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Telecom company bharti airtel global brands marketing essay

  1. Introduction
  2. Our Brand
  3. Mission and Vision statements:-
  4. Mission:-
  1. Vision:-
  2. Step 1 Prepare organisational chart
  3. Step 2 Prepare job profile
  4. Step 3 Company Advertisement and promotion
  5. Step 4 Internal and external recruitment procedure
  6. Step 5 Application scrutiny
  7. Step 6 Conduct Preliminary interviews
  8. Step 7 Organize further interview rounds
  9. Step 8 introduce candidates with company profile and strengths
  10. Step 9 Provide offer letter to selected candidates
  11. Step 10 Induction, training and joined employee's feedback
  12. Training and development procedure of Airtel Bharti:-
  13. Provides on job or work related training:-
  14. Individual employee development plan:-
  15. Programs targeted at increasing employee's skills:-
  16. Training records and maintenance:-
  17. They provide following services and programs with their employees:-
  18. PMS @ airtel
  19. Steps involved with Performance appraisal:-
  20. Methods of Appraisal adapted by Airtel Bharti:-
  21. 180 degree appraisal:-
  22. Performance ranking method:-
  23. Management by Objectives (MBO) method:-
  24. Forced ranking method:-
  25. The behavioural anchored ranking scale:-
  26. Classification of behaviourally anchored rating scales:
  27. Behavioural observation scales
  28. Behavioural expectations scales
  29. Numerically anchored rating scales
  30. Rating scales
  31. e- Appraisal
  32. E-Powering:-
  33. e NABLING:-
  34. e NGAGING:-
  35. e NERGEZING:-
  36. Work benefits provided by airtel:-
  37. Compensation management- Airtel's strategic intent
  42. Total Compensation Approach
  43. Pay For Performance
  44. Pay Competitively In the Market
  45. Internal Compensation Equity
  46. Reward Right Leadership Behaviour
  51. Benefits:-
  52. Temporary loan to staff policy:-
  53. Life insurance/group accident:-
  54. Hardship allowance:-
  55. Benefits for working ladies in Airtel:-
  56. Employee engagement and development:-
  57. Employee service awareness:-
  58. Purpose:-
  59. Policy:-


Telecom Company Bharti Airtel is the first choice company of Bharti Enterprises. The Bharti Group has a broad business portfolio and has developed global brands in the telecommunication industry.

Airtel is the first private telecom provider in India and Airtel Brand comes from the Airtel Bharti enterprise, have its branches in 23 cities of India. Bharti Airtel since its establishment has been at the prominence of technology and has steered the course of the telecom sector in the united states with its excellent world class services.

The Bharti Airtel business structured into 3 individual strategic sections (SBU's) -

Mobile Services

Airtel Telemedia Services &

Enterprise Services.

The mobile business gives fixed wireless facilities using GSM technology and mobile services beyond 23 telecom circles, the Airtel Telemedia Services business provides telephone and broadband services in 94 cities. The Enterprise services offer to corporate customers end-to-end telecom solutions and international and national long distance services to carriers. All these services can be found to the clients under the brand Airtel.

Our Brand

Airtel was form costless, a force unleashed in to the market with a relentless and unwavering determination to succeed. A spirit charged with creativity, power and a team driven "to seize the day" with a passion to be the best globally admired telecom service. Airtel, just after a decade, has increased to the crest of achievement.

Today they hook up people's lives with their Telemedia services, mobile services, to communicating India's best 1000+corporates. In addition they touch Indians with the call home services, moving into USA.

Mission and Vision statements:-


Customer service focus

Innovative services

Empowered employees

Cost efficiency


To be globally admired for telecom services that delight customers.

Organizational Structure of AIRTEL

Introduction to the hr strategies of airtel:-

Bharti Airtel limited (mainly popular as Airtel) is the first choice company from the Bharti Enterprises. A telecom vast, it is the flagship and the pioneer brand in the private telecom service providers in India with its services spread in 94 cities. It is organized and divided in Airtel telemedia services, mobile services and enterprise services (carrier & corporate) services business divisions.

Airtel knows the importance of its human resources and its HR policies are pointed at aiming and retaining best value in the industry. With the concentration on the same, Bharti also go for campus recruitment to recruit some younger students for the company.

The key functions of the HR Committee of Airtel are the followings:

Attraction and confinement strategies for workers.

Employee's growth Strategies.

