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SWOT Examination of E-Commerce Opportunity

Description and Market Potential


Introduction: Describe what an e-commerce opportunity is. Cite sources.

The current system was developed as part of an internal intranet define conditions clearly with options. This allows staff to create alerts predicated on requests by existing clients or through new clients brought in by sales. This technique could be automated into an online site that allowed clients to review, purchase and setup their own alerts for his or her company without the need for manual functions by inside employees. This model favours an increased volume of sales better value with the actual to gain access to new B2B what's this? sales beyond the current high value business clients.

The single device of sales for the site can be an alert. An individual alert masks:

  • A number of twitter users to check out, these can be identified and grouped by an individual for management convenience. An integral area of the product will be pre-defined teams maintained by interpersonal360 that identify the important journalists, bloggers and interpersonal mass media commentators from specific business sectors and geographical areas. Restrictions are imposed on the user for numbers of "influencers"not yet described per alert or group depending on the package picked and price
  • The keywords the customer wants to check out. This requires a simple to understand process that defines what to match or exclude and the logic that joins them alongside one another, either AND or OR.
  • The individuals who the user creates to warn, these can be maintained as groups that can be shared across notifications or as individuals. Process requiring that the intended recipient is invited and accepts the receipt of notifications and can deal with their subscription to alerts is required to avoid the sending of unsolicited email.

SWOT Analysis (what exactly are you analysing - Interpersonal 360? You could have not yet discovered your service or product for your suggested e-commerce activity - state your service idea evidently at the start - paragraph 2)


  • Already analyzed as a concept.
  • Good reviews from clients using the prevailing service.
  • Few opponents offering similar services.
  • Low running costs.
  • No stock or inventory, a digital product.


  • Reliant on suppliers of data services, rapidly changing industry.
  • Requires proprietary software which could increase development time.


  • Potentially large market endless by transfer/export taxes.
  • Possibility of licensing to organizations in the foreseeable future.
  • Good expansion opportunities, creation of new products/services.
  • Application can be localised for international sales.


  • Competitors offer limited services for free, need to focus on our variations.
  • Services require high-availability service interruption must be prevented.
  • Time to advertise is type in fast paced sector.
  • Cost decrease devalues product for quality value clients.

PESTEL Analysis


  • Changes in Condition and European regulation could affect providers and their capability to supply the basic services necessary for the merchandise.


  • Scalability of costs what is this? from suppliers needs to be assessed.
  • Internal limitations on staffing requirements and costs.


  • Modern social panorama online provides customers considering marketing, brand analysis and monitoring.
  • Trends towards greater public writing of data and viewpoints.
  • New Public Relations in corporations moving from print media towards public media.


  • Fast moving changes in licensing of data from interpersonal media websites could disrupt data suppliers
  • Reliability of product is key, technology must be chosen to provide continuity in services as neglected content is unlikely to be tolerated.
  • Use of freely available APIs provided by sociable media systems should be exploited to boost informational content behind primary services.


  • Low basic environmental impact.
  • Data centres will be the most significant use of energy, probability of researching most efficient providers.


  • Must abide by the data cover act regarding customer information
  • Must be familiar with requirements specified in the e-commerce legislation function of 2002
  • Must be aware Suppliers terms and conditions


The principal e-commerce strategy is to exploit new markets that are not presently reachable through traditional sales methods. Building something that is configurable by having a open public facing website eliminates the need for company employees to configure and administer alerts. When combined with a offer selection process and payment system this creates a product with a sales process that takes away a significant area of the cost. Lowering the cost and improving the scalability of an virtual package advertising permits smaller businesses in a larger marketplace to to be targets for the product.

Another significant factor is being able to pay minimal costs to translate and localise the interface into regional variations that can reach marketplaces that would usually need sales staff who possibly need to speak the words and reside within the timezone.



  • Create a product of value to anyone marketing a brand or product or demanding social media monitoring of a topic relating to their company.
  • Provide a gratifying and intuitive customer experience throughout all aspects of the website.
  • Achieve levels of reliability befitting of a service for use in times of organisational crisis and for sending critical information.
  • Produce notifications of social marketing content corresponding the client's needs sent in a well-timed and reliable way to the organisational associates that need it.
  • Maintain the personal privacy and security of users of the website.


Primary initial goal is to make a working and testable "beta" version of the site within 4 a few months this entails:

  • Research market probable of the product, assess opponents offerings. a week.
  • Analysis of the existing system used internally to identify it's strengths and weaknesses, proposing areas for improvement specifically in usability. 1 week
  • Research and planning; research available technology that can be used, specifically frameworks to assist with development and APIs relating to suppliers of data, email and payment services. 2 weeks
  • Development of site to alpha version, product, integration and part interface screening. 2 months
  • System trials and deployment, acceptance tests. 1 month

Market Research

Applicable primary general market trends is based around responses from existing clients using a similar product that fulfils the same function. Formulated questions and their responses can become part of bill manager's normal communication with client's marketing communications departments. This allows for the gathering of data from questionnaire style responses conducted in a mobile phone interview style with no need to mail drop your client with what could possibly be off-putting marketing materials.

