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Task: Managing RECRUITING in Healthcare

Mark Don Corpuz

As a recently available graduate, appointed to a HR Advisory role within a sizable New Zealand healthcare organization, you have been requested by your manager to build up a discussion document for management which:

1. Considers the following types of business factors that underpin human resource planning in a healthcare organization- business growth, decline, change, competition; impact of technology and labour market competition and employee development.

Business growth

There are things to consider when recruiting people to work in an organization: some may be how this individual performs tasks that are beyond company expectations and the other is how the company will reap the benefits of his performance. Every company expects to grow and gain profit to consider itself as successful and strong. However, this will not be possible without the help of its employees. And because HR management provides support to the business as it pertains to hiring employees, this position is very well checked and maintained to make certain that the complete business will have dedicated and hard working staff to contribute on the success of its nature.

The aging population in New Zealand is at high which is increasing every year, thus, making the health care industry popular in this country. HR department is responsible in making sure the staff concerns are well taken care and monitored. The growth of medical business depends upon how personnel or healthcare professionals participate to attain common aims and also to value it whenever necessary. Absenteeism and being late to work are normal reasons why staff performance is low and time management is compromised.

There was a saying that taking care of its employees will in exchange take care of the business. That is so true to most cases like what had happened in the Philippines that you of the taxi drivers returned a bag packed with money to a tourist and was presented with attention by the federal government and the media. Following the incident, the company where he was working was acknowledged for having honest taxi drivers. This case is very important to the business due to grounds that individuals will commence to gain trust and confidence to call the corporation because of their services.

Decline and change

Transformation of business environment is expected to be flexible in its form and the impact might have a huge effect to the management. There are concerns arising within the business enterprise environment which donate to its changes such as staff reshuffle, union protest, legal concerns, and resignation of officials, improvement of working facilities and services or other events that help reshape the whole organization. There are also causes that might help companies to improve and increase its growth. A few examples are hiring of potential applicants that will provide favorable outcomes to the business enterprise.

Health care sector are prone to different changes in its management. Some changes were influenced by new legislations and requirements. Specialists like district health boards and PHARMAC help monitor and implement rules to help organizations adhere to regulations requirements. There are also legislations that help protect the rights of every employee which has been handled by HR personnel.


In business, competition is present to employees and institutions. This attitude may sometimes be understood as a rival between both parties and the goal is to be considered a winner. Competition is also regarded as an component of giving employees willingness and determination to work hard. This also makes individuals to aim for an increased career level and gaining good image for the organization to be acknowledged.

Sometimes there are disadvantages when competition is uncontrolled because this might lead to common mistakes and misinterpretation of who's achieving an objective. In a health care facility, most employees compete to get bonus and additional compensation made available from the business.

Impact of Technology

Computer nowadays provide immediate access to information through internet which is thought to be useful. In addition, it makes tasks like typing, recording, storing and updating data easier. HRM are employing computer technology to help them in doing paper works and keeping documents. Documents are extremely important and storage devices are helpful in keeping records confidential. Advance technology also provides comfort and convenience to customers that use them.

A nursing home which have advance setting with new up to date equipments will have a huge impact on potential customers. Whenever a family or client visit's a nursing home and finds everything to be new and advance, this might give them the feeling that they are comfortable and pleasing to their eyes. This may tend them to stay in the nursing home and you will be happy on the services they'll receive.

There are also negative impacts when using technologies. High cost of parts when equipment is broken can even be considered to have a poor cause to the business. Hi technology can even be very costly and careful budget must be looked at since this will also affect the financial stability of the business.

Labour market competition and employee development

There a wide range of facilities that compete with one another in terms how they offer services and how they deal with clients. Most companies use ways to convince people to use or buy their services. And many make an effort to advertise their facility to differentiate them from other businesses.

Growth and development are essential within an employee because this gives good foundation when he wants to excel on his current position. Growing through learning new ideas and updates are also essential to assist a worker to improve in his job.

2. Considers the next types of human resource requirements and factors that underpin human resource planning in a healthcare organization- identifying internal personnel requirements, internal and external factors in matching personnel to organizational requirements; government policies and labour market competition.

Identifying internal personnel requirements

There are a lot of requirements needed to be hired as a worker of the business. Human resource department provide a set of things needed to an applicant when he wants to apply or when an individual is hired. These requirements are being i did so background check and examine on the qualification he achieved. These documents serve as a basis on whether an applicant is qualified or not for the job.

The human resource team creates an activity on how the recruitment is done and how this department can gather data from a job candidate. Some department use forms to be filled by a job candidate. There is some use one in a single interview of the client and record it while listening to him.

Information on its employees is crucial to the business and must be treated in full confidentiality. This information is kept in records and managers usually review them for promotions or legal purposes. Identification of personal data is also needed to know and familiarize the background of every worker in the business.

Internal organizational requirements

Organizations have objective and these must be aimed for the success of the business enterprise. The success of the business depends on the worthiness of services it provides. Many companies try to compel the quality they must serve and they want to boost their services beyond the required international standard in order to be more competitive to the people.

Organizations also impose guidelines on how they want their workers to work in the company. Managers are providing certain steps on how to choose individuals. In terms of qualification, managers find ways and ideas how the company find qualified applicants. HR staff helps the administration to give criteria how one are certain to get hired.

In terms of operation, organizations use different departments to ensure that internal needs of the company are met. For instance, managers take a look at possible work hazards that may affect the operation of the business. Managers list down factors that comprise the complete organization. One to be prioritized is health insurance and safety on employees and salary issues. These things are emphasized by the manager and HR personnel to better give employees the value of these rights and will not violate any legal matter.

Government policies

Before a business start, it must strictly comply on the government regulations. These regulations are made predicated on law and that these are practiced to ensure that there is nothing violated. To better understand the purpose why a law was made, we can look on its contents and how it is implemented. All contents evidently state the description how someone will be protected from abuse or harm.

The HR department is responsible in making sure the rights of each employee are implemented in the workplace. Its duty is to orient every employee on what are his basic rights and exactly how they can practice it.


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