing.

Sub Contractors

Subcontractors are usually appointed in one of two ways. The first way is really as a domestic subcontractor to the key contractor and the second reason is a nominated subcontractor by the client. When there is specialist work that needs to be done that a contractor cannot, he'll send for a subcontractor who can do the work. Some subcontractors get recommend by your client. There are once again, factors that impact the prices:

The location of the work

The timetable of the subcontractor

How specialist the task is

The customer/contractor romantic relationship with the sub service provider.


Single Stage Selective

Single stage tendering requires the potential contractors to attend one interview with your client before one is chosen. This method is usually used when the client is buying a partnership arrangement with a assured price and earnings share. Single rate is also good for projects that require specialist attention. It really is a good method for the jobs such as nursing homes where the consumer can guarantee a utmost price.

Two Stage Selection

This kind of tendering is often used for the design and build aspect of a job as it is good for gathering a variety of ideas from a number of potential companies. A sensible contractor will bring tips to save money to the client and whoever usually handles to save lots of the most money will be employed. That is a good method for specialised needs as the information you gather from the contractors can inform you on whether of not they themselves can perform the work, which is cheaper, or whether they have good links with sub contractors that specialise for the reason that area. Two level selection is good for any building that needs specialist care and attention and also for institution and schools as the client gets significant insight from all the companies in the first two phases.

Serial Tendering

Serial tendering can be used whenever there are lots of similar assignments being undertook. It really is good because the builder can use his knowledge from pricing the first building to then price the following projects too. Not all the projects have the same design but are similar in materials and seed need. This allows the contractor to obtain a quicker notion of price ranges for the other assignments as he already is aware what he's wanting. Serial tendering is used when a series of institution are being built, it can also work for a series of police stations or nursing homes. Serial tendering is also good for housing projects, shop chains and restaurant chains.

Open Tendering

Open tendering is the most traditional tendering method. It really is when anyone is open to submit a tender and your client will feel the candidates and choose, who he believes, to be the most suitable candidate. Open up tendering can work for any kind of building and also is used for standard services like road cleaning. It really is good because you get an array of job seekers to choose from. Even complexes that need specialist work done can be open tendered as the contractors themselves can appoint subcontractors for this kind of work.

There are a variety of factors that will have an effect on tender solution to be chosen, the next factors can all have an effect on the type of tender method you use;

The located area of the project, European engineering works are usually handled in a different way to non-EU construction projects.

Project size, large multi-million tasks sometimes need the combined help of lots of companies, e. g. Route Tunnel.

Financial steadiness of construction company tendering for the task.

Company reputation

Company resources, including flower, labour and materials.

Company competency, including health insurance and protection aspects.

The size of projects does have a major effect on the contractor you may use. For many small projects, worthy of around 10, 000 or less, nearly all clients would find a local contractor to do the job, however for the larger scale projects companies can be earned from all edges of the united states.

Not only size but also the type of work being completed affects this too, as mentioned before, sometimes lots of contractors must join jointly, in what we call a consortium, in order to meet up with the popular of resources needed.

And last but not least, the large, high-value tasks must be kept an attention on. To ensure they have the capability to take on such a huge financial debt and the associated cash flow requirements, the financial accounts of your prospective sensitive must be inspected over quite a few years.

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