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Teenage Drug Dependency Problem And Solution Psychology Essay

Is your teenager using drugs? Is she or he dependent on them? One will learn how to keep yourself updated and identify if his or her teen is using drugs. You as a mother or father can prevent your child from doing drugs. It is a dangerously manner. Every parent ought to be the first ones to try and remove drugs. You as well as your teen should learn the short-term and long-term effects of drug use. Also, you need to be aware of the results and effects of doing drugs. Lastly, you as a parent can change lives in your young adults' life.

Introduction of Medicine Addiction

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, addiction serves as a "a compulsive dependence on and use of the habit-forming substance seen as a tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms after withdrawal ("Addiction, " 2010). " Why do individuals become addicted to drugs? Some believe that those abusing drugs can stop taking them; those people who assume that have no idea the backdrop of drug cravings. Stopping drug abuse is not a simple move to make when you yourself have been carrying it out for a while; it could be described as an illness that interacts with the mind. One shall learn about how exactly drugs work and how those that misuse drugs can be cared for, so they can continue on with their regular lives.

Human beings who are emotionally suffering are normally the ones that use drugs to escape off their situation; which can lead to substance abuse and addiction. Substance abuse and habit is a problem in the world today. Relating to Felicia Byrnes, mainly those who misuse drugs and are attached to them are teens (Byrnes, 2009). Is your teen using drugs? Both ways one as a mother or father can identify and stop your son or daughter from using drugs is drug awareness and drug testing. You will find three details one can consider if the youngster is using drugs is understanding and identification, elimination, and eradication.

Awareness and Identification

There are four steps a parent can use to get their teenager to be aware of using drugs therefore you can identify if their teenager is involved in this subject. The four steps are simple and parents should be able to execute them. The four steps to be able are to truly have a talk with your teen about using drugs, to be specific about your concerns, never to make excuses, and try to remain calm and connect with your son or daughter.

The first step of awareness and id is to sit down and talk to your child about medicine usage. As a parent, one should be able to discuss this issue when you have enough time and is also calm. Your thoughts may change over time if during the conversation you choose to do find out that your youngster is using drugs. If this is the case, all one can do is stay involved with his or her life to produce a positive difference.

The second step is usually to be specific about your concerns as a parent. Explain to your son or daughter specifically how you are feeling about her or him using drugs and what you have seen. Tell him or her how their appearance or tendencies has changed and just why that problems you as a father or mother. For a good example, your son or daughter may be dressing diversely and may have bloodshot eyes. Also, as a father or mother you need to let their teenager know that their life can be in danger due to medicine use is an unhealthy matter.

The third step is to not make excuses. Will your teenager not go to college for no reason and will not let you know? Do you believe something else reaches play? Well when one as a mother or father suspects something similar to that but still makes excuses for their child, you aren't aiding them. You as a father or mother need to sit down and speak to your child. This is the only way one will get information from their child that they want.

Finally, the fourth step is to try to remain calm and connect with your child when you talk to him or her. Have a talk with your youngster to discover what is going on in their life. At most times a teenager loves to be private about their life, therefore the parent needs to connect with him or her and discover why your teen may be choosing to use drugs. Did friends give it to him or her? Was she or he hoping drugs, or does he or she use it for another reason? By joining with your teen it will show that you as a mother or father care and also you are going to use your rights as a parent.


Taking drugs is only an action that you choose to do, it is up to you and can be prevented. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has researched and found that programs to assist in preventing drug utilization that involve family members, schools, marketing, and neighborhoods are usually the ones who reduce drug abuse ("Nida infofacts: understanding, "). Although they could affect substance abuse trends, youths view it as dangerous and the junior might not use drugs nowadays. It is necessary for parents and professor to speak to the youth, therefore the children will understand the hazards of drug abuse. If one never abuses drugs than drug addiction can be prevented. Drug protection is usually educated in health class on a college campus or you can also visit a rehabilitation center.

When one that has issues with drug usage enters a drug treatment center one must know very well what program is the main one to enter. A trained health professional will make a diagnoses to inform you which program is most beneficial for you. The programs at rehabilitation centers usually include home, inpatient, or outpatient. The space of stay static in the center depends upon how the person reaches the time when one came into the center and on the type of disease one has.

Recovery of drug abuse is a difficult situation to deal with because everyone is different in their own level. Restoration is a long-lasting process. Once a person leaves a rehabilitation center or treatment area, one shall apply the skills that that they had been taught to their everyday activities. However, sometimes one is not able to execute what they learn to their lifestyle. So, some centers have a follow-up program to see if you have progressed in their recovery. The hardest part of preventing drug abuse is making the choice to get treatment for ones own drug obsession.


As a parent or guardian, you should sit down and have a few interactions with your teen. Ask: Who? What? Where? When? Talk to your child and ask why they're using drugs. When doing this understand why they're using drugs, so as to help your teen solve their concern. To try to get rid of ones teenagers' drug usage the parent should hide and closely screen their alcoholic beverages, inhalants, prescriptions, and other medications. By doing so it's been found to diminish drug abuse by a teen. As a parent or guardian, it's also advisable to set rules and consequence. You need to also get their child involved in sociable activities to keep them occupied.

Also, one can develop a community substance abuse protection program that can change the lives of residents in your community. Drugs and offences related to drugs are usually in every community. No matter if it is a rich, middle class, or poor community. The city should become involved to avoid ones advertising drugs or even trafficking drugs.

The police should be more aware of the quantity of people buying and selling drugs. They must be able to track down immediately where in fact the drugs are being stored, and where it is coming from. Regulations enforcement is those people to keep places free from drugs so children do not interact with these different chemicals. If regulations enforcement detects any drug vendors, they should have an essential punishments when they are found providing to minors or anyone.

Short-Term and Long-Term Ramifications of Drug Abuse

One as a parents must let the youngster know the short-term and long-term ramifications of using drugs. Based on the California University Condition Police force, the short-term ramifications of using drugs can consist of a rush, depressed respiration, clouded mental working, nausea and vomiting, suppression of pain, and spontaneous abortion. The long-term ramifications of using drugs are infectious diseases, collapsed blood vessels, transmissions, abscesses, an infection of heart lining and valves, and arthritis or other rheumatologic problems ("Drug awareness, " 2010). Teens should know this so they know there outcomes if indeed they do start using drugs and get addicted to them.


In order to learn the drug habit in teenagers, you need to know the short-term and long-term ramifications of drug consumption so you can identify if your child is on drugs. Your teenager should be aware of the consequences and the effects of drugs. When your child is well-informed with the right information about drugs and someone is aiding them get out of this addiction will solve the problem. Even though you as a parent has to learn where in fact the drugs are coming from and get those drug sellers will also terminate the medicine usage of your beloved.

Although drug habit is a brain disease, it is up to 1 if indeed they want to get rid of their situation or not. You will discover treatments you can go through to help themselves become in charge of their habit and get control back again over their life again. Alongside one another craving treatment medications and behavioral remedy is the way in which to gain control again. Treatments that are designed for ones substance abuse problem can turn out later to be always a successful restoration and by the end one will have a life without the drug abuse.


Based on the results and answers to solve this issue of decreasing the number of teenagers in medication addiction, one should advise that all parents should talk to their teens about the facts and effects of the drug utilization. Also, ones teens should know the consequences of the drugs that the teenager is taking. Only the parents' quiet behavior and limitations will keep their kid from using those chemicals. It is merely the people whom one cares about this can help those dependent on drugs get rid with their issues in case necessary put them in a treatment middle. Also in treatment centers more care should me given to their patients and far more programs can be intended to terminate the matter of teenage medication addiction.

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