Synopsis Of Daring Girls

Bold Young girls is a play set in war -torn West Belfast about the lives of Four women, Marie, Nora, Cassie and Deidre, Although their men have been wiped out or imprisoned for their political activities, everyday activities must continue this play shows the day-to-day struggles. A troubling young girl called Cassie shows up with cruel stories out of the blue threatens Marie's carefully structured widowhood.

Characters in Daring Girls

These four women are linked to one another in some astonishing ways.

Marie - Is a friend of both women and for some reason always there to comfort them. She actually is the delicate one, who's keeping the storage area of her useless spouse Michael, they wedded at seventeen. ". Marie discloses her depth of sense for the person, and how she feels she was so lucky to be married to Michael, through her soliloquy about her big day:"Now it appeared certain that the Brits and the road stop would lose me Michael forever"

Marie is an extremely cheerful personality and someone you'll not expect had a need to cover from anything. She informed her children lies to safeguard them from the thing's there father did. She treasured him more than life. (p79) "I didn't want him to leave. I liked him. I cannot toss that away even now I adored him. "

(p72) Marie is devastated when she finds out he has been with Cassie. "Hell isn't profound enough for you Cassie Ryan" "ESCAPE MY HOUSE!!!!" But she still defends his memory. For the sake of her children.

(p73) "Your daddy was a good man and a daring man and he have his best he could he's in heaven viewing out for you. " Marie is a hardworking mother if it means licking envelopes to pay her charge and put food up for grabs that's what she'll do.

Nora -Is a middle aged women who was very outdated she didn't think there was anything wrong about the comment's she made about Jodie Foster being raped. (P6)"I'm not declaring she deserved it, head, but she should've knowing better. " Nora has been living with war-torn conditions for a long time. She's her own ways of coping and enjoying life, the sole worry's she has is thinking of way's to get money for the yards of remnant to make her house nicer. Her Child is Cassie they don't seem to can get on very well.

Cassie -Nora's little princess Cassie's hubby Joe is at prison, put there by the English Law enforcement officials. Cassie is an extremely down to earth character She seems more considering how she appears. She dreams of getting out of Ireland totally, even if this means giving her children behind. (p64)I'll see where I get to. I'm telling you though I'm not going to be one particular that venture out on one motorboat and come home on the next with their chance all put in. I'm going out of Mummy. "

She has secrets that are not excellent. Which we find out will involve Michael Donnelly. She loves picking battles with her mum and Marie this is because of her secret. The trick that she have been concealing for four years she got betrayed her friend and slept with Marie's husband Michael. Nonetheless it wasn't her mistake. Michael was leading her on and knowing Cassie she couldn't avoid the enticement. All she needed in life was excitement and Michael gave it to her at the cost of her good friend (p71)"Michael was a home window just a little of excitement you understand? He was exciting, Michael. . . .

Deidre -Is a young stranger, whose link with them all is exposed in agonizing ways, she was a thief who would like attention. The remnant that Nora is desiring much she rips to shreds, The money that Nora hid behind Marie's favorite image of Michael that can take pride and place in her living room was taken, so she buy chips and a refreshments (p73) "I helped bring your money again which fiver gone on chips and beverages. " she's dangerous she is being beating by her mother's sweetheart but she says Marie that some boys wished her to get in their car. (p73) "Just these fellas the club they needed me to move in their car it's just bruised. "

Deidre is young she needs' to learn her father. She have been following him before he perished and see's him kissing Cassie. She's so upset she would like' to injure Marie. (p77)"Deirdre hurls the cloths at her. She snatches the knife out of the seat and waves it at Marie. She advances on her slowly and gradually. This is because she believes that Marie isn't being genuine with her about Michael. Marie just feels so sorry for Deidre she doesn't assess her. There appears to be a bond at the end of the play with Marie and Deidre.

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