SWOT Analysis of Brompton Bicycles Essay

A SWOT analysis can be described as method accustomed to illustrate the latest position of a business. The model allows identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your organisation. The model beneath is a great analysis in the current position of Brompton Bicycles.

Brompton Bicycles can be described as manufacturer of folding mountain bikes and are located in London. One of many strengths that the company offers is it is good quality manufacturer and product. Their products happen to be light and travel friendly as they are flip bikes which makes them very exclusive and favored by people who go a great deal.

This may lead to the next durability which is the company's vast target market. People that tend to go daily to work or perhaps university, who have caravans and boats and anyone who would love to own a cycle that could mould in order to squeeze into a scale a travel suitcase would reap the benefits of their products. Brompton Bicycles online marketing strategy is also considered as strength because so far their marketing provides all been by person to person. The company as well benefits from well-behaved and qualified staff because the country is lacking in corporations with traditional manufacturing expertise. Brompton Bikes has just one weakness which is that it features great trouble meeting demand as a result of burning off market share and slow-moving production methods.

The company can benefit from several opportunities by way of example expansion far away other than merely U. E, USA, Ireland in europe and Chinese suppliers. Marketing inside the social media would also be good as powerful marketing allows the company to achieve more of its potential customers. Finally, the major risk that Brompton Bicycles is definitely facing is that other rivals within the same market could steal the rand name and demand better prices therefore , in essence leave the organization with the likelihood of losing the customers.

Many businesses use these types of networking websites in order to bring awareness with their business and products and also, it is a good way of interacting with customers on a even more personal level. The more persons you have liking your page and giving comments with your page, the greater customers and sales it will attract. This type of marketing is actually helps to imprint a brand in the minds of customers An additional recommendation in terms of marketing for the business would be to introduce special offers on their products and services.

An example of this would be to offer a low price on their goods for a limited time. This would create emergency for their clients to respond for the new product sales promotion prior to offer expires. Furthermore, having competitions assists generate even more buzz and sales since it entices consumers to join competitions in order to get prizes. In summary, Brompton Mountain bikes current condition shows probability of be successful in the foreseeable future. By focusing on the issues they can be facing effectively and methodically, they can increase in sales and clients immensely.

For instance , with brilliant marketing and keeping up with stock as these are their very own main focus for the future. PORTION 2 SUMMARY The steps and procedures We followed in writing the analysis in Part 1 were frist by identifying the SWOT with the business. Once I had performed this first step I moved on to centering on what the business could gain from and what would help the organization grow.

Then i arranged my personal work in a SWOT table and sentences making sure my work ran well and included referring to to back up my work. Following having examined LB160 Book 1 I had been able to understand the internal and external elements of the business more efficiently whilst before We would have identified it difficult exercising which is which in turn. It also allowed me to work through my personal essay as a way and successfully whereas easily was having difficulty with a certain task, I would will leave your site and go to the next one particular and find it harder to complete that once returning to the earlier task. I feel that my process during this TMA worked out to get very effective since I was in a position to go through my personal assignment in an organized purchase and accomplished each step for the best of my ability. We proof go through my function to make sure it is additionally within the phrase limit to make sure I did not make virtually any grammatical problems along the way as well as included in-text citations exactly where necessary.

The feedback via my guitar tutor for my personal first TMA helped me a great deal as your woman helped me understand the difference between writing an essay employing informal and formal English. She also explained the correct way to present my article for example collection spacing and grammatical mistakes which I placed on my operate. As well as supplying me important feedback I also received a lot of positive opinions from her which determined me to perfect my skills and do my best for this TMA. We made sure to work on all four points of my own essay which can be source material, structure and development of the written text, academic writing style grammatical correctness and finally quality of presentation. One of the most significant things I have discovered during the process of writing this kind of study evaluation is the importance of SWOT analysis' and how researching a business's current condition regularly may help gather important information to be able to maximize all their potential.

It can help a business to put achievable goals and objectives and develop practical and efficient final results in order to impact long lasting alter. I likewise learnt about the importance of promoting within the organization. Effective advertising allows a business to reach it is potential customers simply by fulfilling the requirements and anticipations at the most fortunate time.

The bottom line goal for most businesses is to boost revenue which could all be achieved in the event you focus on marketing successfully on your audience. REFERENCING: Smith, S. (2008)Bike developer prepares to step up a gear: Brompton wants to sustain the competition without its foldable bicycles shedding their uniqueness, The Daily Telegraph, you April, p. 11 The Open School, (2009), Source Book 1 Analysing Business Circumstances, Milton Keynes, The Open University Donohue et ing, (2013), Publication 1 Analysing Organization Cases, Milton Keynes, The Open University

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