SWOT and TOWS Matrix of Karnawarna Visual Production

SWOT Analysis

SWOT means for advantages, weaknesses, opportunities and risks from the exterior environment. Relating to Jogiyanto (2005: 46), SWOT are used to determine the talents and weaknesses of the resources that the business possesses and exterior opportunities and difficulties faced.

According to David (Fred R. David, 2008: 8), all organizations have strengths and weaknesses in the practical areas of business. No company is as strong or weakened in every business areas. Internal strengths and weaknesses coupled with exterior opportunities and risks and a mission affirmation, became the basis for identifying the strategy and goal. Aims and strategies place by leveraging internal strength and triumph over weaknesses. The next is an description of SWOT research (David, Fred R, 2005: 47):

  1. Strengths

Strength is the resources, skills, or other advantages associated with the company's competitors and the market needs that can be served by companies that are anticipated to be served. Strength is a special competition gives the company a competitive gain in the marketplace.

  1. Weaknesses

Weakness is limits or shortcomings in resources, skills and functions that effectively inhibit the performance of the business. These limitations can include facilities, resources, financing, management skills and marketing skills can be considered a way to obtain company weakness.

  1. Opportunities

Opportunities are essential beneficial situation in the organization environment. Important fads are one way to obtain opportunities, such as changes in technology and the growing romance between the company and the customer or supplier is an example of opportunities for the company.

  1. Threats

Threat is an important unfavorable situation in the organization environment. Menace is a significant nuisance for the current or desired position of the company. The life of government restrictions that are new or modified constitutes a threat to the company's success.

Factors that impact the four basic components included in the SWOT Analysis:

Internal Factors (Power and Weakness)

  • Resources owned
  • Finance
  • Excess or insufficient internal organization
  • The experience of the previous organization

External Factors (Opportunities and Risks)

  • Trends
  • Cultural, Social Politics, Ideology, Economy
  • Capital resources
  • Government regulations
  • Technological development
  • Current events
  • Environment

The pursuing SWOT evaluation performed by Karnawarna Visual Production to look for the inside conditions within the business are shown in Table 3. 1:

Tabel 3. 1 Analisis SWOT Karnawarna Visual Production

3. 1. 1 Strength

Strength is the first factor contained in the SWOT analysis. Durability is an benefit that is owned with a company or organization as a differentiator with others. Durability is a travelling factor of success in reaching an excellent position from an organization or company. The uniqueness of an company is also considered as a strength.

Karnawarna Visual Creation as a business employed in the creative industries, especially the realm of photography, became one of the business that promote the concept of "one stop service in picture taking need" namely a variety of services or products in the field of photography can be found. Visual Creation Karnawarna are Karnawarna Picture taking, certified professional picture taking services and focus on the photo photograph of Advertising, Corporate & Industrial, Event, Food & Restaurant, Hotel & Hotel, and NGO.

Karnawarna Visual Development has the recruiting that are dispersed across the country consisting from many professional photographers from different backgrounds and extensive experience in commercial photography. Karnawarna Visual Creation has a objective of expanding the related services not only in neuro-scientific professional photography services only but as a facilitator and satisfying the needs in the field of photography.

Companies like this are still rare in Indonesia. Therefore, it is a durability and uniqueness compared to other companies. Our hope is than Karnawarna Visual Production became the first company to regularly develop various businesses in the photographic industry.


Weakness makes a company or group has disadvantages weighed against other rivals. Weakness or imperfections is related to whatever could be improved in the business, what should be averted, the factors that lead to lost sales, things are perceived by consumers to the weaknesses of the company and what competition are doing so that it can be better.

Weakness perceived by Karnawarna Visual Production amongst others are, many types of businesses offered so that it is feared a decrease in consumer confidence in the professionalism and reliability of work-related specialties. Besides, in selecting human resources is still considered less reliable because recruiting are always predicated on the factors of skill, knowledge and attitude that became fundamental to the conviction of professional employees kept by Karnawarna Visual Creation.

