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Team Role Belbin Home Inventory Education Essay

I am going for a subject names Handling Your Professional Performance in my third calendar year second semester for my degree course. Mr Vedha is the lecture for this subject. This subject is a course that suitable for students in University or college of Gloucestershine to boost capacity for an individual before step into culture. This program provides understanding of working culture and also to avoid culture impact for a brand new graduate heading to work for the very first time.

The objective because of this subject is to encourage and assist students with using key theoretical frameworks for students in growing their professional development and tactics. According to Ennis 1987, critical thinking and skills practice is necessary in this component for student to have the ability to reveal questioning or question and to think in a reasoned way to be able to develop their personal development as individuals, experts and also as associates. You will find two of the activities are determined to be discuss in this examination.

Activity 1 of the Component: Team Role - Belbin Personal Inventory

According to Dr. Meredith Belbin, this is of team role mean that "A trend to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a specific way". http://www. belbin. com/rte. asp?id=8 It is very important for everyone to learn their power and weaknesses. For the reason that we're able to strengthen our power and take care of our weaknesses. We are able to know the role that people are to be able to boost efficiency while our company is in a team.

There are nine team functions types. Matching to Belbin Team Assignments Theory http://www. srds. co. uk/cedtraining/handouts/hand40. htm, the team roles consists plant, source investigator, coordinator, shaper, monitor evaluator, team staff member, implementer, completer finishers and also specialist.

Learning Outcomes/ Reflection

I am in team six in this program or school. I am delegated the task to finish the duty distributed by Mr Vedha. Mr Vedha is given us a bit of paper with some question on it and have us to answer it carefully to be able to understand you better. There is a list of question that needed to be answer. It is a team role test. The objective of this test is to recognize we role.

The information of this theory may advantage us. Directly after we identify we roles, it why don't we to make good working relationships, develop high-performing teams and increase self-awareness and personal effectiveness. I am doing the test very significantly and I am getting the score that describe my personality. I am a screen evaluator. I also know that all team functions has it own characteristics and to be able to contribute to a team. However, a team can't have all the associates with the same team. This team can not be a prefect team because the durability and weaknesses are usually similar for everyone members. On the other hand, the team can only be perfect with all people with different team role. However, almost people have a variety of tasks. It didn't suggest a team must have nine people who have different role to be a success team. I have dominant and subdominant roles. I am also a coordinator and team worker. My report is the highest for screen evaluator and the rating for coordinator and team worker is the marginally lower.

I learn that all team functions having different durability and weaknesses. I am aware myself better when i done the test. I know about my durability and I can also manage my weaknesses. Co-ordinator is a person-oriented innovator. The position that suit is chairman or the leader in a team. This person is trusting, acknowledging and is committed to the team goals and targets. The weaknesses of the planner is do not stand out in a team and will not have a sharpened mind. Screen evaluator donate to the team at the times of vital decision making. It is because they have the capability to evaluate contending proposal. Keep an eye on evaluator having a significant minded and tend to be sluggish in approaching decision making because of thinking over and your choice never being wrong. The weaknesses are mind feel dry out and monotonous or even over-critical. This person is bad in inspiring other. Team workers tend to keep team nature up by allow other users to contribute effectively.

I learn about the benefit that this test to me. I understand the role play for me while I am in a team. There are a lot of advantages and a well balanced team is build. This team is a prefect team with less turmoil and enhance tolerance between participants. It maximizes the contribution of each team members and minimizes the chance of faults being made. Each participants knows the task they sensible and getting the prefect outcome at the end. I understand the duty that I should complete and let all my associates to do their best in their part.

Activity 1 of the Module: The Skill Mix

I am in team six in this program or class. We could delegated the task to finish the duty given by Mr Vedha. Mr Vedha we can complete our task in the category or library. We could decide to finish off the duty given in the catalogue. We could complete our activity in our college collection with desktop provided for student. You will discover for member inside our team. One of my team member titles Tan Fhee Chin is search the meaning of SKE through online internet search engine. I and Lily are looking how to preserve professional development across a ten time period and Cheong Siew Chin does the presentation slip with Microsoft Powerpoint software.

From this activity, I found out the benefit of work in a team. During lecture, Mr. Vedha experienced explained team is 'a group of individuals working towards a set of targets who identify themselves as a team and discuss a few common prices'. When time and resources are limited, a good teamwork is an integral success for end a certain task effectively. Teams can be seen as a management technique for the mixture of skills, knowledge, and experience as well as developing the average person and the organisation.

There are various types of clubs. Our group did not appointed any innovator and we take own responsibility to work together because of this activity. Therefore, our group is verified as self monitored team because everyone of us is in charge of individual performance. Matching to O'Connell, Doverspike and Cober (2002), self-managed work team is seen as a users who responsibility for taking the quality of the work process and showing in the management of the team. As well Katz and Kahn (1978) advised that whenever team voluntarily and spontaneously distributed their own goals and leadership, can offer an organizational with competitive advantages through upsurge in dedication, personal and organizational resources brought to bear on sophisticated tasks.

