Supermarket Information Systems


Following the development of technology, Supermarket information systems have been increased from time to time. Right from the start of buying product from supermarket, to internet shopping system, up to now, Supermarket information system, customer's behavior have changes a whole lot.

However, as retail system need high business analysis strategies, the ePos system and decision support system and Customer Commitment System has been forgotten. This project aims to boost these Supermarket information systems in individual factors point of view.


China Resources Vanguard Shop (CRV) is one of the greatest supermarket chains in Hong Kong. It is an associate of China Resources Business, a wholly owned or operated subsidiary of State-owned venture.

China Resources Vanguard Shop, or CR Vanguard, is a flagship operating supermarket chains of China Resources. It is the third largest supermarket string in Hong Kong. It functions about 450 stores in Hong Kong, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Tianjin and Beijing.



For your choice support system, Traditional Invoicing system predicated on single data source system, usually including management Information systems and decision support systems, business processing subsystem and decision support systems with a database. Composed of a single database-centric database systems often can not gratify the diversification of modern supermarket data processing requirements. Specifically manifested in the next areas:

Cannot integrate internal and external areas of data.

Cannot meet business deal processing and examination and control needs.

Difficult to adjust to various types of users of different degrees of data integration requirements.


SWOT [B2] - A tool that identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of a business. SWOT analysis determines what may assist the firm in achieving its aims, and what obstacles must be overcome or minimized to accomplish desired results.


Part of the China Resources Enterprise

2926 stores in Hong Kong and China.

Provide wide range of products

No. of Personnel 14500 in China ; 1000 in Hong Kong


Founded in 1984

Branch store less than PARKnSHOP & Wellcome in HK.


-Only 1000 in Hong Kong

Product or service:

- Undifferentiated with regards to supermarket.



Developing market:



Alliance with Manka (Supermarket)


Price conflict.

Negative impression

a new competitor in your own home market


Competitor also has a new, progressive alternative product.

Porter's 5 Forces [B3] - A tools is a simple but powerful tool for understanding where electricity lies in a business situation. That is useful, because it helps you understand both strength of your current competitive position, and the strength of a position you're considering moving into.

Threat of New Entrants (Low Pressure)

High capital and investment requirement

High probability of retaliation from existing industry players

Threat of Substitutes (Low Pressure)

Not easy to own substitution

Modern family and office lady dislikes the traditional market

Online supermarket / telephone order is not popular

No delivery delay

Power of Supplier (Low Pressure)

Many dealer sources

Many kind of goods

Supermarket has much bargaining electricity for price negotiation

Power of Buyers (Medium Pressure)

Not easy to order the goods from provider directly

Various customer group

Easy to change to other competitors

Competitive Rivalry (RUTHLESS)

Many equally size competitors

Park'n, Wellcome, DCH, Jusco and etc

Price Wars


CRC Business Administrator, Roland said: "We put in a few days, and open up business getting together with, the Preparatory pattern analysis of customer loyalty to a few a few months, so we would rather give attention to the dash for our products than our competition Competitors and the development of our business.

Questions Asked

The questions which were asked from the Supervisor of Business˜Mr. Rolando, are:

How many sales staff have you got?

Just how many customers do they cover daily?

What is the process of registering a new customer in your organization and just how do the sales representatives introduce the company products?

The way of keeping the customer history?

The questions which were asked from the top of computer are:

Describe the existing environment in the supermarket industry?

Current IT functionality and infrastructure of the company?