Allowance (including salary adjustments and salaries, stock options, incentives/benefits bonuses) as well as for the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) and Joint Managing Directors (JMDs) Executive Directors they set targets.

All RECRUITING included affairs.

Other basic issues of clause 49 listing agreement which may be referred by board and necessary because of any statutory provisions also.

Measurement is truly a main driver of business within Bharti Airtel. A philosophy of stable monitoring has been created. `Measurement Boards' for every single department are evidently displayed where in fact the performance signs of the same are showed graphically; Airtel's HR growth was powered with a well explained recognition and reward system. This was supported by great training programme. ``Unlike many of other organizations, they let their personnel decide their training requirements. And if the employee will not aware what his training requirements are, then they don't require him, ''.

To motivate learning within the business, the company has established a state-of-the-art centre for learning. Here, staff can get signed in to modified training programmes established by British Telecom (BT). Although matter is channelled through the Internet, they are not attainable to anybody outside the company as the approach is protected. Airtel also searches to certify each worker on quality and it. ``

The Human Resource department also creates cross-functional groups in times of goods and services launches. ``Such teams usually constitute great performers from every department, who together make it happen, ''

To next Human Resource interface, each member of the Human Recourse department has been authorized two departments every department to straighten out and discuss all HR, administration and personnel issues. ``The idea is to offer workers with an individual window to the branch, ''



Job positions or vacancies can be purchased in two situations:-

If any worker leaves and a vacancy formed

For business growth requirement.

The recruitment process is the main element method; however there are a few alterations in several departments, for e. g. Customer Care department and IT dept cannot have same type of recruitment procedure as the capacities & skills needed are different for different type department. However the primary recruitment process is really as following:

Step 1 Prepare organisational chart

Make the organizational chart by making use of specific departments on the basis of & projection of growth industry norms.

Accommodate with various different departments for their workforce requirements.

Step 2 Prepare job profile

Prepare the job profile and person qualification or requirement as per department demand.

Step 3 Company Advertisement and promotion

After that they make the business profile for promoting the business to attract potential jobseekers & for the consultants etc also.

Step 4 Internal and external recruitment procedure

Then they follow internal or external procedure of Recruitment.

Mostly used External Methods:-

They Co-ordinate with recruitment companies & HR consultants e. g. ABC Consultancy, HEED Consultancy etc

Advertisements for available job vacancies in print e. g. Hindustan Times, Times Ascent and a great many other business newspapers and magazines etc

Web - in their own Airtel website and other portals like monster. com, naukri. com etc

They also get in high ranking institutes for Campus Recruitments.

Mainly used Internal Methods for recruitment (IJR i. e. Internal Job Requirement)

Employees Reference.

Promotions & Transfer.

Step 5 Application scrutiny

After that the next step they follow is Application Scrutiny & the Preliminary Screening.

Step 6 Conduct Preliminary interviews

Then they Shortlist candidates for the preliminary interview -video conferencing, telephonic, personal interview etc.

Step 7 Organize further interview rounds

After the preliminary interview they organize next rounds of interview with the top of department etc depending upon the job position.

Step 8 introduce candidates with company profile and strengths

Enlighten the business profile to possible candidates; impress them about the strengths of organisation & about their career path & remunerations and compensations.

Step 9 Provide offer letter to selected candidates

When a candidate clear the entire interview rounds successfully, they Provide the offer letter to that selected individuals & support them in joining procedure within the organization.

Step 10 Induction, training and joined employee's feedback

Induction session, chased by training as needed.

Airtel organisation then Take feedback from the department monthly/quarterly about the applicants who have joined the positioning.

They organizing the market survey of job opportunities, salaries etc.

Training and Development Policies

Each organisation should provide training to their employees, with in accurate resources, employee training important to assist the business in gaining its mission and to achieve its goals.

Training and development procedure of Airtel Bharti:-

Airtel designate a person to improve or assist in its training programs and start its training and development programs and also to act as touch with PDS for the adjustment of training services.

Airtel Bharti build a biennial training strategy to include

A training requires assessment

Funding required to begin the plan

An action strategy displaying objectives, goal and procedures by which the strategy can be achieved.

Airtel send a copy of working out strategy they adapt to PDS to be used for apportion of training resources and information.

Provides on job or work related training:-

Airtel provide, on the job training or other work related training that produce personnel or employees to the recent jobs includes: working out or instructions that are law mandated, new employee adjustment and instructions important to coordinate technological changes.

