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Tasks on Strategic Source String Management and Logistics

1. 1 Source String Management and Organizational Objectives

According Harland, C. M. , "Supply String Management (SCM) is the management of any network of interconnected businesses mixed up in ultimate provision of product and service packages required by end customers. " Essentially, this is a process that facilitates the motion of goods from the client order through the multiple phases involve. These levels span from raw materials, to provide, to production and lastly to the circulation of products to the client.

Organizational objectives, on the other hands, refer to the practice of defining objectives in a organization. These aims are usually disseminated throughout the business through a Corporate Mission Statement and its own sole purpose is aimed to increase performance by aligning goals and subordinate targets throughout the business.

Why is it important?

With the development of newer technologies and globalization, SCM has turned into a tool to garner competitive edge at both the local level and a worldwide scale. The business enterprise local climate today has progressed to become one which is more competitive than ever before. Organizations now need to recognize their center competencies and distinguish itself from its competition. As such, companies are compelled to rethink their strategy and give attention to their main competencies to finally meet up with the organizational objectives of the company. SCM allows organizations to re-assess their complete operation and sort out their supply chain operations to align them appropriately to their primary competencies. A efficient SCM provides about significant improvement on the market placement as well as attaining a competitive advantages. Moreover, SCM provide a value benefits whereby the organizations can offer products that have a differentiated benefit.


Importance of SCM in achieving organizational objectives

HMV Group

Proficient SCM will help HMV capitalize on the full potential of the music market.

Supply the best offerings and widest range of products.

Achieve turnover in their Waterstone's business device.


Proficient SCM will allow GSK to deliver more products of value

Help them in their foray into Rising Marketplaces and high growth parts, and achieve their aim of growing into a diversified global business.

British Telecom

Proficient SCM can help free their tool and allow them to target solely on the customer service.

Allow them to get value edge and develop more progressive products and solutions because of their end-customers.

1. 2 Romantic relationship between SCM and the Organizational Goals?

All organizations will inevitably have different objective statements and aims. To put it simply, organizations, irrespective of size, need to have a supply string framework in place to satisfy the provision of goods and services to the end-consumer. A good understanding of the basic SCM concepts will be paramount for an organization to get control of its SCM operations. In the event for NewG Furniture, it can work towards attaining its goals by first figuring out the underlying functions of existing departments and defining the role each plays in the supply string process.

The three local organizations I have picked to delve deeper in my research are HMV Group, GlaxoSmithKline and British Telecom. I'll stress on each of the organizational aims as well as their competencies on the SCM process and identify the steps they took to attain these targets.

HMV Group

HMV is a British isles global entertainment retail chain that "offers a specialist and eclectic range of products, services and experiences". First founded in July 1921, it includes gained recognition for its 'dog-and-gramophone' trademark and its ninety year traditions in bridging customers to entertainment picture while providing an array of products in music, film, games and books. HMV today boast a worldwide operation that delivers usage of popular culture through lots of complementary channels:

285 stores in UK and Ireland that offers complete selection of music, film, video games and literature across all genres and platforms, a broad selection of technological gizmos and accessories, musician and in-house fashion goods.

An online platform and internet website to accomplish online sales.

"Offer live music and entertainment through the sales of the function tickets via hmvtickets online and instore".

Operates a pay-to-play video games platform instore for online video games and has ongoing strategic partnerships with several vendors including Orange Mobile in-store concessions in over 25 stores.


HMV Group has adopted a three-year transformational intend to build the business towards profitability. This medium-term strategy experienced a core concentrate on its overall offerings to garner more sales in new product categories and business lead in changing markets for music, visible and video games. Its' strategy also included growing its live and ticketing enterprise to build after their leadership in place in the digital space as well as focus on the revitalizing and repositioning of the Waterstone's brand to increase their sales in the Border bookstores. The bottom line is, their strategy/targets are format by the next bulletpoints in their annual report :

Continue to develop the HMV product blend into related regions of entertainment

Attain expansion in live and ticketing, and totally capitalize on the value of music market

Achieve turnaround at Waterstone's stores by concentrating on the main strengths

Business Functions

The world of HMW introduces customers to the music, film and games they love. This is their vision, their love and these objectives are achieved primarily through the three functions that includes: (i) head office - which comprises of 8 independent departments; (ii) waiting for you - the folks who focus on the sales floor, and run stock room as well as the daily businesses of the brick-and-mortar outlet stores; (iii) circulation - which takes on a critical role in the resource chain to assist in the delivery of stock to the shops and customers.

