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Team Work GOOD FOR Organisation AND ITS OWN Members Management Essay

Researchers claim that 'individuals are better than teams at creating new ideas, however the teams are better than individuals at evaluating ideas'. First, why don't we try to know very well what does the word 'Team' actually suggest.

A team comprises of a group of men and women who all are committed to serve a common purpose. It generally functions with a typical approach and folks in it are always mutually accountable.


The groups though often keep changing the order of development due to the regular change of people in it.


The actual formation of the team takes place in this stage. The team interacts and learns about the troubles and agrees on the goals. This is considered as the most important stage as the basic interaction between the team members occurs here.


The team argues about the different ideas that should be considered. Since all the team members actively participate, this stage is known as essential for the growth of the team.


The associates start to adjust each other's behaviour and make work to seem more natural and free streaming. They agree on each other's guidelines, working methods and ideas. A feeling of mutual trust begins to formulate among them.


The teams commence to perform their responsibilities as unit without the supervision. The users of the team tend to be become interdependent, enthusiastic and educated.


The final stage where the job is completed and the team begins to remember its achievement. Because the team gets dissolved, this level is also referred to as 'Deforming and Mourning' stage.


Having got an idea of just what a team really means, now why don't we try to get a pinch of some of the issues that needs to be taken care for the proper working of any team,

A pleasant atmosphere should be maintained within it and all its associates should sustain a good marriage among themselves

All the members should be made to actively participate

The customers should all be made aware and also admit their team goals

If any misunderstanding develops in the team, they must be resolved as so when possible

Performance evaluation should be carried out frequently

Labour should be equally divided among all the users plus they should get the freedom expressing their concerns.

In order for the team work to be good for an organisation and its employees, the practise of it should be made effective enough. Hackman implies three different criteria's for evaluating a team's performance. Firstly, it's the actual output of the team. Second of all, the whole team should are a performing product. Thirdly, each member of the team should be happy with the knowledge of employed in it. A number of the other factors that adds to determine a team's efficiency are as follows,


There are some factors which intensifies the number of effort the members of the team disburse on undertaking the given job,

Work Design

The motivating factor of the team quite definitely relies on its work design. Hackman says a higher degree of effort is achieved from the team only when the task they perform is found to be challenging, has a major effect on the organisation or its clients, is very possessed by the team and provides out regular feedback on the team members performance.

Reward System

Efforts will be higher if there is a reward system set up. It provides the team with challenging goals and stresses their fulfillment. Hence it immediately paves method for the team member's expansion and indirectly helps the organisations enhancement.

Knowledge and Skill

The participants of the team should be both officially as well functionally skilled. The effective performance of your team mainly depends upon the resources (Knowledge and Skill) it has in order to complete the given job.

Team Composition

A team's composition is mainly determined by the amount of expertise it has pertaining to the performing job. But normally the team's composition is set either by seniority or by personal predilection instead of considering the ability or the specialized expertise it owns.

Team Size

Though many teams in an organisation have a tendency to be large, it generally does not paves way for the effective working of the team. The major concern being that if the amount of associates in a team's rises then the degree of connections within the team reduces to a greater level. Hence the team should contain a maximum of 10-12 members. Increase in the number of members tends to have a detrimental influence on the performance of the team.

Decision Making

One of the major factors pursued by a team in order to achieve great results is the 'Decision Making'. All of the customers of the team should be positively made to engage in your choice making process. Biasing can be an important factor that arises during the decision making process. The main one being the general biasing where even though there seems to be an abundance of information across all the associates, it will always be some people's tone that could be heard owing to their seniority.

The clubs normally make correct decisions when compared to the individuals. You will discover two reasons to aid it. First of all, when all the participants of the team are helped bring together they all subsequently bring about a diversity of knowledge and information which could not be from a single person. Second of all, there would be different methods by different kinds of folks in a team for the situation happening.

The teams should comprise of a good blend of people in order to make the decision making process effective. It should have a combination of individuals with different degrees of experiences in the challenge they are interacting with. The status of the team members should never be looked at in your choice making process, this is because the members with a higher status always make an effort to involve some amount of effect on the clubs method for the given problem which in a few situations could be wrong.