For existing clients the requirements for current alert configurations contain valuable data about the marketplace. Client's can be sectioned off into sectors exhibiting their use of the machine predicated on the keywords, fads and influential people that they choose to check out. The marketing usage for these clients permits more targeted advertising to different business types. Possible offering points include:

  • Brand management. Tracking social media discussion surrounding a brandname or product.
  • Product Launch. Analysing chat on social media follow a product launch.
  • Consumer Dissent. Providing data to help formulate reaction to criticism or protest.
  • Political/Legislative. Tracking a core political issue or legislation change that impacts the market place.

Secondary research includes the utilization of publicly sourced data to understand the utilization of social press in the marketing and public relations departments of potential clients. This is a rapidly changing environment in marketing as companies realise the prospect of using social mass media for marketing purposes and the necessity to monitor outlets which may have influence.

  • Social marketing marketing budgets will double over the next 5 years (Pam Dyer, 2013)
  • From 2010 to 2012 the ratio of Americans following any brand on a interpersonal network increased from 16% to 33%. A rise of 106%. (Van Den Beld, B, 2012)

Competitor analysis

The closest competitor providing service of the characteristics is Yatterbox. Yatterbox give a real time alert service limited by amounts of keywords and pursuing predetermined lists of important accounts.

SWOT evaluation of yatterbox from the idea of view of our product:


  • Well taken care of lists of influential social marketing commenters.
  • Existing user bottom, current market innovator.
  • Good coverage of sociable media platforms.
  • Graphical examination of data history


  • No provision for self taken care of lists of important sources.
  • Limited amount of search terms allowed on basic accounts.
  • No real time notifications on basic accounts.

Our Opportunities

  • Provide higher control over lists of sources
  • Allow user maintained lists
  • Provide unlimited keyword keyphrases.
  • Compete on price, offer limited free membership to build end user base.
  • Offer real-time and slated alerts

Our Threats

  • Not the first to market
  • Comparison is inescapable, must compete on the strengths and highlight our very own unique selling items.
  • Competing on price doesn't allow us to create our own pricing.

Yatterbox Pricing




5 Keywords

Unlimited Keywords

Unlimited Keywords

Daily Alert

Real Time Alerts

Real Time Alerts

29 per month

99 per month

399 per month

(Yatterbox, accessed 16 May 2014)

3. 2 Systems Evaluation

Service Providers

A significant part of the product depends on services provided by third gatherings as a trusted system for key functionality. The e-commerce part of the site also requires repayment services to complete transactions.


There are 2 main players in providing data streams from social advertising platforms who've licenses to provide cultural multimedia data from a number of online systems. Initially the key platform of matter is Twitter as this has been discovered as the man driver of news within social media.

Datasift and Gnip both provide APIs to permit for connection to channels of content based on rules to filter data. For our purposes we only require data from users accounts that are wanted by users of the product. Streams can also be filtered by keywords but we intend to provide the setup for this within our own users accounts allowing them to decide what topics are essential to them.

Main concerns influencing the choice are the simple integration of the product, quality of documentation, reliability of the stream and cost. It might not exactly be possible to completely asses these factors without trialling the services of both providers.


The reliable delivery of email alerts is a critical factor in provision of the service. Using standard SMTP services within standard email accounts is unlikely to meet up with the requirements of sending large amounts of email credited to concerns over spamming and unsolicited email.

There are a number of services that are designed to provide a high amount email delivery program. These also generally give better logging and information about delivery statuses and failures which we can copy to an individual so they can control the recipients of these alerts.

Providers include:

  • Sendgrid
  • Amazon SES
  • Socketlabs
  • Mailjet

The relative advantages and disadvantages of each would have to be assessed using demo services and investigating the APIs in applicability to our own needs. At a first look Sengrid is apparently a good match clear paperwork with examples of integration in several platforms, favourable self-employed reviews and a competitive charges plan.

Registrar/DNS services

The major reason for the registrar is the enrollment of the required domain for the website, but other concerns are the ability to manage DNS Explain interpretation. This involves that the registrar used provides good online services for the supervision of DNS files.


For this type of project shared hosting (where servers are distributed by lots of customers) is unlikely to supply the level of control and consistency required. Some of the processes we plan to setup on the server, such as the stream cable connections and management of email queues and control, require a level of access that is normally limited or non-existent on distributed servers.