Until present, Karnawarna Visual Development are still had a need to improve in the promotion to possible customers. This relates to the prep of Karnawarna Visual Production as a provider of services, products and facilitator in the field of photography remain in the stage of planning and research occasionally. The research in this case is also related to numerous competitors who already a superior in sight of the buyer.


Opportunities are positive factors that surfaced from the surroundings and provide an opportunity for companies to have the ability to exploit. Opportunity is not simply a policy to improve capital in the form of cash, but it can also be a reply to the public or issue being discussed styles or run.

Karnawarna Visual Production had noted that an opportunity is the opportunity that appears and are within an environment and development pattern of what is in line with the company. Karnawarna Visual Creation see opportunities that is going on at the moment are the starting of the ASEAN free market system towards AEC and AFTA. This resulted in the freedom of doing business flow among countries in ASEAN that have an effect on the variability of market demand and market reach to various countries in the ASEAN in getting new market share. In that regard, the high probable in the Digital Organization happens to be in the limelight which is considered to be one of potential business. The business development at Digital Firm is growing quickly because they're influenced by innovations in technology and the development of marketing patterns in the business world is very diverse, especially the use of digital advertising such as tv set advertising, online mass media and etc.

Photographic industry today, is out there a variety of demand related to production needs and education in the wonderful world of photography. It is also influenced by the introduction of today's technology that facilitates the artwork of picture taking could be done by anyone with the process gets easier and faster. Thus, the business enterprise developments in the field of photography is considered very diverse and are a necessity.

Karnawarna Visual Development so far in getting jobs and opportunities are based on the level a vigorous advertising campaign. From the creation of quality artwork, Karnawarna Visual Creation is always trusted by the buyer in working on many projects in the field of photography and videography.

Visual Production Karnawarna noticed that today there are many opportunities as well as the varying demand of new services in the field of photographic services such as the photo photograph of, product development picture taking and various assisting facilities related to picture taking, such as local rental studio, picture taking equipment lease and sales of accessories and souvenir picture taking.


Threat are about what will be confronted by the company, which may hinder the development or the rate of the standard enterprise. Risk also included in what is being done by competition when set up its business activities to seem superior. Changes in federal regulations also create a risk to the business if it became a constraints and obstacles for companies.

Karnawarna Visual Creation today thought to have some dangers in conducting future business activities. Unfair price competition in the photographic industry are regular. This is the effect of a number of similar businesses that excels in conditions of quality and display to customers. The emergence of freelance photographer which sometimes spoil the market price without any responsibility. That is an outcome from the ease of today's technology where many camera manufacturers worldwide swiftly growing in making sophisticated cameras which have a variety of interesting features that help in in setting up a good picture. Eventually this brings about the emergence of new photographers which only able to picture the "good" without constituted with full understanding in the packaging its business aspect.

The visible low level of awareness and understanding for picture services in Indonesia makes things that had an impact on the creation of commercial photography work. The impact of the made skill of picture taking is often regarded as easy and trivial. Although art of picture taking is a aesthetic masterpiece which highly inspired by the cosmetic and artistic elements in it as well as the production process that takes time and knowledge.

With the new businesses in photography that can come from overseas began to enter Indonesia. This impact the competition in your competition to produce work of quality photographs and demonstration to the consumer. But this competition for Karnawarna Visual Development will be responded as a menace positively to be able to believe and make an effort to become more creative available world of photography to have the ability to develop or diversify their products or other services in order to make the deviation of the type of photography business in Karnawarna Visual Production which Karnawarna Visual Production will promote the idea of "one stop services in photography need".

