SUV's - Damaging to the Environment and dangerous to their Owners' Health

SUV's - Harmful to the Environment and dangerous to their Owners' Health

Sport utility vehicles, better generally known as SUV's, propose a risk to other drivers on the road as well as their very own occupants. In addition to being unsafe also, they are harmful to the planet. In the past half a dozen years SUV's have become the most popular motor vehicle on the streets in America and today they are the cause of nearly fifty percent of all fresh vehicle sales. The gross annual sales of SUV's are currently on the rise while lower gas prices mop across the country. The mixture of the SUV's hazardous characteristics and their increasing sales makes for a very risky situation. Sport Utility Automobiles are damaging to the environment, hazardous to those living in them, and create a danger to other drivers while travelling.

SUV's are engineered in the same systems that are used to produce trucks and most of the time they will share similar engine and components. Instead of having a pickup bed like a truck, which is incredibly light, they may have an enclosed region for more seats or a shipment compartment, which can be very large. The added weight forces the engine to combust even more gas to be able to present adequate power to move additional weight. This is that SUV's get worse gasoline consumption than their very own truck equivalent. Even an SUV that accompany a small engine will get poor gas mileage as it has to have difficulties and keep the RPM's full of order to move the vehicle. Higher RPM's means more gas consumption. The emissions that SUV's put...

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