This leaves Cloud Processing service or Dedicated Servers as possible programs for the assistance. For this job there are a variety of unknowns that mean the usage of cloud processing is undesired. Bandwidth, drive and memory utilization and SQL storage costs are difficult to predict and can be expensive on cloud platforms. These are much easier to evaluate as a known cost number over a dedicated system where you'll be able to buy services with unrestricted bandwidth and hardware more than capable of hosting the website for a reasonable amount of time into it's launch. The downside is trustworthiness of an individual point of inability in the hardware but this can be addresses by mirroring important services across colocated machines and using weight balancing to course requests.

SSL Certificate

Most PROVIDERS who sell Secure Outlet Part certificates have a number of options ranging from basic encryption certificates that just provide encryption required to secure data in transit to people offering users better self-assurance through vetting functions to ensure the company using the license is who they state they are simply. The certificates offered are usually 1 one of four of 4 types:

  • Simple SSL security, offering encryption services identified through https process prefix in the browser address club and the internet browser "padlock" symbol.
  • Domain Validation SSL, same as the simple with added assessments for the validity of the area. Users can click on "Site Seal" icons to check the validity of the domain name with the certificate issuer.
  • Organisational Validation SSL, same investigations as the domain name with extra vetting process for more information on the company when clicking on the "site seal" icon.
  • Extended Validation SSL, the most strict checks are carried out by the certificate issuing authority to validate legal, physical and operational life of the organisation and that this information matches public records. This ends up with the browser showing a highlighted renewable validation pub in the the address area with information on the verified company.

(GlabalSign Ltd, seen 19 May 2014)

Whilst not all forms of payment integration referred to below firmly require the use associated with an SSL certificate any copy of user information is best encrypted in this way and is vital if when hosting localised checkout web pages. The use of encryption coupled with verification checks that can be performed by an individual increases their confidence in the site, however I am unable to find any research or clear statistical proof that there is a rise in user self confidence or sales transformation rate through using Extended Valuation SSL over the easier forms.

Payment Gateway

Considerations for repayment gateways include:

  • Charges imposed and how they size with volume
  • Applicability of the integration. Quality of the API and documentation
  • Security

Some repayment gateways are linked to a merchant bank-account and provide the probability for a far more seamless checkout experience with a greater level of customisation and control over the checkout experience. Sagepay, a popular UK payment service provider has 4 possible levels of integration a acts as among possible alternatives:

Form integration.

No customer data is stored on site, entire checkout process treated by Sagepay.

  • Simple and quick to integrate, shortest development time.
  • No on-site security issues from holding customer data.
  • Limited customisation, no control over checkout steps
  • Limited chance of customer data taking.

Server Integration.

Customer business deal details can be stored locally, cards details and repayment pages completed by Sagepay.

  • Card deals simplified by sagepay.
  • Advantages in holding customer business deal information, improve individual experience on site.
  • Limited customisation, no control over checkout steps.
  • Increased security issues by handling customer data.

Server inframe integration.

Similar to the server integration but allows higher control through embedding the sagepay card repayment step into and iframe in the checkout process.

  • Card details dealt with by sagepay.
  • Store customer transfer information locally.
  • Full checkout customisation, only the greeting card details step completed by sagepay.
  • Greater opportunities for customer connections during checkout. (help, talk, feedback etc)
  • Increased development time, checkout steps need to be created and analyzed.
  • Increased security issues through controlling customer data.

Direct integration.

All aspects of the repayment process are managed on site including customer greeting card information, greatest level of control over the checkout and completely smooth as it only communicates with sagepay at the point of transaction processing from the neighborhood server.

  • Greater control over customer checkout, data handling and checkout stream.
  • No front-end factors for integration, user experience completely customisable.
  • Longest development time, requires greatest account of implications.
  • Greatest security risk.
  • Requires PCI DSS qualification (Payment Greeting card Industry Data Security Standard)

(Sagepay, utilized 15 May 2014)

Other payment solutions do not require merchant accounts and can't be seamlessly built-into the checkout stream. Systems such as PayPal offer alternatives for easy integration that will always require that the user leaves the payment issuing site to go through the payment process (although PayPal possesses merchant account alternatives as well), transaction reporting can be provided through call back systems such as PayPal Instant Repayment Notification. There are advantages in using PayPal as they have an extremely large user platform. This user basic has become accustomed to the capability of faster checkouts as there billing data and preferences already are stored and do not require re-entry during the checkout procedure assisting to increase sales conversions for new customers.

(PayPal, reached 15 May 2014)

Project Management/Version Control

As with any software development version control is vital to manage the codebase. There are 2 main things to consider for version control that are both open sourced and have online services to provide remote repositories for code.

  • Git is a widely used Version Control System and can be hosted on github. com
  • Mecurial provides similar operation and can be managed by bitbucket. org

Other services go beyond just version control by giving task management tools that participate in software design methodologies such as Agile. These include:

  • Assembla
  • Basecamp
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