The head office functions 8 departments which come together to offer full support with their stores, warehouses and their online business to bring them closer to bridge the space between customers and the music, film and games they love. These functions include financing, human resources, marketing, e-commerce, operations, IT, supply chain and product. Breaking down these functions and describing their role in the business, we have:

Finance: This function in HMV is to keep track of sales and profit performance across every area of the business. They are responsible for building a budget and offer support in the look process to ensure a positive return on collateral on their ventures/projects.

Human Resources: This function in HMV is responsible for the job development programs and facilitation in the regions of recruitment, performance management, communication, worker relations and payrolls.

Marketing: This function is in charge in the design and delivery of the media strategy to help drive sales. They are also associated with the advertising campaigns and devotion programme.

E-Commerce: This function within HMV centers around creating a web experience for the end-consumer, by the management of the operation of website - online marketing activity, online sales, online viral videos, online deals, and etcetera.

Operations: The functions team at HMV is concerned with "improving operating benchmarks and overall efficiency in their stores". They are also run a dedicated customer support team to drive the improvement in their HMV stores and support new initiatives.

IT: The IT department's work is to control the IT infrastructure and develop the tools and systems necessary to improve efficiency and service to customers.

Supply String: HMV's resource chain team ensures the reliable procurement of these stock with their stores and online customers. This function is crucial to the daily procedure of HMV business activities, and work tightly with the syndication business device at HMV.

Product: This function in HMV centers around the delivery of depth and breadth in the tiles and genres HMV carries instore and online. They help the merchandise negotiations and are responsible for securing the best offers to bring their eyesight of bridging customers with the music, motion pictures and video games they love to fruition. Moreover, they are involved in promotional campaigns, and the maintenance of the latest range of products both instore and online.

Supply Chain Goals at HMV Group

As a renowned string shop, HMV Group has to ensure its supply chain targets are achieved through the cohesive cooperation between their 8 departments. Some of the objectives that are attained are:

Product office to ensure stock is sources at the cheapest cost, and HMV has stock for some of the latest range of products both instore and online.

Ensure efficiency in the distribution of goods in the delivery of stock to retail stores and customers.

Protect 166 million of new revenue, and increased their entertainment market share by the release of their devotion programme.

Achieve 30 million of cost savings and job more savings in the years ahead with the implementation of a new supply string for Waterstone.

Conduct assessments on suppliers through cooperation with local suppliers to attain cost benefits in logistical cost.


GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is a worldwide pharmaceutical, biologics, vaccines and consumer health care company headquartered in britain. Globally, it's the third greatest pharmaceutical company by revenues and has a varied collection of products for major disease areas to dental healthcare product, healthy refreshments and over-the-counter medications. It really is one of the constituent on the FTSE 100 Index, and is detailed on the London and New York Stock Exchange.

GSK has made significant progress to convert its business model. Notably, they are focused on the delivery of three strategic priorities to bring about higher growth with reduced risk and ensure improve long-term financial performance. Additionally, GSK in addition has been taking action to be more flexible and reactive toward the fulfillment with their social responsibilities. Their organizational goals or proper priorities are layed out in their twelve-monthly report as the following :

Grow a varied global business through the creation of a more balanced product profile and its reliance on traditional "white supplement/western markets". GSK has indicated their intention to foray into Growing Markets in bid to diversify their main earnings streams.

Deliver more products of value with the objective to keep high quality, industry-leading pipeline of product. This is in line with their R&D strategy that centers around producing the best technology and bettering the dividends on investment.

Simiplify the operating model by change of their operating model to reduce the complexities, improve efficiency and cost lowering.

Business Functions

GSK's business motto is to bring about an improvement in healthcare and become in the forefront in the introduction of drugs and vaccines. Their eye-sight, to put it simply, is their dedication to improvement of the "quality of human being life by allowing people to do more, feel better and live much longer". GSK categorize their departments appropriately six separate sections and that follows :

Sales and Marketing: This function at GSK is sensible in marketing and selling some of GSK's leading pharmaceutical products.

Finance: The finance function at GSK is dependable over the funding decision of the company and help drive the progress of GSK's overall business.

Purchasing: This function at GSK focuses on the management with their suppliers, and are responsible for the job management, supplier conditioning and negotiation, and stakeholder proposal.

IT: Enable GSK to use the business enterprise more effectively through technology.

Engineering: The engineering function leads the quick commercialization of GSK products, where in fact the people here are in collaboration with the other business units to "ensure the soft and rapid change of newly developed products into full-scale make".

Science: This is the research and development arm of GSK, where Experts utilize the great resources at GSK to bring their ideas to life.

Supply chain aims at GSK

The primary resource chain aims are found through GSK's purchasing business units, while working in conjunction with the other business units to deliver some of its key focuses on. These for the fiscal time of 2009 include:

Manufacture of over 4 billion packs per season in 28, 000 different presentations.