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xxxxxxxx. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


In the graph, we will be able to see the whole flow of the supermarket system situation, first by the RFID received the info by the client and sales and resources and the production warehouse, and then save into the traditional Database, the data have been re-organization store into the Data warehouse, used to aid decision research (OLAY), at the end, Customer Commitment system can acquire the right information use for the promotion. RFID, OLAY and Customer Devotion are the thing of our review. We recommend the following 3 ways:


Data warehouse [B2] and Technology in the use of DSS on decision support systems has become a new craze. OLAP [B1]decision-making method corresponding to demand in the process of multi-dimensional view [Amount1]of various types of information to the data stored in the warehouse, to provide decision manufacturers with a wide range of business analysis. Data Warehouse environment supermarket Invoicing System Architecture

Traditional Invoicing system has been constructed with a single database-centric data group model, decision evaluation has been struggling to meet the system requirements on the repository, but the emergence of data warehouse technology and Development of the above-mentioned problems provides a powerful tool and Means. Data warehousing is some sort of multiple allocated, heterogeneous databases to provide a unified query technology. Data warehouse management system of corporations from beyond your original data and collate the data alongside one another into a data warehouse, on this basis, through soft, rational, complete information management, so that customers can draw out data straight from the data warehouse, associated data evaluation.

Data warehouse is not a substitute for traditional directories [Amount 4], but on the basis of a traditional repository, the data re-organization, used to aid decision analysis. Data warehouse and traditional data source systems suppose different duties, play another type of role. That is based on the traditional database, business processing system to complete the daily business of data accessibility and processing, the data processed are delivered to data warehouse; based on data warehouse decision support system execution analysis and processing, in order to provide decision makers with complete, timely and accurate decision-making information. In this manner, transaction handling environment and analytical handling environment to achieve the separation, the relative independence, constitute new system surroundings, while the data warehouse is something of core-based environment.

Data warehouse environment at a supermarket invoicing system Structure shown in [Shape 1]. System comprises business processing subsystem, support decision-making subsystem, and data management subsystem contains three parts. Business producing subsystem in which the background for the traditional data source (can be multiple allocated, heterogeneous database), foreground is a company application systems, the completion of most Invoicing working day processing, the complete Invoicing system data entry, and support decision-making subsystem provides the fresh data; support decision-making subsystem, the backdrop for the info warehouse, entry from the on-line analytical tools, data mining tools, etc. , and the completion of statistical analysis and forecasting capabilities to accomplish decision-making support; data management subsystem is responsible for the whole system of data management, specifically data from various data options (traditional repository) to the transfer of data warehouse and data warehouse data buildings and business rules management.




Carry out market analysis

Trend analysis

Subgroups of goods, design, purchase of the analysis, recommendation and merchandise

The analysis of the potency of promotional activities carried out

Customer devotion analysis



Higher preliminary capital investment

Staff should desire a special training.

Difficult to assimilate with other management information system.



Data warehouse and multi-dimensional research with complete data on capacity and can be fast and exact analysis of the data to help managers make better business decisions, you can bring a competitive gain for enterprises. The current data warehouse and data mining technology in domestic applications is not so intensive, but because of commercial corporations have complex business set ups, there are a huge volume of Invoicing business data, there's a specific dependence on decision analysis, the data warehouse technology available enterprise applications has wide-ranging prospects.



Carry out market analysis

Trend analysis

Subgroups of goods, structure, purchase of the analysis, advice and merchandise

The examination of the potency of promotional activities taken out

Customer loyalty analysis


xxxxxxxx. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxx. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxx. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxx. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxx. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Given here are the key research outcomes that people found. The figures however are derived from observing previous data of the company.

This job can be deployed with a short cost of around US$. 1 million

ROI Expectation time within 18-30 months

Expected sales expansion up to the maximum of 25%-35%

Clear competitive advantages with the new system


Book referrals:

[B1]Jun Chen, Sheng Yi-chi, CHEN Mian-yun. OLAP-based data warehouse DSS application in the analysis of. 2003 (1) :30-31

[B2] WHInmon. Data warehouse. Mechanical Industry Press, 2000, 5

[B2] SWOT Analysis I: Looking Outside for Risks and Opportunities

[B3] Australias Structure Industry - Porters Five Causes Strategy Examination by Aruvian's R'search

Web references:


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