Besides, as a chance, the implementation of the AEC and AFTA can also be a menace for companies in the creative market sectors in Indonesia, including photography. Enactment of these procedures such as AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) and AFTA (Asean Free Trade Area) will lead to the arrival of various foreign rivals and competent recruiting that are free to build their business in the united states. This problem became a significant matter to boost resources, performance management systems and it when confronted with competition. If some of these things aren't taken seriously internally, then this can be considered a risk.

  1. TOWS Matrix

TOWS Matrix can be an advanced tool that is utilized to build up four types of options strategies: SO, WO, ST and WT. Key to the successful use of TOWS Matrix is to gather the main element factors internally and externally to create a strategy. The reason of the SO, WO, ST and WT are:

  1. SO strategy is a technique which is established by using the company's internal strength to take good thing about external chance.
  2. WO strategy is a strategy developed to enhance the weaknesses internally and exterior opportunities. WO also shows the opportunities which exist within the range that can be achieved by Integration if it managed to improve inside weaknesses.
  3. ST strategies intended to anticipate external risks by using inner strengths possessed.
  4. WT strategy happens when companies deal with factors weaknesses and threats that can't be dealt with using the advantages and opportunities that exist.

The reason for TOWS Matrix are to show all the alternatives predicated on the key inner and exterior factors not to determine the best strategy. Not absolutely all strategy that are resulted should be picked and executed. Choose a strategy dependant on other relevant factors.

TOWS Matrix of Karnawarna Visual Production today as follows:

Strength &







(S1) Have a certified professional picture taking services

(S2)Have a competent human resource dispersed throughout Indonesia

(S3) Have a objective to build up related services not only in professional picture taking services, but as a facilitator and rewarding the needs in neuro-scientific photography

(S4) Being a pioneer company that consistently develop different regions of business in the photographic industry in a single parent company

(S5)Become a designer in various areas of business in the photographic industry


(W1)The variety of categories offered feared a decline in consumer self-assurance in the professionalism and reliability of the work-related specialties

(W2) Lack of manpower in each picture category offered

(W3)Lack of promotion conducted on the prospective market

(W4)Lack of research on the diversification of products or services that will be developed

(W5)The range of competitors who already excel


(O1) The openness of the ASEAN free market system, ahead of the AEC and AFTA

(O2)High potential in the Digital Agency

(O3)The diversity of demand for creation and education in the world of photography

(O4) The lifestyle of a variety of jobs which come without any big promotion

(O5) The volume of new requests is a good variety of services, products or facilities related to photography

SO Strategies

  • Creating new products related to visit, education and tourism promotion through photography (S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, O1, O3, O5)
  • Consistently form a public community (S2, S3, O1, O3, O5)
  • Optimizing sale through Digital Marketing (S2, O4)

WO Strategies

  • Consistently keep up with the quality of the task offered in many categories (W1, O2, O4)
  • Provide regular training to the whole team (W1, W2, W5, O1, O2)
  • Make new trends annually on matters the marketplace needs in the realm of photography. (W3, W4, O1, O2, O3, O5)
  • Optimizing special offers regularly about new opportunities (W3, O4, O3, O5)


(T1) Unhealthy price competition in professional photography services

(T2) The emergence of new photographers with the price tag on dangerous without accountability

(T3) Low degree of awareness and gratitude for photo services in Indonesia

(T4) Foreign picture taking agency started to enter to Indonesia

(T5) The influx of international rivals as the implementation of the AEC and AFTA

ST Strategies

  • Always produce works of high quality and attractive (S1, S2, T1, T2)
  • Educate the general public and the perpetrators of photography to appreciate one another atlanta divorce attorneys process creating works (S3, T3)
  • Always selective in getting the team (S2, T4, T5)
  • Always follow the latest strategies of opponents for better product packaging (S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, T4, T5)

WT Strategies

  • While providing an appropriate and flexible charges, but will not reduce the quality of the task or the presentation (W5, T1, T2)
  • Doing collaboration with opponents (W2, W5, T4, T5)

Tabel 3. 2: TOWS Matrix in Karnawarna Visual Production

TOWS Matrix Examination makes sure to take into account and make the best use of every chance to improve business. At exactly the same time, TOWS Matrix can also find out and take advantage of the internal probable. By analyzing the exterior TOWS Matrix can anticipate the troubles of any external change, even change it (the challenge) into new opportunities.

