Source Chain Managing at Gulf of mexico Stream


Gulfstream Aerospace can be one of leading corporate plane manufacturers in the world. They have been building jets because the late 50's and continue to create top quality aircraft that have become the position symbol of success. Using their success comes an extensive organization infrastructure and provide chain. 1st, we will discuss just how Gulfstream uses the location to optimize the effectiveness of it is supply string. Then we will look on the business case for Gulfstream's approach to its supply chain, specifically, does it seem sensible to have a car follow products while it is definitely on the railroad system. Finally, we can look at Gulfstream's to the "just in time" manufacturing as well as strategic method to choosing locations.


Gulfstream has created more than 1500 jets since 1958 when it begun. During this time they may have continued to refine its supply sequence and now have it worked out to a art. The key ideas is the precise location of the supply sequence. Gulfstream making headquarters is situated in Savannah, GA, which is the first key to supply chain puzzle. Due to the location for the east shoreline it enables Gulfstream entry to sea, air, and terrain. Gulfstream keeps cost low by contracting out the structure of specific parts of their aircraft and having them delivered to Savannah. Gulfstream has suppliers in Netherlands, Germany, the U. T. and Mexico. The end sections and floors from the Gulfstream G500 and G550 are made in Holland (Thuermer, 2004). These kinds of parts when assembled are then sent to Amsterdam and then to U. H. to Savannah. For this reason, intercontinental shipping get is required. When they arrive in the states, they may be then trucked to the assemblage plant about oversized pickup truck loads. This kind of short distance from the dock to the plant is key for the success from the chain. It might require a wide range of coordination to get these types of pieces to visit long miles. The search engines are flown in from Germany to Atlanta International Airport where they are really trucked towards the plant in Savannah. Finally, the wings are built in Texas, then shipped via railway to Savannah. All of these connections need their desired location to be located to jacks where these types of parts can be delivered close.

Relationship with Suppliers

Gulfstream has a unique relationship using its suppliers.

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