Individual employee development plan:-

Airtel Bharti develops individual employee development strategies as an associate of the employee work profile. The strategy must involve with learning steps, personal learning goals and the resource requires.

Programs targeted at increasing employee's skills:-

Airtel motivate and assist staff to attend the conventions, workshops, conferences and seminars that are pointed at raising their work skills and their talents by:

Suggesting employees of training opportunities represented by others, non- state and the state entities.

Creating a method for approving training requests of employees to be sure that

The training they going to provide is related wit work

The company will gain benefits from these training programs or employee training.

Adjusting Employees time in line with the company requirements, for affordable amount of time away from work with training pay. Enough time that an employee adjusts in the training program in normal work hours not considered as his or her leave.

Training records and maintenance:-

Airtel is in charge of employees training document completion and also for maintaining records of training for at least 3 years.

Training records include

Dates of training and identification of course

Course registration cost, material and instructional fees.

Participant's work title, role title and pay band.

Participant's gender, age etc.

They provide following services and programs with their employees:-

One and two days open enrolment workshops: - these workshops are conducted for HR managers, supervisors and managers, general employees and training professionals. In these courses they cover the issues and skills that are highly required.

They offer certificate programs like certificated Public managers program, HR certification program etc.


PMS @ airtel

At Airtel the Human Resource team evaluate the person's performance linked to Airtel's Organizational goals by providing employees an assessment, feedback, rewarding them, on the basis their accomplishments against set required competencies, performance goals and training a strategy for his or her growth.

The procedure which Airtel follows for Appraisal is 180-degree. Performance Management System at Airtel involves growing job descriptions, hiring accurate, capable people with an appropriate selection process and giving the effective education, orientation and Training. Feedback and coaching emerges which is accompanied by recognition, compensation and reward for employee's contributions.

Career development and promotional chances for staff are provided.

Leadership and other capacities of individuals are improved and assessed by many training programmes and different workshops. Growth gaps are determined during performance Management System and Self Development programs and plans.

Though the PMS applied in Bharti Airtel is operative or persuasive, few things such as Counselling of the workers, psychological problem identification and attitude training should be contained in order to make their Performance management System more effective.

Steps involved with Performance appraisal:-

Methods of Appraisal adapted by Airtel Bharti:-

180 degree appraisal:-

In 180 degree appraisal Boss and subordinates will be the participants.

By employing this 180 degree method of performance appraisal Airtel has an chance to employees to learn that how different fellow staff perceive them, leading to raised self-awareness. The combination of views can approximate to a 'perfect' view; because it includes multiple individuals it is best than one on one feedback procedure or process.

It promote self-growth i. e. self-development.

With the help of this method Airtel improve the level of understanding of the behaviours had a need to modify organisational and personal effectiveness.

Airtel creates a far more open culture in the organisation where giving and getting feedback can be an accepted norm.

It grows communication within the business.

Performance ranking method:-

Other employee's performance appraisal method utilized by airtel is Performance ranking method. With the help of this technique Airtel measure the performance of its employees from best to worst. In this technique manger compare an employee of the business with other employee rather than on standard measurements.

Rating Scale of the ranking is like

5 points for MUCH BETTER

4 points for SLIGHTLY BETTER

3 points for EQUAL

2 points for SLIGHTLY WORST

1 point for MUCH WORST

The process of ranking is

Evaluate the performance of 2 individuals

Continue with 2 more employees

Then give total points to every individual.

Management by Objectives (MBO) method:-

Airtel employing this method set different objectives for the employees, then timely analyse or measure the performance of employees and based on the results give reward to the deserving employees.

Classification of the objectives

Functional objectives

Corporate objectives

Individual objective

Conditions:- Conditions that needs to be satisfied are




Time specific


This method is based on the perception that an employee is aware of his or her strengths, weaknesses, capabilities and aims more than anyone else. Thus this technique supports the individuals to know about his/his capabilities more accurately.

Forced ranking method:-

Forced ranking is an operation of performance appraisal to scale or rank staff but in forced distribution order.

For example,

The distribution requested with

10 or 20 % in the very best category,

70 or 80 % in the centre, and

10 % in the bottom.

The employees at the top rank are named as "high-potential" employees and are mostly targeted for leadership development programs and for a more rapid career. And those who ranked at the bottom are denied pay increases and bonuses. They give them a time i. e. probationary period to boost their performance.

The behavioural anchored ranking scale:-

This method used to describe a performance rating that focused on specific behaviours or sets as indicators of effective or ineffective performance.