  1. Strengths and Opportunities (SO)

Creating services related to travel, education and tourism promotion through picture taking (S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, O1, O3, O5)

As a step and product development efforts, Karnawarna Visual Productions have an idea which has high potential to create a travel agent to bridge photography beginners and intermediate professional photographers to sort out the medium of picture taking to amazing locations from coast to coast.

Karnawarna Photography Trip and Workshop or travel picture taking is a photographic travel deal of services targeted at taking pictures, touring, learning and networking to attain various places of interest throughout the country which are packed with beauty, background and culture. It is a aspiration from many photography enthusiasts to have the ability to capture the wonder and the momentum into a framed photography work. It isn't limited to commercial purposes, with breakthroughs in the photographic industry as this enables helped expose Indonesia to the world through the task of photography that will track record the Indonesian natural resources and social diversity.

The positive value from this ideas and principles are not simply merely about the potential value of the business, but also full of usefulness such as supporting introduce Indonesian tourism through photography work, advancing the photographic industry in Indonesia without restrictions and areas of obstacles to any principals to work in various locations, provide lessons regarding sociable values which will be came across in the field, learning or training that will be given in the field of photography and adds to the good networking among members and with mentors that are already are successful in the photographic industry.

Consistently form a cultural community (S2, S3, O1, O3, O5)

Basically, Sociable Community which will be founded by Karnawarna Visual Productions is a form of corporate concern to the perpetrators of picture taking, both hobbyist, the employees, to the city in creating a space education about the world of photography. The added value is expected in the formation of a public community is also aims to determine networking and new market that can mutually gain in many ways good for the perpetrators of photography as well as for companies.

If Friendly Community has been proven, then your impact that'll be felt by the business is a network of ever more powerful and wide. This network may also be a fresh solution in getting the recruiting needed by companies and marketplaces when Karnawarna Visual Creation will develop a number of products or facilities picture taking needs.

Optimizing deal through Digital Marketing (S2, O4)

Promotions will be done using Digital Marketing is designed to add and market using the internet and of course there are various types such as websites and communal press. Marketing and advertising through social mass media websites and will put forward the nice and intense communication with consumers. With an individual romance communication to make consumers convenient and versatile when asked in what you can expect.

  1. Strengths and Risks (ST)

Always produce works of high quality and attractive (S1, S2, T1, T2)

As experts, both in services or a number of other products being developed, Karnawarna Visual Development always optimize in order to produce the best work as expected by the buyer. Consistency in providing a great work became the motivation and company value to be more advanced than other competitors. Aside from the good work, the presentation of that is given must be slightly attractive and unique which includes been a differentiator with competitors.

Educate the general public and the perpetrators of photography to appreciate the other atlanta divorce attorneys process creating works (S3, T3)

Understanding the Indonesian people on how to see and appreciate the process of creating visible artworks sometimes still considered to be easy and inexpensive. Similarly, some perpetrators of photography is still lower in comprehension to appreciate the procedure creating works. These two things will be the cause of photography services in Indonesia remain not valued expensive. Yet behind the creation of photographic works are a series of complicated and expensive process. Two of these are Karnawarna about Visible Production will steadily educate to the city and picture taking itself.

Education which will be done is extremely diverse, which range from the creation of work until the approach to the buyer to find out prices and packed into a workshop, workshop or free and open up sharing routinely. This does indeed impact education as it is likely to improve the pattern of gratitude for the task both the perpetrators and consumers and business development of picture taking in Indonesia could be more advanced.