Efficient operation of its procurement obligations' by working together with external suppliers to purchase raw materials.

Supply of cost-competitive products with no compromise in the quality

"Leverage their network of sites and contractors to provide flexibility to sustain future progress and adjust to appearing commercial business models".

Leverage the use of technology to aid the process of understanding, control, and capacity and drive invention, cost-savings and provide flexibility in functions.

Collaboration with purchasing and knowledge is necessary to guarantee the right technical competencies are in location to support speedy and successful new product information.

Focus on customer services and providing additional support for new product launches.

British Telecom (BT Group)

British Telecom or also known as the BT Group plc (BT) is a worldwide telecommunications services companies headquartered in the London, UK. It is one of the greatest globally, and its operations course more than 170 countries. It is in the business of supplying telecommunication services to corporate and authorities worldwide, and also provides services such as telephony, broadband and wire television in britain. It includes over 18 million customers, and is also a public company shown on the London and NY STOCK MARKET.

Its business design is powered by its customer services consistent with its mandate to be one of the leading telecommunications providers in all parts of the united kingdom by 2015. BT's organizational goals are organized in the gross annual report with the following:

To improve their headline earnings and increase the cashflow to its operations

Grow its business and extend its market show through a sustainable matter that is effective for both customers and society

Take benefit of global growth opportunity by committing opportunities in fiber, tv in other areas of the world like the Asia Pacific region

Core concentrate of the provision of superior customer services to draw in returning customers

BT's strategic target is centered on bettering their customer services. This has led to significant reduced amount of faults and claims. BT has persisted to purchase training, systems and processes to deliver an improved overall customer experience. They are possible through the collaboration of the different business units, and according with their job website, BT is set up as:

Business Management: This office comprises of an array of jobs that are would include product management, corporate sales, customer management, consumer proposal and business improvement. This function here is concern about providing a strong customer focus with their bought business skills.

Marketing and Multimedia: This division at BT Group is where their creative imagination are put, where they go beyond telecommunications and are definitely more associated with exploring the new marketplaces and marketing the BT global brand image.

Finance: The money division at BT Group is in charge to make the financing decision of the firm to help drive the progress of BT's overall business.

Supply String: The supply chain team is BT's in-house logistics service provider, in charge of "providing global end-to-end source chain solutions for your of the country".

Legal: BT's in-house legal team to take care of the majority of BT's legal needs from occupation law, to litigation, competition and commercial agreements.

Technical: This division is accountable for ensure BT remains at the leading edge of technology, and make use of technology to optimize the other business units at BT.

HR: The HR business function at BT supports the employee development at BT to build up a culture where everyone can succeed to the best of their capability. Additionally it is responsible with the selection and recruitment process to ensure that they have the individual capital necessary to meet their business needs.

BT is a company with big ambitions, striving to be the global resource chain partner of choice by "appointment the needs of different customer groups in more than 170 countries across the world". Their source chain department as the in-house logistics providers would have to work in conjunction with all elements of the business, together with third party logistics lovers to provide the flexible supply chains to meet their customer's needs. Some of the supply chain goals that are achieved by making use of its business functions include:

Development and move towards new markets

Ensure customer service delivery to meet consumer requirements and provide customer satisfaction

Leverage the use of technology to facilitate the global end-to-end source chain solutions.

Focus on minimizing costs across all business and deliver absolute levels of cost reduction

Continued investment in their infrastructure such as their systems, systems and services to guarantee the outstanding overall customer experience

1. 3 Produce demonstration for NewG

Using information collected on the 3 different types of well known organizations, NewG may take on a similar organizational framework and set appropriate departmental goals to provide as a basis to work at the organizational objectives. Having good resource chain will permit those to optimize their operations and achieve the proper aims of NewG Furniture. Let`s say the supply chain objectives of NewG Furniture:

Take advantage of global expansion opportunities and increase its market share

Leverage the utilization of technology to optimize their departmental talents and minimize production errors

Pursue a cost-leadership technique to encourage high volume/low margin strategy

Ensure that their development line are in conformity with environmental requirements

In reaching the aims for NewG Furniture, it is key to see the link between your departmental roles and exactly how they work in conjunction to the organizational targets. Given the cost-leadership strategy, the next departments will palm to consider:

Operations must ensure that sources allows them to acquire their inventory at the lowest costs.

Supply chain will have to negotiate on mass agreements to obtain discounts on stock and also ensure that their distribution delivers using the lowest cost path.

Human Resource will be in charge of recruiting the right people with the necessary skills and experience and train them to build up them potential.

Technology department will come in to build up IT systems and infrastructure to accomplish the reliable procurement of these delivery, online sales and earnings targets.