Belbin Team Assignments has its particular strengths and weaknesses to recognize individuals behavioral, and each has essential contribution to produce a team. Matching to Katzenbach and Smith (1993), team is form of a tiny variety of complementary skills people to dedicated common purposes or goals that they are simply mutually accountable. As everyone possessed different perceptions, therefore numerous kinds of ideas could be produce. And I came across the energy from group participation that made me feel more energetic to adding some idea.

After we finish and return all the information on the newspaper, 3 folks must explain plainly to the presenter. I QUICKLY discovered that the most important teamwork skill is the ability to talk effectively. Communication is the process of mailing and acquiring information among people. The goal of communication is to get and present information and to ensure understanding among people. Because when we explain, we need to express our ideas obviously so that the presenter can reach the idea and comprehended easily. An ideal communication occurs whenever a thought or idea was transmitted to the receiver perceived exactly the same mental picture as the sender (Robbins & Judge, 2011).

Learning Outcomes

In this school, I understand how to sustain my own development or my SKE to

Group Activities

The first activity was the subject about communication skill as the second ones was the discussion about skill, knowledge and experience.

Group Activity (1)

There are some course works which includes been required for further learning. Firstly, Mr. Vedha has separated my whole classmate into a few sets of five members. I used to be with Ong Sian Jie, Tan Khang Hai, Andrew Loh and Lee Zhen Hong in the same group. Second, Mr. Vedha has a brief explanation about what is meant by communication. Thirdly, it was enough time for we for the best solution in what is the most well-liked communication methods used is useful. Etc, we started our very own discussion. Each of us has given different tools of communication such as person to person, Facebook messenger, g-mail and etc. After our discussion, we'd mutually decided to opt for Facebook messenger as the best tool for communication. The reason why we choose it because we discovered that nowadays a great deal of individuals who will work within the business has a high rate of recurrence of using Facebook to provide their message. Even though some of the organizations have create hurdle for avoiding employees to make use of Facebook when they will work. Nonetheless it is undeniable that it's a development for make the speed of delivery communication more instant and exact. Furthermore, use of Facebook messaging will avoid of misunderstand of pronunciation problem. Finally, Andrew Loh be the blessed man to result for our final results. .

Reflection (Group Activity 1)

After this activity, I found that to communicate with my fellow friends, it isn't as simply when i thought before. Relating to Elizabeth J. (1954), an individual's self-image can be determined by the major direction of communication: the transmissions and the reception of information (Elizabeth J. , 1954). Whenever we are going to exhibit information to the third party, it is vital to speak our tone with clear, laid back and accurate. Besides that, we should ensure that our target audience can actually receive the message which we will deliver. To be a communicator is challenging but through carrying on practice in the front of individuals will improve our communication quality. For the reason that I believe that practice makes perfect.

Group Activity (2)

The second activity is approximately what is the correct value, feature and belief is needed as a university or college student. Feature is internal characteristic of people individually (SOA, 2005). Notion is the study that 'what we see, listen to, experience and emotions' whenever we are years as a child. Value is the conception that we consider it is important and include framework such as collateral, education and effort (BIS, 2011). In the same way, we have an organization dialogue in five associates. Mr. Vedha provided us a piece of mahjong paper and required us that what's the value, attribute and notion as a first graduate university scholar who's in the labor force.

One of my group mates decided to use a funny way to present our ideas. We were utilizing the marker pen which provided and then we commence to attract the 'adjustable'. For example, we drew two vehicles knocked with each other and by the way, a finger of 'one' beside of knocked automobiles. The answer of the crazy blend of pictures suggest 'chuang yi' (creativeness) in Chinese language word. Whenever we were delivering, we can sensed our efforts possessed successful attract the audiences.

Reflection ( Group Activity 2)

What are in fact good attributes, prices and idea of somebody who are new in labor force? Hardworking is vital and the main element point. We must put more work to realize knowledge and find skill when essential for the job requirements. Besides that, our opinion will lead us to know what to do and what not to do. And so on, our value will indirect create superior results for the organization.


In my realization, this course has shows us so many rules to boost our personal performance and self-development. Some issues such as CPD promote that people must unstoppable improve our personal quality and capacity. Technology growth made the organization requiring talent folks who are expert, educated and willing to change. So that, we should try to revise ourselves time-to-time in other to make our mind become openness. Furthermore, Kolb's explained four components of learning style: converger, diverger, assimilator and accommodator (Kolb D. et al. , 1996). Following the evaluation, I came across that we am more prefer to be a diverger. Therefore, I'll focus on enlarge my durability (ingenuity) to help my dedicated organization to include value in future.


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