Always selective in getting the team (S2, T4, T5)

Team in a work process is a very important pillar. The success of a work is determined by the production procedure for a good team. Building a good team can take things as basic as skill, knowledge and frame of mind that should be possessed by every team. A person's expertise in performing a throw reliably and professionally based on the scientific held. It is indispensable along the way creating works. Knowledge is the insight that you have which protects facts or information obtained through experience or education to employment. This is actually the next stage which is usually to be held by the perpetrators of photography when going on employment or create ideas and concepts to be always a masterpiece photographs so these works can consider both the content, demonstration and visual end result. Attitude is the most crucial thing for Karnawarna Visual Production as a short basis in recruiting a team or personnel. This greatly affects the rate of future work very well in coordination among teams and companies. Because comfort is made among fellow are extremely influential in a job.

Always follow the latest strategies of opponents for better product packaging (S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, T4, T5)

Competition in the photographic industry are stringent. It takes a number of effective ways in deciding competitive strategies. Karnawarna Visual Production is currently required to always know a lot of information on developments and changes in the strategies made by competitors. On an ongoing basis, the business should always compare services, demonstration, pricing and marketing promotions with the nearest competitor in particular. In this way companies, can measure and find things anything that could potentially have advantages and weaknesses from rivals. And the company can evaluate weaknesses of opponents into corporate excellence.

  1. Weakneesses and Opportunities (WO)

Consistently keep up with the quality of the work offered in many categories (W1, O2, O4)

Karnawarna Visual Production - Karnawarna Photography has services in a number of categories namely image Advertising, Corporate & Industrial, Event, Food & Restaurant, Hotel & Hotel and NGO. In the six categories, Karnawarna Visual Creation expected to be always constant in delivering the works of quality. The biggest challenge that must be faced is the fact in selecting the team. In selecting the team sometimes there are several varieties of the photography lovers from the team that has style photographing different. It will always be a challenge for Karnawarna Photographyto be always selectively choose the top clubs in the underlying skill, knowledge and a good attitude such that it can always make it easier to provide way and type in creating the heroes in the picture work from Karnawarna Picture taking.

Provide regular training to the whole team (W1, W2, W5, O1, O2)

Karnawarna Visual Development - Karnawarna Picture taking apply a guideline to the complete team so that every three months you will see trainings or free discourse by experts of professional picture taking to give a short lecture about picture taking from each category owned or operated by Karnawarna Photography. The hope has been focus and consistently provided training or discussion like this, work patterns, skills and knowledge of the team are always evolving. This will impact the results of the work created in the face of competition, so that consumers served by the greater satisfied Karnawarna Photography.

Make new developments annually on matters the marketplace needs in the realm of picture taking (W3, W4, O1, O2, O3, O5)

Karnawarna Visual Development will be consistent in creating a variety of businesses in the photographic industry, given the picture taking business is now considered very potential and packed with competition, Karnawarna Visual Production as a firm that posesses "one stop service in photography need" at the start of the entire year 2012 - 2017 Karnawarna Visual Creation will first concentrate on growing services for photography and videography. 2018 and 2020 will develop Picture taking Business Trip & Workshop, School of Photography and Photography Goods Store. In the year 2021-2023 will give attention to developing Photography Equipment Hire and Sale, Picture Studio Photo Property Rent and Lease. By carrying out the "one stop service in photography need" Karnawarna Aesthetic Production is likely to get around the hard competition in neuro-scientific picture taking and videography with various rivals and are also likely to have its value in the eye of consumers.

Optimizing campaigns regularly about new opportunities (W3, O4, O3, O5)

Opportunities and styles in the photography world is very diverse consistent with current technological innovations. Karnawarna Visual Development will be observant in witnessing every opportunity when their developments or new opportunities. Karnawarna Aesthetic Production will usually follow whatever the marketplace demand and will package deal them with attractive campaigns such as affordable prices, diverse plans and other benefits that will certainly be believed consumers.