It is a mixture of the rating scale and critical incident techniques of employee performance evaluation.

Classification of behaviourally anchored rating scales:

Behavioural observation scales

Behavioural expectations scales

Numerically anchored rating scales

Rating scales

Each of behaviour can rate at one of 7 scales as follows

Extremely poor (1 points)

Poor (2 points)

Below average (3 points)

Average (4 points)

Above average (5 points)

Good (6 points)

Extremely good (7 points)

e- Appraisal


They cast culture and leadership awards.

Find out the dozen behaviours.

Each month they take 1behaviour and ask every employee to select one fellow employee who demonstrates behaviour best, also to say the choice reason.

Declare vertical and region wise winners.

Role play


Develops space and time to think.

Provide assess, quality of contribution, knowledge assets.

Give promotions, rewards, gifts, incentives etc.


Experiences of employees.

Positioned functional head as "knowledge champion" and develop experts or community instrumentals to modify knowledge management at Bharti Airtel.

Implement tea sessions, informal meetings of middle level employees with line managers, floor walks etc.

Drive modifications much faster.


Employee involvement in decision making.

Use technology- active blogs, webinars, and live chats.

Assess behaviour- awareness, initiatives etc

Employee benefits and compensations

Employee benefits set by any company for their employees are mainly life insurance, health life insurance, retirement plans, employee stock ownership plan, vacations etc. Benefits are highly expensive for any business to give to workers, so the plans and strategies regarding benefits changing quickly to add e. g. flexible benefit plans.

Compensations involve with salary programs or wages e. g. merit based programs, performance based, salary ranges for job description, commission based programs etc.

Work benefits provided by airtel:-

Airtel Bharti believes in rewarding the deserving employees wherever and whenever needed. They offer capable employees performance bonuses, short-term and long-term benefits, guaranteed cash as well as stock options.

A fine composite of aforementioned advantages as well as excellent development opportunities in career development makes life interesting and exciting at airtel and encouraging also. By mixing on the job learning, monitoring programs, key project involvements and exposure beyond many businesses, airtel provide its all employees, guaranteed satisfaction using their job concluding in a total employee proposition.

Compensation management- Airtel's strategic intent





Total Compensation Approach

Pay For Performance

Pay Competitively In the Market

Internal Compensation Equity

Reward Right Leadership Behaviour





Airtel posesses philosophy of great pay for performance culture for stability of internal equity and external competitiveness. Their compensation plan isn't just determined by the exterior influences like availability of talent and industry practices, but internal analysis and talent harnessing and acceptance or recognition also play an important part in deciding it.


Critical case concerning service

Emergency medical assistance

Emergency cash assistance

End to get rid of compensation with hospital, TPA, the employee and the human resource to ensure that any physical pain related to hospitalisation is minimised for an employee.

Recommendation best hospitals and doctors in India to ensure that the company's employee gets accurate and timely assist in choosing the best treatment option.

Temporary loan to staff policy:-

Workers of the business can get non permanent loan in case of any emergency and contingency.

Life insurance/group accident:-

Airtel provide economic compensation to any employee or any employee's family in case of earning capacity loss of the worker due to death or accident during the time of employment and cover staff under life insurance.

Hardship allowance:-

They also provide a special benefit for those employees who work under those areas where there exists threat to their safety and life.

Benefits for working ladies in Airtel:-

Airtel offers a safe, friendly and respecting culture and work place, which we believe is necessary to inspire the best out of our female employees. Benefiting working women through various initiatives and stances has benefitted the business on a complete. Following are a few benefits for working women:

Family friendly work options: telecommuting (remote office/home), in your free time options, Flexi time.

Maternity/ Post natal benefits: Airtel provide female employees 12 weeks maternity leave, flexi work location, leave extendable up to six months, flexi /part time options.

Revised Sabbatical Policy: It permits for time off for motivating education up to 1 year & personal exigencies up to six months.

Travel Policy revision: it involves with two additional safety standards for female employees.

Employee Referral policy: Enhanced financial benefits for referring female employees beyond all levels.

Mentoring program: started for highly capable Middle Management women employees - mentoring by Senior Women Leader


Airtel believes that one of the biggest drivers of development and success for any company, firm or organisation is its people. At Airtel, 'Mantra' for employee contentment focuses on 5 Ps -




Processes and


Bharti Airtel has been well recognized among the top Employers in the India for just two growthful years - being 14th in 2003 and moving ahead of many other big conglomerates to an enviable place or position of the next Best Employer in India in year 2004. This is a pure acknowledgement & demonstration of the robust, people, progressive as well as business focused Human Resource practices, which the company has formed and implemented greatly in an exceedingly less span of the time.