Business Management will be in charge of considering new themes or templates and progressive product designs to ensure that NewG offers the best value furniture instore.


2. 1 Key motorists in achieving Source Chain Management

The primary individuals of Supply Chain Management consists of three logistical motorists and three cross-functional drivers. For the previous, this might include motorists such as facilities, inventory and transportation. The second option would then include motorists such as information, sourcing and prices. In attaining their supply chain management, organizations would have to balance between being responsive and efficient to be able to best meet up with the needs of the business competitive strategy. These drivers in attaining supply string management can be illustrated below:


Inventory consists of the raw materials that come together to attain the completing product within a supply string. The three key drivers of earning decision with respect to inventory are: (i) Routine Inventory, (ii) Protection Inventory, and (iii) Seasonal Inventory.

Cycle Inventory: The total amount had a need to meet demand for the cyclical business routine.

Safety Inventory: Inventory kept to buffer against doubt.

Seasonal inventory: Inventory that is made up in anticipation of the seasonal cycles.

Transportation requires the moving of inventory in one indicate another in the source chain. This may take the proper execution of mixture of methods and routes to deliver the most cost efficient method available.

Facilities make reference to the actual physical locations within the source chain network where in fact the inventory is stored, set up, or packed. These can be at creation sites like factories or storage sites such as warehouses. Inside the creation process, organizations can take either a product focus or an operating focus. The previous usually performs the range of different businesses necessary to deliver the merchandise lines, whereas the last mentioned specializes in a few operations such as only set up or making certain parts of the merchandise.

Information identifies the link between the various periods of the source chain, to guarantee the optimal coordination work that increases the success of the supply chain. This driver is usually maximized by the execution of a advanced IT infrastructure that facilitates the function of source chain management.

Sourcing entails the decision made to obtain the end-product. Managers here play a essential in deciding what get outsourced and exactly what will be performed in-house within the firm.

Pricing ascertains the level in group is charging for the products and services offered in their resource chain. This performs an important part to the demand with their goods and services, and would inevitably affect the supply string performance.

These are some of the key motorists that might be critical for managers to take note of in obtaining their supply chain management objectives. Looking at the three chosen organizations, we can easily identify these key drivers used:

Key Drivers used by HMV Group

Distribution business unit emphasized on the value of the successful procurement of their stock to both instore and online.

Supply Chain focused on the delivery of products with their warehouse and online customers using the most affordable transportation method.

Use of E-Commerce to create online sales and leverage technology to aid in HMV's infrastructure to improve its overall efficiency and services to customers.

HMV has a product department that is responsibility for a few of the prices decisions, by ensuring that HMV supplies the best offers and brings to customers the latest range of products.

Key Drivers employed by GlaxoSmithKline

Purchasing department at GSK is accountable for the management of the suppliers, inventory and negotiation of best discounts as well as the management of the delivery of inventory to their existing facilities.

Engineering department works in conjunction with other sections to see the sourcing decisions and accounts on GSK core strengths to recognize what can be constructed in house and what is outsourced.

Sales and Marketing office here manages the pricing decision and establishes the amount to fee their clients to optimize success.

IT is utilized to ensure efficiency in GSK's business with the integration of technology with their daily operation.

Key Drivers utilized by British Telecom

Business management division comprises of an array of corporate roles. One of its concerns it the maintenance of customer services and consumer satisfaction. This is BT's core concentration and is also immediately correlated with their earnings stream.

Marketing and advertising at BT manages the brand image to ensure that consumers and businesses are alert to the offers. This would often contain home elevators pricing and marketing materials to differentiate BT's services with its competitors.

Supply Chain team here is in charge of majority of the aims in the source chain management. This spans from taking care of inventory to its facilities and picking the most cheap transportation method available. Managers here will also take the duty of supplier selection to ensure that they get the best offers and pass on these saving with their customers.

Technical division is matter over the use of technology to manage and control their supply chain to eventually bring about cost savings.

2. 2 Summary to NewG Furniture directors

These aforementioned key individuals are a few of the factors that influence the efficiency and viability of the resource chain. Irrespective of the sort of organization, there is always exists a framework that takes keep to divide the duties throughout the various departments. Alongside one another, these departments work in conjunction to satisfy their own departmental aims to finally drive the success of the supply chain. Case in point, I have shown how three seemingly different organizations, HMV Group, GlaxoSmithKline and BT Group, depict similarities in their commercial composition and their use of key drivers in achieve their supply string management.

Although NewG Furniture manages a company unlike the three preferred organizations, it is safe to assume that it a similar corporate structure that divides NewG Furniture would be helpful in owning a successful supply chain. A section of your organization would help breakdown the targets into smaller departmental goals and allow more emphasis on the key individuals that would achieve efficiency in the supply string management.

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