  1. Weaknesses and Risks (WT)

While providing an appropriate and flexible costs, but does not reduce the quality of the work or the display (W5, T1, T2)

The advantages and dissimilarities from Karnawarna Visual Development with other competitors are always versatile in negotiating with the needs and capabilities of consumers. According to experience up to now by negotiating and speaking about with consumers on the value or pricing the task, Karnawarna Visual Creation always follow what's needed and the ability of the consumer. Especially when getting new customers which includes never used the services from Karnawarna Visual Development. It really is considered quite effective in binding the buyer to keep cooperating with Karnawarna Visual Production. Aside from the work and reasonable price, consumers are sometimes reluctant to switch service to another party (competition). This is a good technique to the continuity of the partnership with the consumer. Regarding prices directed at consumers or Karnawarna Visual Creation, gradually getting up and appreciated as client satisfaction with the assistance which is we provide to consumers.

Doing collaboration with competitors (W2, W5, T4, T5)

The living of competition is a danger to every company including Karnawarna Visual Development. But presently, Karnawarna Visual Creation has a fresh solution to anticipate and addresses these issues namely by bringing opponents to collaborate in focusing on various projects from the buyer. This is becoming a trend on the list of picture taking business today.

  1. Business Strategy Formulation

According to Wheelen and appetite (2012), strategy formulation is the introduction of long-range programs for the effective management of environmental opportunities and hazards, in light of corporate advantages and weaknesses (SWOT). It includes defining the organization mission, specifying, attainable objectives, producing strategies and setting up policy guidelines.

Formulation of business strategy will concentrate on marketing strategy Karnawarna Visual Production more evidently. The formulation of business strategy is to formulate a marketing strategy based on SWOT research. It starts off from the very best hierarchy of the strategy up to underneath like a amount 3. 3:

Figure 3. 3: Hierarchical Degrees of Strategy

Corporate strategy is one the top hierarchy which strategy related to selecting the business's overall route and management of product and business portfolio. Corporate strategy defines the business recognise the business should maintain. After defining it, the business strategy clarifies about the tactics to beat your competition. Finally, useful strategy will be the operational solutions to implement the strategy as marketing strategy.

  1. Corporate Strategy

This strategy is the business's overall orientation growth, stability or retrenchment. Those 3 orientations are usually known as the grand strategy. Expansion strategies expand the company's activities. Stability strategies make no change to the company's current activities. Retrenchment strategies reduce the company's level of activities. It really is figured as below.

Figure 3. 4: Corporate Directional Strategy (Whelen and Food cravings, 2012)

Karnawarna Visual Development currently takes a growth technique to develop its business as well as put in a new division to build up. Predicated on the research of SWOT which have been made, Karnawarna Visual Development currently has several risks that must definitely be predicted such as competitive price which is not healthy in neuro-scientific professional photography services, the emergence of new photography enthusiasts which is damaging without their ongoing accountability, the low level of understanding and appreciation for the services picture in Indonesia, picture taking agencies from international which started to enter into Indonesia and the influx of international competitors in line with execution of the AEC and AFTA enforced by the federal government, so Karnawarna Visual Development takes a new strategy by diversifying concentric development strategies in order to face the threat.

Concentric diversification should arise when adding services related to existing products either related within the common technology, the utilization of distributed facilities or marketing of the same network. Karnawarna Visible Production will develop new service products to foresee the existing competition. This new service products will be designed in a way to appeal to and meet the new demand in the photographic industry. The brand new service products which is developed by Karnawarna Visual Production in 2018 and 2020 will develop Photography Business Trip & Workshop, School of Photography and Photography Merchandise Store. In 2021 - 2023 will concentrate on developing Picture taking Equipment Hire and Sale, Rent Photo Studio room and Picture Property Lease.

  1. Business Strategy

According to Wheelen and Food cravings (2012), business strategy usually occurs at the business enterprise product or product level, and it stresses improvement of the competitive position of your corporation's product or services in the specific industry or market dished up by that business unit. Business strategies may fit within the two overall categories, competitive and coorperative strategies.

