Telstra MAY BE THE Australias Largest Telecommunications Companies Marketing Essay


Telstra is the Australia's greatest telecommunications companies. it's the state-owned enterprises in Australia. Telstra is the main one of the world's best telecommunications company, which is the Australia's leading full-service telecommunications operator, it also setup a special department responsible for the development of data, internet and e-commerce business to market the introduction of value-added services.

Telstra's marketing strategy is very successful, so the report firstly introduces the background of the Telstra. and second of all, it use market tool --SWOT to evaluation the Telstra, from opportunities, threats, advantages, weaknesses, and then analysis the Telstra 's strategy. Finally, it gives a short summary.

1. Introduction

Network modernization not only helps enhance the traditional telecommunications services, but also to promote mobile services, internet and data services, and helps develop the business enterprise market. In the past three years, TELSTRA development generally rises. Through the revenue expansion, Total working income growth, however the progress rate has lowered mobile, data and internet income growth fast, while the local, countrywide and international long-distance earnings growth was flat, plus some negative expansion.

2. The backdrop of the Telstra

Telstra is Australia's major telecommunications and information services company, is the most significant mobile providers and internet service providers. In 1997, the Australian Authorities sell 49. 9percant of the stocks to the institutional buyers and individual investors to stake in the company's partial privatization, the federal government still supports 50. 1percent of the shares.

Its GSM network covers 94 percent of the country's areas and population, and may be roaming in 65 countries; the next data network services have been opened based on CDMA technology. At present, Telstra's internet users have more than 400, 000, to market the introduction of value-added business; it set up a special department responsible for the introduction of data, internet and e-commerce business. (http://www. telstra. com. au/)

3. SWOT analysis

3. 1 Strengths

Telstra is the first operator which leads Australia into mobile broadband, since that time, it possessed the good thing about maintaining network performance, Bandwidth upgrade to 21MBps. High bandwidth with free motion, the capabilities of accessing at anytime and anywhere, which makes 3G networks become increasingly attractive to users. Telstra is the Australia's dominant carrier, which may be regarded as the countrywide telecommunications operator to really have the most intensive coverage of business. Propaganda on the market, Telstra has always emphasized so it has features of the largest masks, a wide speed and high capacity, that allows it to fee a cost above the competitive service

3. 2 weaknesses

The wireless network was operated by the business -3GIS which really is a jv between Telstra and HH. This strategy made Telstra to have the opportunity to quickly add 3G services in the 2100 MHz, then your band's end product was reinforced which includes been printed. However, Telstra has three different mobile systems, the features, costs and coverage change of every network were different. This example is highly complex to the finish customer, which is the high cost for Telstra. In addition, the 2G network traffic is constantly on the increase, but the 2G key network already near to the finish of its useful life

3. 3 opportunities

In order to provide support for more efficient business for mobile voice, Telstra introduced a new technology of mobile sites to switch server. Before the implementation of the reform, many of these servers will be changed by a new generation of machines, which made four "MSC Server Blade Cluster" nodes in the two locations the of the four sites

With the launch of the new node and upgrading the management system, and, Telstra also expected to further reduce operating costs following the operation was improved upon (Muirhead, Hawkins, 1996).

The feature of "3G Direct Tunnel" allows Telstra to improve the release of its mobile packet center network capacity for data services. It just needs a software upgrade of existing sites without purchasing additional hardware. To be able to increase network capacity for demand, and reduce the cost was increased through the network capacity. The introduction of new technologies helped bring a significant room for expansion and market opportunities to Telstra

3. 4 threat

Australia's smaller fixed-line telecom providers will spend 4. 1 billion Australian us dollars (three billion U. S. us dollars) to construct high-speed broadband network. 9 major fixed telecom rivals of Telstra's proposes to create a shared network, and could be associated with private equity or other financial traders. Telstra own broadband initiatives were under danger, because the move might harm small-scale fixed-line operator

Telstras rivals Vodafone and Optus / SingTel are operating GSM systems, but coverage is significantly less than Telstra. You can find other related organizations retailing these network-based mobile services, for example, Virgin Mobile resell network business on Optus / SingTel (Shields, Harvey, 2010˜.

4. Telstra Marketing Strategy

4. 1The Strategy of customer Segmentation

Consumer culture has its own variety of consumption patterns with different age group and different love-making; different cultural habits determine the magnitude of the use of new business(Banuargo, 2008). Australian operator Telstra launched personalized services for teenagers in June 2002. It Targeted young people under the age of 25 marketplaces. Which created the brand Communic8 business based on the habits and expenditure constraints of teenagers using text messaging services.

In brand with the new Text program, Communie8 also organized Text message promotional activities in cooperation with Sony Ericsson to get the fastest users to send texts. The analysis also shows that, Communic8 users continue steadily to increase SMS usage to chat and plan their public activities.

4. 2 Customer-focused marketing strategy

As the product quality service businesses, their customer devotion ratings were higher, but customer high commitment is closely related with sustainable growth of enterprises. These enterprises invested human and financial resources to understand customer needs, then develop impressive strategies and improve service predicated on customer needs.

As a leader in the telecommunications industry in Australia, Australian telecommunications company (Telstra) is clear to know very well what organization customers need. Customers want Australian telecommunications company's complex staff to visit them and solve various issues in front of their face (Rogers, 2004). Therefore, the Australian telecommunications company redesigned the earnings sharing and incentive systems, which aims to boost service quality while increasing output. Beneath the new motivation system, each complex personnel in the Australian telecommunications company has known responsibilities and objectives of their every day work.

4. 3Value differentiation strategy

The value of differentiation strategy has a great impact on the current financial of Telstra environment has little effect on the Telstra business. Actually, it is this monetary environment, cordless applications has become more highlighted, because these businesses can reduce reference occupation, reduce traffic, and improve efficiency (Ross, Bamber, 1998).

Telstra and handset manufacturers maintain a detailed co-operation to market a wide variety of equipment and unique creative business. From the business enterprise perspective, Telstra huge range and fast rate can meet the bandwidth requirements of our own customers who have the best demand for cellular broadband. As Australia's dominating carrier, Telstra can be deemed to really have the most considerable coverage of business.

5. Conclusion

As a called the world's most profitable service providers, Telstra proved the potency of its network strategy. Telstra has the world's innovative mobile center network for the foundation of business success. It provide a more clear route on analysis for Telstra's talents, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, it will give full play with their strengths and prevent their weaknesses. It provided the advice to Telstra's online marketing strategy through the research of Telstra.

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