There are variety of techniques for accomplishing your choice making process in a team. A few of them are the following,


A team of about five to ten people be seated along and discuss for about an hour about the problems on which they have to make newer ideas. The entire conversation between the associates are saved for later examination.

Delphi Technique

The actual face to face interaction among the associates is absent. In the beginning each member of the group creates down his ideas and answers to the reported problem, that happen to be then kept up to date in a database. Each member of the team, are then delivered a copy of the other members contributions and are expected give out their reviews for the same. The above mentioned process is repeated before team finds a standard solution.


A team's success not only depends upon its associates but mainly on the sort of leader it includes. A innovator is person who guides as well as serves with his team to achieve their objectives. A good team must have innovator who could portray different working styles and also be able to recognise the talents of his associates as well as tolerate their weakness. Also an excellent team shouldn't be stuck with the one person as its head on a regular basis.


Hence by addressing the above issues to be able to elevate the effectiveness of team work, maximum benefits could be obtained both for the organisation as well as its people.


Teams always perform as closely tied unit given that they work for achieving a goal. The interaction among them provides enormous amount of energy and eagerness, which when utilised contributes to a greater degree of assistance and job satisfaction among its participants.


Each person has different kind of skill sets and knowledge, by utilising them a variety of ideas could be generated which produces a massive amount of creative solutions leading to astonishing results.


People generally tend to work to their extreme levels when they feel they have adequate support and encouragement from their fellow workers. Hence this feeling improves up the sense of companionship within the members which gives out greater results.

Speed of Team Work in IT

A software project generally utilizes the SDLC (Software Development Life Routine) model. The SDLC comprises of the Planning, Analysing, Execution, Development, Screening and Maintenance phases. A project to be able to give out obvious results has to pass through each one of these stages. The above mentioned process becomes much simpler because of the team work involved. A project is normally designated to a team and is provided with a delivery particular date for offering their final solution. Each members of the team are then further divided into sub clubs depending on which period of the SDLC they will work with.

Consider the amount of commitment it would require if it's an individual who is going to look after all the phases. Newer ideas stop to stream in, if the task is being completed by just one individual whereas maybe it's guaranteed in a team work. Also the percentage of slippage that could turn out would be enormous since the amount of knowledge and experience a sole person possesses can't be compared with that of a team. In the case if it takes around 200 time to complete the given benefit an individual, then it would take only around 50 hours to do the same kind of work by way of a team. Hence team work will save commitment not limited to the organisation also for its customers to a larger extent.


Though team work always ends up in success, there are a few scenarios that could reason for its inability,

If there are not enough experienced people

Conflicts between the users of the team due to the portrayal of different characters

Incapability of some to perform their designated tasks

Constant changing of the assignments of the customers within the team

Lack of basic ethos to assist the team progress by the organisation


Though team work provides fruitful results to the organisation as well as its members it also has some bad habits within it,

Loss of control on the participants by their superiors

The labour becomes unevenly distributed

The team members begin to waste materials their time and energy due to disputes

Some participants even opt to move out of the team when they feel they may be dispensable

Social loafing occurs, which leaves the responsibility to other participants of the team to perform the overlooked task

The associates work is often not recognized i. e. some of the members attempts get masked away in team work. Though the entire team did the trick hard for obtaining the target, the rewards and popularity normally reaches the superiors and market leaders of the team


In order for an organisation to operate effectively team work is completely necessary, though there are some negative conditions that could be dealt with in the longer run. Factors like commitment could be reduced and cost could be increased to a greater level if team work is employed. Even for the associates, the amount of knowledge and experience that they acquire through team work is extensive. By employed in a team they tend to learn more about themselves and also create a higher degree of individuals skills which requires both the company and its members to better financial heights. If we can notice, it is principally as a result of above reasons that teamwork has been extensively found in almost all strolls of life like healthcare industries, army's, schools, colleges and different kinds of organisations. Hence both the organisations and its own customers should get a hang on team work, which acts as an enabler to attain their desired results at a far more faster and successful rate.

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