Karnawarna Visual Production in facing today's business issues associated with the threat and your competition will concentrate on choosing a strategy to concentric diversification, which means Karnawarna Visual Production will add new products. The products which will be developed on the market are anticipated to able to compete and contend with other similar competition. In this section Karnawarna Visual Production will choose a technique of differentiation in products that will developed based on competitive strategies. Therefore, Karnawarna Visual Production in conditions of the introduction of its products point out more on uniqueness and special interest for consumers (uniqueness) and putting away the price concern (high cost) which will be confronted by consumers when choosing Karnawarna Visual Creation as a service or product sales. Therefore, Karnawarna Visual Creation selecting centered differentiation strategy and differentiation to development of products. Amount 3. 5 shows the five competitive ways of do.

Figure 3. 5: Business Level Strategies (Hitt, 2011)

Related to the above mentioned strategy, the Integrated Cost Management / Differentiation is one of the strategies from five competitive strategies. According to Hitt, (2011) nearly all consumers have high targets when purchasing goods or services. Generally, most consumers want to pay lower costs to products with distinct features. The targets of consumers, lots of companies can be engaged simultaneously in the pursuit of low priced and differentiation. Karnawarna Aesthetic Production in cases like this will make a differentiation strategy and focused pursuit of variations from other competitors and just a little override considerations about the costs to be incurred by consumers.

  1. Functional Strategy

According Wheelen and Hunger (2012), functional strategies is the approach to functional areas essential for the purpose device of the business, the business and the technique to maximize resource productivity. This relates to develop and maintain distinctive competence to provide a company or business device with a competitive advantages. This is actually the same as which multidivisional company has several business units, each which has its business strategy, a business device from each department and each efficient strategy itself.

Functional strategy focuses on the development and maintenance of a distinctive competency to produce advantages for a corporation or business product. Practical strategy on Karnawarna Visual Production will concentrate on marketing strategy. Marketing strategy with regard to rates, sales and circulation of products. Some of the marketing strategies that'll be used by Visible Production Karnawarna including market development strategy, product development strategy, push and take strategy and pricing strategy. With the four marketing strategies, will be designed to the TOWS evaluation from Karnawarna Visual Production.

  • Market Development Strategy

Karnawarna Visual Production in creating current market development strategy by means of grabbing market show greater from the existing market share through market uptake and market penetration. Predicated on the analysis TOWS Matrix which were made, then the ensuing market development strategy as follows:

  • Establish a constantly Social Community
  • Product Development Strategy

In making the merchandise development strategy, Karnawarna Visual Production will develop new products to existing market segments in the picture taking industry. Predicated on the analysis TOWS matrix which were made, then the resulting product development strategy as follows:

  • Make new products related to visit, education and tourism promotion through picture taking)
  • Make new improvements in every year related things the marketplace needs in the world of photography.
  • Push and Take Strategy

Push and Move Strategy are needed in doing promotional levels. Karnawarna Visual Production is currently doing campaign by utilizing a pull strategy. Take Strategy is a technique where an advertising medium as a way to pull the product through the circulation channel. In Force and Take Strategy, Karnawarna Visual Development will spend more income on advertising made to build brand consciousness so that customers are anticipated will looking for these products. Based on the evaluation TOWS Matrix that is created, then produced the next strategies:

  • Optimizing deal through Digital Marketing
  • Optimizing offers regularly for any new opportunities
  • Pricing Strategy

In determining the costing strategy, there are three types of prices strategy which is skimming costing, penetration costs and dynamic charges. In the three rates strategy, Karnawarna Visual Production chose skimming prices because in line with the current condition of the company. Skimming costing is a strategy which is carried out by setting a high price for a new or innovative products during the introductory level, then lowering the purchase price when the competition gets firm.

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