Bharti Airtel chases an "open door policy" to examine the management, which helping in sort out problems with common agreements. They motivate people to go against any unfair behaviour that they have any office of the Ombudsman; in this office employees can put any issues to adopt strict action regarding workplace and business conduct. Bharti make sure the transparency through a lot of communication strategies and policies, plans. Regular Employee Communication agencies gave a platform for the personnel to raise issues that need resolution.

Their leaders greatly believe in initiating and facilitating activities that support employees handle their health and well-being. They concentrate always remains to re-determine leadership; they form leaders who are capable to performance and inspire their individuals to unleash their capability. Their people adjustment reflects in their vision to be "targeted by top ability or talent", and a basic aspect of their business concentrates "building a best-in-class leadership group that nurtures aptitude at every level. "

Employee friendly Human Resource policies have been devote position, which amply emulate the business's concern for its employees. Some good types of these strategies and practices include half day leave for birthdays, gifts for anniversaries, a family-day at office, compulsory ten days off, no official meetings on weekends, festival celebration with family, 5 day weeks, concierge services, call centre commitment programs etc. These "care" practices and policies are applied beyond the organizational borders without the discrimination.

From self-management workshops to yoga classes, aerobics sessions, to provision of meditation/relaxation rooms, they ensure that each employee keeps a eye on his/her health fitness. Tie-ups with best health service organizations capable their workers to go under periodical health check-ups according to their age. This benefit is also open to employee family persons at discounted rates. The company gives Flexible Group Medical claim insurance to each worker, take caring all sorts of illnesses, hospital coverage and accident for serious mild sickness. Aside from these specific benefits, they regularly create eye check-up camps, health check up camps and stress management sessions. A few of their offices have offered gymnasiums/fitness to make certain that the fitness related things do not have to take tension time constraints to being fit. At their various locations, they have positioned trained psychologists who undertake personal meeting sessions for workers.

Bharti Airtel provides a flexible remuneration structure to its employees wherein the workers contain the stretch ability to structure their settled component of their benefits according with their needs within the ambit of legislation.

Employee engagement and development:-

Airtel provides facility of study by offering the study while work programs.

In employee recognition and reward airtel setting benchmark.

They are implementing Human Resource Policies that are employee friendly.

They keep themselves contact with employees through employee forum help lines, open houses etc.

They are establishing robust vehicles for communication.

They managing life cycle of employees.

Employee service awareness:-

On HR process and policies they can be educating employees.

Complying with organisational policies and statutory regulations.

Across many role holders they standardising hygiene factor.

They conduct periodically employee surveys about satisfaction for taking accurate actions.



To gave instructions to the staff personnel or employees from the organisation about termination.


Terminations should be managed regularly compatible to the guidelines or instructions that follow. Before continuing with any action of termination, a supervisor analyse all exact statements of the policy and connection with HRS-Employee Relations (ER).

There are some position covered by a composite bargaining agreement, the employees working under these positions mention to the agreement which rules the terms and conditions of employment. All the personnel are what the law conditions "at will" workers. This defines that employment is a material of proceeding agreement between your worker and the organisation. Either the worker or the organisation may decide to end the worker's employment here for just about any excuse not blocked by law, at any time. Nothing changes in this termination policy the worker's "at will" employment or the aggregate bargaining arrangement.

Termination by Notice:-

Minimum of 1 (1) month notice beforehand for staff employees paid monthly;

Minimum of two (2) week's notice in advance for staff personnel paid biweekly.

For staff employees paid from the Temporary Payroll, No stated advance notice is required (although notice would be proper)

Reasons for staff worker or employee termination involves:-


Death of the staff member

Certificate of services

Discharge form

Other policies are:-

The employee or worker state option policy

Personal accident and group medical claim policy

Travel policy

Leave policy

Other employee benefits and compensations etc.


In this assignment I concluded that:-

Airtel Bharti is the most impressive in HR.

This company follows proper HR strategies in organisation.

Follows the accurate recruitment and selection process for hiring appropriate individuals for company.

Providing them best training and facilities for self-development according with their requirements.

Maintain an extremely friendly relationship with their workers, offering them valuable compensations, benefits etc.

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