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Technology And The Stock Market Essay

The objective of this analysis paper should be to prove that technology has been best for the stock market. Thanks to technology, there are now more traders than ever because of the easy trading on the net with organizations such as Auditrade and Ameritrade. There are also even more stocks that are doing well as they are in the technology field. The newest York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ have both equally benefitted from the recent technological movement.

The NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE says they "are focused on maintaining the most efficient and technologically advanced market in the world. " The key to that particular leadership is the state-of-the-art technology and devices development. Technology serves to compliment and improve the human reasoning at point-of-sale.

NASDAQ, the world's initially fully electronic stock market, began trading on February 8th, 1971. Today, it is the fastest growing stock market in the United States. It alo rates second among the world's securities in terms of dollars value. By constantly innovating to meet the changing requires of investors and general public companies, NASDAQ has obtained more than almost any other market, in a shorter time frame.

Technology has additionally helped shareholders buy stocks consist of markets. Market segments used to available at regular local occasions. This would trigger an American investor to sleep throughout the majority of a Japanese trading day. With more online and afterhours trading, investors have more access to marketplaces so that American traders can still trade Japanese people stocks. This is also helped simply by an expansion of most industry times. Afterhours trading exists from many online trading firms.

For investing professionals, technology supplies operational capability for handling more stocks and shares and considerably increased quantities of trading. Specialists can easily follow extra sources of industry information, and multiple trading and post-trade functions, almost all on "one screen" at your workplace or at home. They are also offered interfaces to "upstairs" risk-management systems. They also have flexiblity to rearrange their very own physical workspaces, terminals and functional actions.

Floor agents are helped with supports to get an industry-wide effort to compare buy/sell contracts for accuracy shortly after the control. They are also provided flexibility in establishing watts...

... electronic Hand-Held can be described as mobile, hand held device that enables brokers to recieve orders, disseminate reports, and mail market "looks" in equally data and image formatting, from anywhere on the trading floor.

Intermarket Trading Method is a display that was set up in 1978 connecting all major U. S. exchanges. ITS permits NYSE and NASDAQ professionals and broker agents to evaluate the price of a security traded on multiple exchanges in order to get the best price for the investor.

These are the equipment that have helped greatly raise the buying and selling of stocks over the past few years. You will find great advantages to trading today over the circumstance that past traders experienced. The biggest beneficiaries of this new-technology are investors themselves. They may have all day to trade instead of trading only during industry hours, they may have more stocks to choose from, and the markets are extremely high therefore people are generating a lot of income.

In conclusion, I have discovered that the research I have done within this project has revealed what I originally regarded as true. That is certainly that the stock market has tremendously benefitted from the recent improvements in solutions.

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